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“When [Jesus] came, he announced the good news of peace to you who were far away from God and those who were near. We both have access to the Father through Christ by the one Spirit. So now you are no longer strangers and aliens. Rather, you are fellow citizens with God’s people, and you belong to God’s household.” ~ Ephesians 3:17-22

Peterborough United Methodist Church is engaging in service locally and abroad with the assistance of diverse aid organizations. You are invited to learn more about these organizations here, and to consider engaging in supporting these efforts personally.

The people of the Peterborough United Methodist Church wish to help fill needs in the region, state, and the world. It is our goal to show the Love of Christ through our actions and activities. If you know of needs in our area, please let us know.

Missions Programs:

World’s Children International

World's Children International

We are proud to sponsor Arun Hanmanthu from India through World’s Children International. This organization is dedicated to providing education, nourishment, and safety to children with HIV/AIDS, rescued from slavery, and otherwise without families. We have received a recent progress report and letter from Arun, and they are posted on the Fellowship Hall bulletin board. We have been sponsoring Arun for two years, and serving through WCI for six. We have not yet raised our annual donation amount this year, which provides for the care and education Arun’s home provides. Arun was orphaned by AIDS. His birthday is June 18, 2004. You can send him letters and paper items like stickers and mazes to: World’s Children International, PO Box 2708, Corvallis OR 97339. worldschildren.org

Cupcake Potluck for Arun

New Life Home

New Life Home

Since 2003, PUMC has been financially supporting the New Life Home for Women. This is a small organization, a residential facility providing care for women striving to break cycles of abuse, drug addiction, and poverty. New Life Home is special because it assists these women without separating them from their families. Over the years, we have received Christmas cards and letters of thanks from these families, who are receiving the gifts of time, training, and the Gospel through the initiative of George and Grace Rosado. newlifehome.org

MATS (Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter)

Monadnock Area Transitional Shelte

MATS (Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter) is a service, temporary shelter, and advocate for the homeless in our local community. MATS is prepared to assist any person at any time, works to educate the community about homelessness, and depends entirely on grants and donations to fund their work. PUMC has collected and budgeted donations to MATS since 2004. matsnh.org

Shelter From The Storm

Shelter From The Storm

Shelter From the Storm This is a local program providing transitional housing and support services for those who have become homeless due to a variety of circumstances. In the past the church has provided dinners to this organization. In previous years the funds for this came out of the church budget. This shelter is in Jaffrey, NH. ShelterFromtheStormNH.org


Missionary Nan McCurdy

We have also had a long relationship supporting missionary Nan McCurdy in Nicaragua. Nan is a United Methodist missionary, called to serve God internationally. Nan and her husband work with the Women and Community Association, which focuses on health, development, and education. umcmission.org

labelsWatch for upcoming mission opportunities, including our famous electronics recycle day for Goodwill.

box topsWe collect food items, pop tabs, and Campbell’s soup labels continually, so your participation in our mission projects can begin today!

PUMC Missions Team

Learn about more of our missions projects and our Missions Team!

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Missions Blog Posts

  • Monadnock Hunger Walk – Area Groups Working Together for Hunger Relief As Spring returns to the Monadnock region, area churches and community groups will be coming together to celebrate the season and walk for hunger relief. Taking a page out of the ‘support local’ movement, representatives of Fitzwilliam Community Church, Greenfield Covenant Church, Peterborough Unitarian Universalist Church, Peterborough Union Congregational Church, and Peterborough United Methodist Church ...
  • Third time’s the charm for PUMC and local homeless shelters Benefit SupperPeterborough United Methodist Church wants to serve you and yours a “stick to your ribs” supper on Saturday, April 1st. The church’s missions team is repeating a benefit dinner that will support local housing charities – MATS and Shelter From the Storm. The benefit Chicken Dinner last year raised over $1,000 for transitional housing. The menu ...
  • Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day – Call to Action Candlelight vigilPastor Lena Mark, a board member for Hundred Nights shelter, wrote the following Call to Action to present at the Homeless Memorial Vigil held in Keene NH on December 21, 2016: Watch the video posted by CJ the DJ: Tonight we stand in unison – along with communities across this state and nation – to remember those ...
  • Good Times at Peak Into Peterborough October 2016 Calendar for Prayer and Action for HungerPeak Into Peterborough was held on October 15, 2016. PUMC participated with a theme on Imagine No Malaria and introducing our church to the community. We were given 2 spaces to allow for set up of several tables for face painting, temporary hair coloring, crafts, snacks, literature and posters on Imagine No Malaria and ...
  • October 2016 Calendar for Prayer and Action for Hunger October 2016 Calendar for Prayer and Action for HungerPlease join us during the month of October for a mindfulness exercise regarding hunger. Download calendar PDF New Hampshire Food Bank NH’s only food bank since 1984. They help feed over 139,730 men, women and children each year. For every $1 donated, you provide 2 meals. http://www.NHFoodBank.org Special collection Sunday October 30 for NH Food Bank 1. Genesis 18:1-15 At your meal ...
  • Special Collection and Cake Sale for Arun Benefit SupperWorld’s Children Sponsorship The 2016 Sponsorship Drive for World’s Children is underway! This year, the United Methodist Women are asking our church congregation to help raise the $360 sponsorship it takes to care for Arun Hanumanthu, the young boy that our church has sponsored since he arrived at the Methodist Boarding Home for Boys and Girls ...
  • Get On In Here and Eat! It’s All for A Great Cause! Benefit SupperPeterborough United Methodist Church wants to serve you and yours a “stick to your ribs” supper on Saturday, April 2nd. The church’s missions team is repeating a benefit dinner that will support local housing charities – MATS and Shelter From the Storm. The benefit Chicken Dinner last year raised over $1,000 for transitional housing. The menu ...
  • God Influencing My Life – Witness by Susan Witness by Susan Lindquist Sometimes your greatest mission can seem so darned ordinary… One of the most satisfying actions that I take every day is to make a meal for my family. I’ve taken great joy over the years when the kids smacked their lips over certain meals or begged me to make one of their favorite ...
  • Call to Serve from the Missions Team Dear Church Family, The Missions Team has spent the past year devoting itself to many causes, and doing many good works. We have raised an astonishing amount of donations from our little church, and our church family that is willing to give so much. The contributions we have made are bringing good news to people all ...
  • Progress: Native American Ministries Sunday We raised $138 for the UMC Giving‘s recent Special Sunday, Native American Ministries Sunday. Native American Ministries Sunday As a member of The United Methodist Church, your gift, on this day, equips Native congregations—like New York’s Onondaga Nation UMC and Nebraska’s Native American Sacred Winds congregation—to worship and serve as only they can. This work, and hundreds of ...

Missions Team
Missions Team


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