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The newsletter of the Peterborough United Methodist Church
43 Concord Street, Peterborough, NH
November 2021

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Nov 8-18 UCC lot paving
Nov 9 6:30p Administrative Council meeting
Nov 15 Church Building 181st Anniversary
Nov 16 1:30p Book Group via Zoom
Nov 20 10a Church Conference via Zoom
Nov 23 TBD Interfaith Thanksgiving Service @Unitarian
Nov 28 Wreaths projected to arrive *details TBD
Nov 29 7pm Missions meeting via Zoom
Nov 30 Newsletter submissions due
Dec 1 10a Heart Grew Three Sizes bible study begins in-person or Zoom

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Dear PUMC Family,

For the past three- and one-half years I have enjoyed being in ministry with you at Peterborough United Methodist Church. I have had a wonderful experience here. To say that this has been the best last appointment a pastor could have had is not an exaggeration.

So, while I am excited about my transition into retirement—at 74 years old it is about time—and I am acutely aware that I will miss the wonderful people at Peterborough United Methodist Church who have become a beloved community of faith I truly love.

I want to thank everyone for all you do—you are all the salt of the earth. You have blessed both Andy and me, and we want you to know we appreciate all of you.

Two bookends of my ministry are that I began my ministry by baptizing my granddaughter, Victoria Card Kahler as an infant. I completed my ministry by officiating at her wedding this June.

At PUMC we have wrestled with the biblical text in classes and studied the major world religions. We have joined hands with other churches and faith traditions at Thanksgiving, and we have explored opportunities beyond the walls of the church. Everyone has participated—this was a team effort, no one person could ever accomplish all that we did. This amazing group has provided a robust children’s ministry, a wonderful Spirit Camp with All Saints, Open Mic, Free Breakfasts, Full Backpacks for area students, Homemade Prayer Shawls, and participation in most community events, to name a few. When people are asked about PUMC—they usually say how generous PUMC is.

So, as I transition to the next stage of my life, please remember Ecclesiastes 3.11: “God has made everything beautiful for its own time. God has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.”

May you keep the Word of God in your hearts and on your lips and preach it all with your actions.


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Ann Hampson 11/2
James Poplin 11/3
Richard Clason II 11/8
Cynthia Faust 11/8
David Pierce 11/14
Larry Cummings 11/20
Ron Crowe 11/22

Membership Anniversaries:
Patty Echavarria 11/1
Steve Venning 11/1
Steven Griggs 11/3
Patrick Troy 11/3
Wendy Dunning 11/13
Pat Woodward 11/13
Lucinda Lowell 11/15
Tom Lowell 11/15
David Ladeau 12/1
Sue Norton-Poplin 12/1
Carol Owen 12/1
Hether Shulman 12/1

Heart That Grew Three SizesADVENT STUDY PLANNED
We are offering an Advent Study by Matt Rawle “The Heart That Grew Three Sizes Finding Faith in the Story of The Grinch.” Matt Rawle is the Lead Pastor at Asbury United Methodist Church in Bossier City, Louisiana. He is the author of Series of books that looks at Pop Culture through the lens of faith. Join us to see how the Grinch doesn’t steal Christmas but reveals to us truths about ourselves, God, and redemption in Whoville.”
Ellen Derby will be the facilitator with the technical help of Hiel Lindquist.
Sessions will be live at the church and on Zoom Wednesdays at 10am December 1-22.
Books are available at the church. Please let us know if you are interested.

October was our UMCOR appeal and donations were $395. This is in addition to the special donations that people made during the year for disaster emergencies. We also collected $136 for the World Communion Offering.
Many hands are working on wreath sales. We have a new greens supplier this year and we are praying that all the wreaths live up to our expectations.
The Missions team met this past week and agreed to begin work on the New Life Home Christmas gifts. Look for more information once we receive the list of children from New Life Home.
Food donations continue strong. October donations will go to the Temple / New Ipswich Food pantry.
The final United Methodist Church appeal for the year will be UMC Student Day on November 28.
Thank you to everyone for your continued support.
Missions Team

food donation

wreath saleWREATH SALE DEADLINE – Due Oct 31
If you’ve been calling around to make a wreath sale for our little church, please remember that the deadline for sales is this Sunday, October 31st. Bring your order form to church and I will collect it or make a copy and hand you back your original. If you have been collecting payments, as you sell I will ask you to hold on to your payment envelope until delivery day.
Wreaths are scheduled to be at the church on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. You will be able to pick up your whole sales order on that day and deliver your payment envelope then.
Many thanks for helping with this sale. If everyone helps in a small way, our church missions and programs will surely benefit… and so will the local business at Cheshire Flower Farm!
See the wreath order form on the church’s website for all the info you need to get a wreath or sell a few for the church!

poinsettai sale
The cost of the poinsettia is 6.5” pot $11.99; 7.5” pot (2 plants in pot) $18.99; 8.5” pot (3 plants in pot) $32.00. Colors available are: red, white, or pink.
If you are writing a check please make it payable to Coll’s Garden Center.
Please get your order to Amy Clason-Gilmet by Sunday October 31, 2021.

The front doors at our church are being given an autumnal facelift this week. Newly decorated wreaths are ready for placing, some fall greens and cuttings are going into the urn, but… we need some pumpkins. If anyone would like to donate a few different sized pumpkins or gourds for arranging around the urn, please let us know! You can contact Amy Clason-Gilmet, Priscilla Crowe or Susan Lindquist. Many thanks!

As the weather turns and you find yourself hunkering down with a book and a blanket, consider joining PUMC’s Book Group! It is a friendly bunch of readers that get together on ZOOM and yak about different books that the group chooses by consensus.
The November read will be Northernmost by Peter Geye. It’s a family story that crosses generations, time, and great distances. For a description of the novel and ways to access it, see the link:
If you would like to join in the November discussion of the book, contact the church at and you will be added to the Book group email list. Everyone is welcome to join the group and attend as often as they wish. 

Because of the increasing need for shelter, MATS has taken the plunge and purchased a second building in Peterborough to use for additional transitional housing. The building, which will be known as the Lew Stone House, was in need of major renovations, repairs, and upgrades. Extensive clean-up of the house and yard have been completed. A new roof was put on. Interior painting is in progress. Because of low headroom upstairs, a large dormer was added to comply with safety codes.
But much work is still to be done. Originally a one-family, it is being converted into two apartments, which entails construction of new walls, an entirely new kitchen and a new full bath. An aging boiler needs to be replaced to ensure sufficient heat and hot water for both apartments. The electrical service will need to be upgraded. Floors need to be installed in several rooms. Exterior repairs and painting will need to done. MATS is grateful for everyone who has donated and volunteered to help them with this project, and welcomes additional help now so they can get this shelter open ASAP. They have families waiting.
To donate, visit online or send a check to: Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter • PO Box 3053 • Peterborough, NH 03458
Donate online:

listen upLISTEN EVERYWHERE – New Audio Capabilities
Part of our new technology upgrade is increased accessibility by facilitating better hearing of our service. We now have ADA compliant sound. You can now download the Listen Everywhere app and use headphones or your bluetooth hearing aid to connect directly to the audio.
Download the Listen Everywhere app: Log into the PUMC Hearing wifi (no password). Plug in your headphones, or connect your hearing aid via Bluetooth, and launch the app.
We also have sound amplifying devices available that do not require a cell phone. See Hiel or an usher if you would like to try them out.

sanctuary with screens

everyone is welcome

ramp bulletin board

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