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January 2021

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By Rev. Card

I wanted to give a quick recap of my sermon for this week, because it fits with why I want us to read through the Bible this year. That is correct. I want us to read through Genesis to Revelation.
I have a book to suggest—by J. Ellsworth Kalas. It is called The Grand Sweep: 365 Days From Genesis Through Revelation. Here is the link on amazon:
Let me know if you want to order one through the church. There is also a response book, or you can use your own journal. Can you do this without the book? Yes—but you will need a Bible. Let me know if you need anything. I will have a brief session (under 15 minutes) on Facebook Live every morning, and it is recorded, so you can watch later if you are not an early bird. Fridays are my Sabbath, so there will not be a session on that day.

Why am I doing this?
Because I honestly believe we need to know how the drama of our lives intersects with the dramas of the Biblical history, poetry, letters, gospels, epistles and revelations. We need to use our God-given Reason to help us understand the comprehensive breathe of our Tradition and Experience outside of the classroom that is revealed to us through the Scripture.
One example I can point to is what we learned from the Magi who came to honor Jesus:
What do We Learn from the Magi?

• First, the Magi were continually studying. They knew their history. They did not merely stumbled onto finding Jesus. They had searched their own past and their sacred texts, and the result of their study was a readiness, or at least a willingness, to recognize the sign when it appeared. (That is the kind of awareness I want for us.)
• Secondly, these scholarly folks did not just read books all the time. They also were keen observers of the world around them. Without those two characteristics, knowing the prophecies and being observant of their contemporary world, the Epiphany might well have been missed.
• Thirdly, they were willing to seek confirmation of what they had learned and seen. They moved, put their feet (or perhaps their camels’ feet) in motion to follow this sign. They took a chance on being proven wrong—or right!
• Fourth, they were willing to ask for directions along the way, and when they realized they were wrong to consult Herod—they readjusted their route.
• Fifth, once they found the confirmation of their convictions (the child with Mary his mother), they responded with all the gratitude they could muster. (We really need to develop this one!)
• Sixth, and finally, after seeing the child and having all their hopes realized, they remained vigilant and attentive—open to further visions and insights. So, when the angel warned them to go home by another road, they listened.

In Summary, as we read this old story with new eyes can we understand we need to see where science, philosophy and religion complement each other.

And like the Maji we need to:
1. Study our history by reading and studying the Scriptures.
2. Get out into the world and participate, experience, and observe how that history intersects with our own real-life experience.
3. Verify what we are learning through evaluations and confirmations. This requires us to take risks.
4. After inquiring for directions along the way, we need to be willing to take a legal U turn when necessary.
5. Show appreciation for the lessons we learn.
6. Continue being open to discovering new and deeper Truths that God will reveal to each of us, because exploring Scripture is never a completed past action.

My acronym for this is STEVIAC.
• Study
• Experience
• Verify
• Inquire
• Appreciate
• Continue . . . (See you around next year!)


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The PUMC Book Group will be meeting on January 26th @ 1:30 PM via ZOOM. Join us as we discuss Elizabeth Yates’ book, Is There a Doctor in the Barn? Yates’ book is a portrait of Dr. Forrest Tenney, a well-known Peterborough veterinarian. Those who are native to Peterborough and the surrounding towns may well come across families and locations that they are very familiar with, as they read this non-fiction account of the life of a large animal veterinarian.
All are welcome to join this book group! Just access the book any way you can – Internet, public library loan, on-line library download, Audible or other phone app, book purchase through our local book stores or through an on-line used book site … the options are plentiful!
If you’re new to the group and would like to get the ZOOM info, contact Susan Lindquist or the church office.

Many thanks to everyone who stepped up to help the residents at Manchester’s New Life Home during this Christmas time! Ron and Priscilla Crowe and Cindy Faust gathered all the donations and dropped them at the home in plenty of time for Christmas gifting. Our church’s gifts were added to other church and service group donations to make for a plentiful Christmas for the residents of the home and their children. Blessings to all who participated!

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