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The newsletter of the Peterborough United Methodist Church
43 Concord Street, Peterborough, NH
September 2022

In This Issue:
From Pastor Thom
Growing up in Peterborough
Youth Hike
Holiday Stroll
UMCOR Sunday
Youth Car Wash

Sun 10a Sunday Worship Service in-person and online
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Sep 9 7p Open Mic Night doors open 6:30
Sep 10 1-4p Youth Benefit Car Wash @Belletetes Jaffrey
Sep 11 UMCOR Special Sunday
Sep 11 8a Free Community Breakfast
Sep 11 11a Holiday Stroll planning meeting
Sep 13 6:30p Admin Council meeting via Zoom
Sep 18 10a Homecoming Sunday
Sep 20 1:30p Book Group
Sep 21 7p Missions meeting via Zoom
Sep 27 Newsletter submissions due


David Ladeau 9/1
Ethan Monroe 9/2
Jeff Woodward 9/6
Justine Gaskamp 9/12
Jace Southwick 9/12
Shannon Dunning Morris 9/13
Jean Harris 9/18
Kelly Molloy 9/19
Valerie Galloway 9/24
John Woodward 9/27
Gladys Bugler 10/1

Membership Anniversaries:
Rosamond Hoffay 9/23
Craig Descoteaux 10/4
Susan Campbell-Halley 10/7
Michelle Isabelle 10/8
Jim Poplin 10/21

Pastor Thom laughing as he has too much fun during the service altar

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ,
It is hard to believe that my wife, also known as Terry, our two dogs, and myself have been living in New Hampshire for six months. We are still trying to find our way around and finding good places to bring our dogs for walks. We still commute to Massachusetts two times a week, which is about a two-hour drive one way. My wife and I are glad we made the move; we love the lifestyle and where we live.
This month has gone by quickly, it seems like yesterday when I first preached at Peterborough UMC. I must admit that when the district superintendent first asked me to consider serving a church, I had my apprehensions. I still have many things to get accomplished at my home before it is complete. The second time he requested me to serve a church, it was Peterborough UMC and as you know, I accepted the call. I am blessed to serve you as the Pastor of Peterborough UMC.
During this month I have been trying to meet the members of the church who attend Sunday Worship and those who could not for one reason or another. I have been making phone calls with the intention of reaching out and building relationships with my flock. If you have not been able to come to church and have not received a call, please forgive me, and call me 774-266-3033. It is important to me and the church that you know we are here for you, especially when you cannot come to the church.
It will be a challenge for me to get up to speed knowing how the church operates and the people on the different committees. However, I am not one to run away from a challenge. On the contrary, I always turn to one of my favorite scriptures Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through God who strengthens me.
Together we will take on any challenge and overcome through prayer, perseverance, and dedication. I have quite a bit of work to do, but I will be looking to all of you for assistance.
This is a new season for the church, it is time for the Pastor and the church to get to know each other. We need to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses to build each other up. I am committed to learning about each person in the church from the oldest to the youngest. I will be trying to find your spiritual gifts and request your help in areas that we feed and grow your spiritual gift. It is extremely important to me that I reenergize the church with a new excitement to bring us to the next level of commitment. The Lord has plans for this church, I do not know what they are as of this point, but I am continuing to pray for God’s discernment and guidance.
The future of Peterborough UMC is bright and full of hope. We are just getting started and the journey will be long, but together we will make it a marvelous adventure. This church has so much potential, we just need to embrace change. We will still look to the past and our elders for guidance and knowledge to move forward. If you can come to the church and for some reason or another have taken a step back, I am requesting you to give the church another chance and allow us to build a relationship and future with you.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Thom

front of church with fall decorations

FREE COMMUNITY BREAKFAST – Sunday, September 11, 8am
free community breakfast in peterborough nh
community breakfast

HOMECOMING- Sunday, September 18, 10a
You are welcome! Start a new season at PUMC.
Homecoming Sunday, September 18th, 10am in-person or online
Homecoming September 18

Here is a neat video from the Union Congregational Church. Growing Up In Peterborough In the 1950s & 60s. Jimmy Smith shares a bit of local history from his childhood.

In July some of the youth and a few adults hiked up Gap Mountain to pick blueberries. It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and lots of blueberries. We stopped on the hike up to check out the “bear cave.” Fortunately there were no bears on that day!

Kids clamber in the woods in front of a big hole in the rocks
Kids in the blueberry bushesStopping for a rest


Sept. 9 Open Mic Night (2nd Friday of the Month; doors open 6:30pm)
Sept. 10 Youth Car Wash
Sept. 11 UMCOR Sunday (Special Sunday)

OPEN MIC NIGHT – Sep 9, doors open 6:30p
Open Mic Night

This year’s backpack drive supplied 19 colorful Land’s End backpacks stocked with school supplies to help area children have a great start to their new school year! We appreciate all who made donations and assisted with the filling of the backpacks!

Article in the paper
Justine holds a backpack
backpacks with suppliesYouth helpChurch family helpingSchool supplies box with some backpacks in it

The Missions Team is looking for groups from Peterborough UMC to take part in this year’s in-person Holiday Stroll on Saturday, Nov. 19. Ways our church has contributed in the past include: bake sale, holiday greens, Christmas crafts, Youth/Sunday School fundraiser, Fair Trade goods and a holiday lunch. We look forward to hearing your ideas at our first informal planning meeting after church on Sunday, September 11 in the Fellowship Hall.
Stroll planning meeting

A new sign-up sheet is now located near the entry into the sanctuary for folks to volunteer to bring a little something to nibble on during Fellowship time after service. Please consider signing up for a date that works best for you and bring a light snack to go with coffee. Thank you!

Give now:
Your gift matters
Make a bigger difference together

YOUTH BENEFIT CAR WASH – Saturday, September 10, 1-4, at Belletetes in Jaffrey
youth benefit car wash

Friends Forever International cardthank you note

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