Kids Pre-Registration

COVID-19 Procedures at PUMC

Are you planning a visit, or did you just visit PUMC for the first time?
You can register your kids here, from 0-18 years old. Let our nursery attendants and teachers know that you are coming!
We have a nursery for children not yet in school.
Kindergarteners can go to the nursery or join Children’s Sunday School, as they prefer.
We have a class for first grade to pre-tween.
We have a group for tweens, and one for teens.
Each group has two non-related, background checked adults attending.

Pre-Register Online:

*If you have more than three children registering, or require different permissions for certain children, you may submit this form multiple times.
Nothing in this form is required

*PUMC will never share, sell, or otherwise compromise your personal information.

Kids at PUMC