Act with Great Confidence

“So, since we have such hope, we act with great confidence.” 2 Corinthians 3:12

As part of the process of discernment, a group from our congregation spent some time sharing and dreaming.

This form has been removed, but the questions are still here for reference.


What do I love most about PUMC?
Why do I come to church here?
Am I/my family feeling inspired and/or supported by PUMC in our faith life? How?
What ministries, programs, or elements of worship are involved in this?
What in this church has the most influence on my faith?
What could help me grow at this point

Faith Leadership and Witness

What have I learned about faith from leaders in our church?
How do our decisions reflect our faith?
How are our meetings “Christian”?
What are the priorities of our church?
What are the highest Christian priorities (in my opinion)?
What could we be doing to improve our response to Gods grace?

Ministry of Social Actions

How are the blessings I get from ministry at PUMC seen outside of church?
What is the reputation of PUMC in the Monadnock area?
Who are the people God wants us to serve in the Monadnock area?
How have I seen PUMC supporting larger systems that serve these people, here and beyond?
What have been our greatest successes in transforming the Monadnock area?
*If there were no limits to our resources, what would be the best thing we could do for God in the Monadnock region?*

We are a caring, dependable family in Christ, sharing God’s love while seeking spiritual growth.

We are a Christian fellowship seeking to grow in its understanding of God’s word for today; to support, nurture and deepen spiritual growth; and to share the Good News with others through acts of compassion and a commitment to justice.

We are a supportive community which respects the individuality of people, offers care to those in crisis, responds to the needs of the world, and provides Christian education and worship experiences that reflect diversity of our congregation. We embrace our unique heritage and recognize our common bond with other Christian churches and faith groups.