Back to School Supplies Sign Ups 2020

Please help out on the mission committee’s ‘Back to School Back Pack and Supplies Drive’!
This year, MATS and Shelter From the Storm have given us a list of 17 young students in need of backpacks and supplies! This is a tall order, but we think we can do it with your help!
See the list below and contact Susan or Hiel Lindquist to get you name on the list under a specific supply you’d like to donate! Please DO call or email to get your name on the supply list, so that we don’t have excess duplication of supplies!
Starting this week, there will be a donation box on the table inside the fellowship room at the church. You may drop your donations either in the food donation box on the ramp by the back door of the church OR bring it into the church and drop it in the “Back to School” box. Many thanks!