2020 PUMC Advent Calendar – Credits

Advent Calendar Credits

The following artists have been gracious enough to give PUMC permission to use their musical pieces (most purchased) in our worship and Advent services and projects. We are so very grateful for their gifts.
May they all be blessed!
Many thanks to all the PUMC folk who supported the 2020 Advent Calendar with pictures, memories, church history, food memories and recipes, and family stories. May you all be blessed!

Kaleb Brasee – see more of Kaleb’s music at: www.Brasee.com
Dan Musselman – see more of Dan’s work at: www.DanMusselman.com
Josh Snodgrass – see Josh’s website at: www.JoshSnodgrass.com
Andrew Remillard – see Andrew’s work at: www.AndrewRemillard.com
Steve Rees – see Steve’s work on Youtube and at: www.CalmingHarp.com
Stephen Nasby/The NCrew – see Stephen’s work at: www.TheNCrew.com

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