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The newsletter of the Peterborough United Methodist Church

December 2022

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Advent Study
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Congregational Care
Thanks for Giving
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Newsletters from Missions
Photos – Holiday Fun
Photo – Youth Benefit Car Wash
Photos – Snakes in the Church



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Sun 11a Sunday Worship Service in-person and online
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Dec 5 7p Because of Bethlehem Advent Study begins (Dec 5, 7, 14, 21)
Dec 8 7p Missions meeting for housing emergency, all welcome, hybrid
Dec 9 7p Open Mic Night doors open 6:30
Dec 11 Staff Christmas Gift contributions due
Dec 11 8a Free Community Breakfast
Dec 13 6:30p Admin Council meeting via zoom
Dec 14 7p Missions meeting via Zoom
Dec 17 10a-12 Cookie Swap
Dec 21 5p Homeless Memorial Vigil w/MATS @Town House
Dec 24 7p Christmas Eve candlelight service
Dec 25 10a Christmas worship service
Dec 27 Newsletter submissions due



12/06  Tracy Desteph    
12/10  Debra Gilpin  
12/10  Susan Miller-Lindquist    
12/11  Lena Mark    
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12/28  Scott Keenan 

Membership Anniversaries:

12/01/2022    David Ladeau
12/01/2022    Sue Norton-Poplin
12/01/2022    Carol Owen
12/01/2022    Hether Shulman
12/03/2022    Ann Hampson
12/06/2022    Bruce Batten
12/06/2022    Deb Batten
12/06/2022    Amy Clason-Gilmet
12/06/2022    Richard Clason
12/06/2022    Richard Clason II
12/06/2022    Kristel Gatcombe
12/06/2022    Hiel Lindquist
12/06/2022    Susan Miller-Lindquist
12/07/2022    Andy Wallenstein
12/07/2022    Linda Wallenstein
12/14/2022    Leslie Crossmon
12/30/2022    Priscilla Crowe
12/30/2022    Ron Crowe

Lit candle with greenery


Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we begin the Season of Advent, I’ve been reflecting on the brief time I have spent serving Peterborough UMC. These past few months have been full of many different experiences. There have been times of immense joy and times of concern. I am thankful that I have not been on this journey alone, you have been with me and supported me through it all. As I celebrated Thanksgiving Day with my family, I expressed to God the many aspects of my life that make me thankful and one of the things I raised to God was the people of Peterborough UMC.
Advent is a time for preparation for the coming of Jesus, this is when we need to make time to reflect and meditate. However, it is difficult in our lives that are rushed and full of lists of things that need to be done. The decorations and lights need to be hung; the food and gifts must be bought. We need to prioritize which gatherings must come first and who we should invite. We are so busy; we hardly have a moment to breathe, let alone meditate. But that is exactly what we need to do: breathe, take in the spirit, and let it envelop you.
This is also the Christmas Season which is full of fun and excitement. The trees have been set up, the wreaths, garland, and lights have been hung with care.
The children are looking forward to time out of school and if there are snow days it is even better. It is time to go out and play in the snow and make snow people. This fun is not just for children, many adults like to play in the snow as well. The days and nights are filled with many events and parties that bring friends and family together. I hope you all enjoy this Christmas Season. I would also ask that we keep in mind the people who might not be having a ”Merry Christmas,” reach out to help them share your joy this Christmas. In doing this we help others see what the true meaning of Christmas is!
As we look forward to the NEW Year, I hope we start the year the way we are ending this year, with joy and excitement, continuing our journey together. There is a bright future for Peterborough UMC and I can hardly wait to get started. However, as I stated earlier, we need to reflect on the past few months and remember how blessed we are as a family of God.
My wife (Terry) and I hope and pray that you have a blessed Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas!!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Thom

Advent study


Our Advent study Because of Bethlehem will begin with an introductory session on Monday December 5th at 7pm at the church. There will be three more sessions on Wednesdays at 7pm.

About Because of Bethlehem:
For some, Christmas is a time of excitement, celebration, and quality time with loved ones. For others, it’s full of loneliness, grief, and loss. Join New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado as he unwraps the enduring promises of Christmas and discovers a lifetime of hope, all because of one baby born in Bethlehem.
It’s easy to lose sight of the remarkable story of Christmas. We forget that a king ordered a census, Joseph was forced to travel, Mary bounced on a donkey’s back, the hotel was full, the hour was late, and the event was one big hassle. Yet, out of that hassle, hope was born.
In Because of Bethlehem, Max invites us to look at the Christmas story from a different perspective. He reminds us that Christmas is about more than a pretty tree with presents piled up underneath it. Christmas begins what Easter celebrates: the child in the cradle who goes on to become the King on the cross. Because of Bethlehem, we have a place on earth and a Savior in heaven.

In the midst of your hectic Christmas season, Max will give you the encouragement, advice, and tools you need to:
Rekindle your connection to the Christ of Christmas
Receive the promises of the Christmas season
Lay down your endless Christmas to-do list and trust what Jesus has already done
Heal your heartache by embracing the God who is always near you, always for you, and always with you

Each copy of Because of Bethlehem will also include an Advent Devotional Guide designed to help you reflect on the miracle of Christ’s birth and the promise of his return.
As you curl up in a comfortable spot and take a closer look at the wild and wonderful story of Bethlehem, may you find enduring faith for all seasons of your life. No matter what this season holds for you, rest in the truth that the promise of Christmas has the power to bring you a lifetime of hope and healing.


gift with heartsThe Staff Parish Relations Committee is inviting church people to contribute towards cash Christmas gifts for our pastor and all church staff. You can contribute by mailing in a check made payable to Peterborough United Methodist Church, or by giving cash or check on Sunday mornings. Please be sure that your giving envelope and/or check are marked “XMas gift for PUMC staff”. Your gift will need to arrive by Sunday, Dec 11, in order that we can present our gifts and express our appreciation on Sunday, Dec 18 (our last service before Christmas).
If you have any questions about these gifts, you can ask one of these SPRC members: Ken Constantine, Cindy Faust, Jeff Hipp, Phyllis Porter, or Andy Wallenstein.

Cookie swap


Iced gingerbread manThe cookie swap will be on Saturday Dec 17 from 10am to noon. If you will be baking for the swap bring 4-5 dozen of your favorite cookies. If you are not baking you can still participate in the fellowship. Please contact Terry Demers or the church office with any questions.

Serrv and earn do a world of good
20 percent of your online order will be donated to your fundraiser


Order your Fair Trade Holiday Gifts through the PUMC Missions Committee link and 20% of all purchases will be donated to local, regional and international PUMC supported projects.
Use this link to order:
Always check for the orange banner at the top of the website before placing your order.
donation banner
Serrv qr code


Hands with heartIn order for the Congregational Care committee to meet the needs of people who could use some assistance in our “Faith Community,” we need your help.
Because of my health issues I am not able to attend church in person. When I am not physically present for the church service and Fellowship Hour, I don’t get to visit with people and find out what is happening.
It would be extremely helpful for us to know if anyone is in the hospital, has a death in the family, needs transportation, meals, or any kind of communication or visitation. Please contact me or any member of the
Congregation Care Committee (see members below) and we will see that the person in need gets appropriate help.

“There will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I (Jesus) command you, “You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.” – Deuteronomy 15:11

Thank you for your willingness to help.
Sue Norton Poplin

Congregational Care Committee:
Transportation: Linda Wallenstein
Grieving: Richard Clason Sr.
Food: Kelly Malloy
Communication: Sue Norton Poplin


Congratulations to Linda Wallenstein for her receipt of the Thanks for Giving Award! She has shown us so much love with her dedication to the church kids.
Grammy Linda
Volunteer gratitude bulletin board



Dec. 8 Special Missions Meeting – Open to All (7PM; in person and via zoom)
Eastern Monadnock Housing Cooperative will speak about the coming need to assist our area’s homeless population which is expected to rise in December and during the cold-weather months
Dec. 9 Open Mic Night (2nd Friday of the Month; doors open 6:30PM)
Dec. 17 Cookie Swap in Church Fellowship Hall (10AM – noon)
Dec. 21 Next Missions Team Meeting – Open to All (7PM via zoom)


Thank you with candy cane
THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered their time, talents and gifts to this year’s Peterborough Holiday Stroll! By the last tally, we raised over $1200 to help support Missions and Outreach at PUMC.

Season of givingBe on the lookout for information on how you can help support our local families and help provide a joyful Christmas to the children of our area.




New Life Home

Hundred Nights
Hundred Nights
Hundred Nights
Hundred Nights



Youth benefit car wash


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