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The newsletter of the
Peterborough United Methodist Church
43 Concord Street, Peterborough, NH
December 2019

Sun Worship Service 10a
Sun Adult Bible Study 11:30a
Mon Confidential Meeting 6-8p
Tue Office Hours 9-12
Wed Office Hours 9-12
Wed Choir Rehearsal 11a
Wed Life Groups 5:00p
Thu Office Hours 9-12

Sun Simple Advent Service – 1, 8, 15, 22 8a
Sun Free Community Breakfast – 8, 22 8a
Wed Advent Bible Study – 4, 11, 18
9:30a & 7:30p 3 UMW Christmas Meeting @Card 2p
4 First 12 Meeting 12:30p
4 Greening of the Church 6:30p
5 Safe Church Training 6:30p
8 Living Nativity trip 6p
8 Peace Light Service @DivineMercy 6p
10 PUMC Book Group @Schultz 1p
10 Email AdCo Meeting –
no meeting at church, submit reports by email
21 Homeless Memorial Vigil 5p
21 Stone Soup Night 6p
24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 7p
28 Men’s Monthly Breakfast 7:30p
31 Newsletter submissions due
Jan 5 Children’s Pageant

Susan Lindquist 12/10
Lena Mark 12/11
Nancy Belletete 12/12
Michael Crowe 12/18
Steve Venning 12/22
Scott Keenan 12/28

Membership Anniversaries:
Nancy Baldvins
Bruce Batten
Deb Batten
Richard Clason
Richard Clason II
Amy Clason-Gilmet
Leslie Crossmon
Priscilla Crowe
Ron Crowe
Kristel Gatcombe
Ann Hampson
Ernie Hoffman
Gail Hoffman
Bob Johnson
David Ladeau
Hiel Lindquist
Susan Lindquist
Sue Norton-Poplin
Carol Owen
Daniel Price
Liz Price
Hether Shulman
Andrew Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein
George Walthour
Jean Walthour
Prayer Shawl group resuming monthly meetings on Second Tuesday of each month at 1:00, at church, starting on January 14.
All knitters and crocheters encouraged to join. Yarn and patterns (easy) supplied.


I found this information while exploring what Advent has come to MEAN, and thought it might be interesting as the season approaches: remember that Advent is the beginning of the Church Year and it starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, which this year is December 1, and it ends on Christmas Eve, Dec 24.

As we refresh our memories of what the season really celebrates, I want to alert you to the following explanation of the Colors of Advent which are reprinted by permission of Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © CRI/Voice.

Historically, the primary sanctuary color of Advent is Purple. This is the color of penitence and fasting as well as the color of royalty to welcome the Advent of the King. The purple of Advent is also the color of suffering used during Lent and Holy Week. This color points to an important connection between Jesus’ birth and death. The nativity, the Incarnation, cannot be separated from the crucifixion. The purpose of Jesus’ coming into the world, of the “Word made flesh” and dwelling among us, is to reveal God and God’s grace to the world through Jesus’ life and teaching, but also through his suffering, death, and resurrection. To reflect this emphasis, originally Advent was a time of penitence and fasting, much as the Season of Lent and so shared the color of Lent.

In the four weeks of Advent the third Sunday came to be a time of rejoicing that the fasting was almost over (in some traditions it is called Gaudete Sunday, from the Latin word for “rejoice”). The shift from the purple of the Season to pink or rose for the third Sunday Advent candles reflected this lessening emphasis on penitence as attention turned more to celebration of the season.

In recent times, however, Advent has undergone a shift in emphasis, reflected in a change of colors used in many churches. Except in the Eastern churches, the penitential aspect of the Season has been almost totally replaced by an emphasis on hope and anticipation.

In many churches the third Sunday remains the Sunday of Joy marked by pink or rose. However, many Protestant churches now use blue to distinguish the Season of Advent from Lent. Royal Blue is sometimes used as a symbol of royalty. Some churches use Bright Blue to symbolize the night sky, the anticipation of the impending announcement of the King’s coming, or to symbolize the waters of Genesis 1, the beginning of a new creation.

With the shift to blue for Advent, there is also a tendency to move pink to the Fourth Sunday of Advent. It still remains associated with Joy, but is increasingly used as the climax of the Advent Season on the last Sunday before Christmas.

Red and Green are more secular colors of Christmas. Although they derive from older European practices of using evergreens and holly to symbolize ongoing life and hope that Christ’s birth brings into a cold world, they are not used as liturgical colors during Advent since they have other uses in other parts of the church year.

The word Advent means “coming” or “arrival.” The focus of the entire season is the celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ in his First Advent, and the anticipation of the return of Christ the King in his Second Advent. Thus, Advent is far more than simply marking a 2,000 year old event in history. It is celebrating a truth about God, the revelation of God in Christ whereby all of creation might be reconciled to God. That is a process in which we now participate, and the consummation of which we anticipate. Scripture reading for Advent will reflect this emphasis on the Second Advent, including themes of accountability for faithfulness at His coming, judgment on sin, and the hope of eternal life.

In this double focus on past and future, Advent also symbolizes the spiritual journey of individuals and a congregation, as they affirm that Christ has come, that He is present in the world today, and that He will come again in power. That acknowledgment provides a basis for Kingdom ethics, for holy living arising from a profound sense that we live “between the times” and are called to be faithful stewards of what is entrusted to us as God’s people. So, as the church celebrates God’s in-breaking into history in the Incarnation, and anticipates a future consummation to that history for which “all creation is groaning awaiting its redemption,” it also confesses its own responsibility as a people commissioned to “love the Lord your God with all your heart” and to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Blessings and Grace,

The PUMC Book Group will meet on Tuesday, December 10th at 1 PM in the Schultz residence. A carpool leaves the church at 12:30 PM on book group day. The book discussion this month is a fun and homey read – How Hackleburg Became A 13-Pie Church by Riley B. Case.
Everyone is welcome to join the group at any time. Charlene makes the tea and someone brings a batch of cookies or muffins. The talk is casual and everyone’s opinion is honored. There are extra copies of the book being passed around, so if you’d like to try the group, see Ann Hampson, Susan Lindquist, or Carol Owen. they have the free copies that are up for grabs!

November’s Hunger and Homeless Awareness Events have reinforced the importance of helping the folks in our region who are food challenged!
Some factoids –
• The Peterborough Food Pantry serves over 300 households 6300 meals per month.
• Each Friday afternoon, End 68 Hours of Hunger sends home 140 to 180 bags of food with children in our school district who are food challenged.
Our little church has a food basket that we try to fill each week. The thought is that one can or box or jar or package per person attending church would fill that basket to overflowing. We’re all busy, but we all shop for food on a weekly basis. If we all get into the routine of adding one item to our grocery list per week, what a difference we can make for those who hunger and thirst.
Please consider committing to filling that basket every week! The food is spread around to the area food pantries in Peterborough, Jaffrey, Antrim, Troy, Rindge, and Greenfield – the communities where we are all live.
Thanks for being part of the mission to ‘feed my sheep’.

Wednesday, December 4th @ 6:30 PM
Please come on Wednesday, December 4th to help deck the sanctuary in greenery and seasonal decoration. If you would like to have supper together, bring a small bag of something, a loaf of bread, or a small plate of starters. There will be a crockpot of stew and a jug of cider warm and spicy. The plan for the evening is to hang garland at the alter rails, put up the Christmas tree at the back of the sanctuary, put up the candle sconces along the side walls of the sanctuary, and hang the Christmas banner. Further decorations will be added throughout the weeks of Advent until Christmas Eve, when the sanctuary will be complete and ready to celebrate the birth of Christ, the Savior. Come get in the holiday mood and share the fellowship of friends!

December 1st – Advent Begins – First Lighting of the Advent Wreath with Readings
December 8th – Second Lighting of the Advent Wreath with Readings
December 15th – Third Lighting of the Advent Wreath with Readings
December 22nd – Fourth Lighting of the Advent Wreath with Readings, Special Musical Offering by PUMC Choir
December 24th – Christmas Eve Service – Lighting of the Christ Candle on the Advent Wreath with Readings, Rev Card’s Christmas Message, and Candlelight Singing.
December 29th – ‘On the Fifth Day of Christmas’ – Special Musical Offering by Monadnock Blend with Readings and prayer.
January 5th – Epiphany Sunday – Children’s Pageant in Celebration of Three Kings Day  
The next weekend dinner at Hundred Nights Drop In Center will feature soups or stews, green salad and dressings, fruit or cheese platters, and cookies to go. If you’d like to help out with providing the foods or supplies needed to serve 30 – 40 hungry folks or with serving on the day of the dinner, please see Susan Lindquist to get signed on to the menu list.
It’s easy to get involved on this mission. Simply sign onto the sign-up sheet on the fellowship room bulletin board, get your offering to the church by 3 PM on the day of the dinner, and rest easy, knowing you helped out!
Many thanks!!!!

Quilt Description:
This quilt is donated by a member of the Peterborough United Methodist Church Quilters. Its fabrics come from the line called ‘Count Your Blessings’ by Kathy Schmitz for Moda Fabrics. It measures just about 57” x 75” – a generous lap quilt, suitable for the back of the couch or the foot of a bed. The quilt is machine pieced and long arm machine quilted. The quilting design is a meandering line with random hearts. The quilt block is called ‘You’ve Got Mail’ because of the open envelope design. The binding is hand finished.
‘You’ve Got Mail’ is considered a utilitarian quilt; it’s meant to be used and loved. It is made with cotton fabrics and cotton batting and is washable on a gentle cycle with gentle detergent. It is advised that it be dried over a drying rack in a well-ventilated area (the back yard in the shade on a breezy day is perfect). The quilt can be ‘finished and fluffed’ in a dryer for a short time on a gentle setting. It has been washed once to remove sizing, to soften the fabric fibers, and to check for fabric ‘bleeding’. All is well.

Rules for the Silent Auction:
1. This silent auction is open to any and all interested folks.
2. The reserve or starting bid on this quilt is $50. That covers a small portion of the materials (quilt block fabric, batting, backing fabric, quilting fee) and is a fair starting off point.
3. Bidding: To make a bid, place your name and a phone number at which you can be reached beside your bid on the clipboard at the church. The clipboard is located on the table in front of the quilt display. If you would prefer to bid on-line, please ‘message’ your bid with your name and phone number and bid amount to the church’s FB page or send your bid info via the church’s website contact link. Your bid will be added to the clipboard at the church as it comes in.
The current high bid is $175.
4. The auction will run from November 23rd through December 22nd. On Sunday December 22nd, final bids will be collected and the auction will close at 2 PM. The winner will be notified and the quilt will be delivered to its forever home on Monday, December 23rd or as close to that day as possible.
5. Payment for the quilt should be made by check to “Peterborough United Methodist Church”. ‘Quilters Group’ should be written on the check memo line for the benefit of the church treasurer.

WHEN: Sunday, December 1, 2019
TIME: 9:30am
Do you have questions about volunteering in Sunday School? Want to know more about what the Sunday School is up to? Come and join me for a cup of coffee and some discussion about where our Sunday School is going and how we can all help our youngest members grow in their faith.
This will also be the first early service that Pastor Kathleene is providing from 8-8:30am during advent. If you are interested in helping in the Sunday School, but don’t want to miss a service there is a way to do both!

WHEN: Sunday December 8, 2019
TIME: 6:00-8:00pm
WHERE: Our Savior Lutheran Church
1 Hager Park Road (Junction 140, 2, and 2A)
Westminster, MA 01473
The Sunday School has planned to attend this event with the children and their families, and welcomes the church family to join in an evening of fellowship. As the Christmas season approaches let us remember why we celebrate. This is a free event put on by the Our Savior Lutheran Church in Westminster, MA. Join us as we experience what life might have been like the night Jesus was born.
Learn more here:

For Advent, the Sunday School will be using Adam Hamilton’s Faithful:
Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph to view the Christmas story from another perspective. Throughout the lessons they will learn about Joseph, who he was and how despite feeling unsure in the beginning, faithfully followed God’s plan.
We will be planning a “Messy Church” event for February and are looking for other’s feedback! The idea is that we would have an evening where the Sunday School could invite their families, families from the community and members of the congregation to get together for a meal, story and a craft. If you have thoughts, ideas or questions see Sunday School. Thanks!

A place for you this Christmas

Traditional Sunday Worship 10am
Simple Worship Advent Dec 1, 8, 15, 22 Sundays 8-8:30am
Pastor’s Bible Study Dec 4, 11, 18 Wednesdays 9:30am & 7:30pm
Dec 4 Greening of the Church 6:30p
Dec 8 Ecumenical Peace Light Service @UCC 6pm
Dec 21 Homeless Memorial Candlelight Vigil @Town House with MATS 5pm,
Stone Soup Night 6pm with All Saints, PUMC, UCC, and MATS
Dec 22 Christmas Service 10am
Dec 24 Candlelight Christmas Eve Service 7pm
Jan 5 Children’s Pageant 10a

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