Study Notes

Bible Study: 30 Days With King David – Session 1

study notesSession 1: 30 Days with King David

Session 1 is a morning class at 10 am on Wednesday November 4th or an Evening class at 7 pm on Wednesday November 4th. We will have 3 discussions on November 4, 11, 18.
The Classes are being recorded, so ask for the link if you miss one. (

Questions to ponder for Session 1: From the Introduction
1. Why does Rev. Buxton think King David’s poetry is still so popular?

2. Did you know that Christians, Jews and Muslims all honor King David?

3. Why would this matter?

4. Buxton says “the wisdom we can glean from David’s life still is sorely needed, in the era when so many Goliaths are rising all around the world.” What do you know about Goliath?

5. Walt Whitman said that David “had a soul so large that thousands of years of interpretation have not exhausted its landmarks and byways.” Why are you curious about David?

6. What do you think of these cardinal values?
     a. Prudence
     b. Courage
     c. Temperance
     d. Justice

7. Day 1: Think about a time . . . when pressure to act quickly led you. . . to regret a choice.
     a. What caused you to act with such haste?
     b. Why did patience get no respect in your decision making?
     c. What enables you to be patient?
     d. How do you cultivate patience?
     e. What spiritual resources help you to stay calm when [others] are in a panic?
     f. What demands are you facing this week that will require your patience?

8. Day 2
     a. What do you imagine it was like for David as a young boy? (8th of 8 kids.)
     b. How do you think he prepared?
     c. What currently remains unsolved in your heart? (Only if comfortable sharing.)
     d. Is there a dream you are patiently waiting to pursue?
     e. What might God be nudging you toward?
     f. How can we learn to “love the questions themselves” as we wait?
     g. Are you living deadline to deadline?
     h. What forces you to work with urgency or anxiety?

9. Day 3
     a. What principles shape your life?
     b. What goals are important?
     c. What backs up your intentions?
     d. Is there anything you would fight for, even against frightening odds, because it is important to you?

10. Day 4
     a. How have you been able to articulate a purpose for you family or your work?
     b. What are the virtues you most want to cultivate and pass on to the next generation?
     c. What values pull on you?
     d. What would happen if you brought up a conversation about values with a family member you trust?

The first Sunday of Advent is November 29, 2020. We will begin our Advent Study on the Incarnation by the Reverend Adam Hamilton. Those books are also in—please let me know if you need one mailed to you or pick one up at the church.
Sessions will be December 2, 9, 16, and January 6 if there is interest.