Pastor Lena Mark is no longer serving at Peterborough United Methodist Church

Pastor Lena Mark Pastor Lena Mark
Pastor Lena Mark most recently served at Grace United Methodist Church in Keene.

An advocate for the homeless, she has served on the board for Hundred Nights homeless shelter since 2015.

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Hundred Nights

Paraphrasing Martin Luther King Jr:
“For me to be an effective pastor, then I must be involved in social justice. For me to be effective in social justice, then I must be involved as pastor.”

I belong to a rare breed of pastors

The words of a popular T-Shirt for pastors reads as such,
“I belong to a rare breed of pastors
who still Preach from the Bible,
Care for their Congregation,
Pray for the Sick and the Needy,
and Desire to Reach the Lost and Broken of this world.”

According to those who know her, this is an accurate description of Pastor Lena. She brings a fire and a passion for both pastoral ministry as well as social justice.

Currently she in one of the On Call Chaplains at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene and she sits on the Board of Directors at the Hundred Nights Cold Weather and Homeless Shelter in Keene as well as many of its subcommittees.

Her well known passion for street ministry and for being a visible and vocal Advocate for the homeless, marginalized, mentally ill, and society’s invisible has been recognized by NH State Senator Molly Kelly.

The underlying force that motivates Pastor Lena in all her endeavors is her unshakable love of the Lord and her desire that all should meet and come to know him. She is looking forward to walking alongside all of you in this spiritual journey!

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