Beyond the Green Doors – January/February 2014 Newsletter

Please enjoy our newsletter from January/February 2014.

Beyond the Green Doors - January/February 2014 Newsletter
Beyond the Green Doors – January/February 2014 Newsletter

Beyond the Green Doors


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The newsletter of the Peterborough United Methodist Church

Jan -­‐ Feb 2014

A Message From Our Pastor

Welcome all to 2014! The weather is dark and chilly, spring is still a few snowstorms away, but the light of the world is glowing in PUMC. Recently, I walked into the fellowship hall and spotted the poster from the abundantly successful meal drive led by the Andrews and Southwick children. Next to it, wrapped packages were piled high for the mothers and children in the New Life Home, and a new wooden “tree” had appeared with separate containers for the mission causes we support financially. I had messages in my voicemail from members who wanted to give their belongings to help others, and an email in my inbox projecting that we will have paid all of our mission shares for 2013 by the time this newsletter reaches you. People I don’t know are friending us on Facebook. In December, I participated in two very different ecumenical services with the wonderful churches in our extended community and celebrated the choir’s offering of a cantata. On the altar were poinsettias in honor of people we love.

The light of the world is life. Sometimes we listen to stories of inspiring people, focusing overmuch on the circumstances of our heroes-­‐-­‐the way they distinguished themselves in adversity, that they were in the right place at the right time, even that they had a public persona that made it possible for them to share their stories. But Christ has come into our circumstances, showing us that there is no corner too private or plots too plain for abundant life to take root. The ministry of Jesus teaches us that abundant life is not about “right time, right place” storytelling, but daring to live abundant life in ordinary circumstances.

All of the ministries I mentioned at the start of this letter were thought up and organized by “ordinary” people-­‐-­‐not clergy. What will the new year hold? I predict that our ministry will go farther into the community and deeper into our hearts. I predict that we will meet Christ in new ways and come to know God more. How will it happen? I’ll just have to come and see…

A Message from our Board of Trustees

What progress we made in 2013! We…

• replaced all of the main windows in the sanctuary with energy efficient low maintenance ones,

• insulated the walls and ceilings in the sanctuary,

• replaced the exterior trim,

• replaced the cupola with long lasting vinyl railings,

• installed safety railing in the choir loft,

• updated the wiring in the sanctuary,

• added emergency lighting for the balcony stairway,

• repaired the crumbling concrete walls of the side bulkhead,

• replaced the basement stair treads,

• repaired and stained the stockade fence,

• landscaped and miscellaneous other maintenance items and cleaning.

These improvements were primarily funded from gains we realized from our parsonage trust funds and through donations of time and materials. We recently had a “risk control survey” facility walk-through by our insurance company resulting in an assessment report with no recommendations needed! Great work to all the trustees and everyone else who lent a hand throughout the year!

Currently we are in the process of adding capability to our PA system to digitally record services so we can offer them on our web site to those who miss a service or otherwise can’t come themselves. And we are looking into speakers for the back rooms so childcare volunteers don’t have to miss any of the service. Stay tuned for more on these. (Trustees, Cont.)

We also have contracted for painting of the sanctuary ceiling and upper trim molding. This work is scheduled for completion in January and is sure to begin to brighten and freshen up the worship area.

Keep a watch out for our new driveway entrance and exit signs that should emerge from the snow in the near future! And we have plans to seal and restripe the parking lot next summer.

Submitted by: Matt Keenan – Chairman

Messages from our Missions Committee

Everyone please take a look at the beautiful donation post that Matt Keenan crafted. It is beautiful. Eventually there will be labels above the cans to identify the destination for the donations. The thought is that these labels may change time to time as needs change. More information to come. All suggestions for its use and location are welcome. Please email Linda Wallenstein. Thanks Matt, God has blessed us with your gift. Submitted by: Linda Wallenstein

The Missions Committee thanks everyone who provided gifts for the residents of the New Life Home. This highly rated home helps women with children recover from alcohol and drug addiction and become self-­‐sufficient members of the community. When they are finished with this program, where they learn about self-­‐esteem, interpersonal relationships, parenting, computer and job skills, most graduates move on to jobs and/or college.

This year we helped 14 women and 21 children have a nicer Christmas with our beautifully wrapped presents.

Again, thanks for showing you care.

Submitted by: Priscilla Crowe

A Message from Ron and Priscilla Crowe

The beautiful double-­‐sided wreaths are being enjoyed by many of us as well as other townspeople, once again this year.

Just FYI, I used ten 25-­‐yard rolls (9,000 inches) of weatherproof velvet ribbon for the bows. The shortest bow takes 90”. With those tidbits of information, you can understand why it’s tremendously appreciated when you save the bows for another year.

The profit for 2013 is $751.00. Thank you for participating. Maybe next year your friends and neighbors will need one, too.

A Message from our Prayer Shawl Ministry

The next meeting of the prayer shawl group will be Tues., Jan. 7. at 3:00 PM in the red room at church. This is the first Tuesday of the month. Anyone is welcome-­‐ we have some knitters and we have some that crochet, and we have some who will help you get started, if needed. We meet for an hour, and we would love to have you join our group. For more info, call Barb MacInnes at 924-­‐1952.

A Message from our United Methodist Women

A good time was had by all who attended our December 16th meeting at Barbara MacInnes’ home. Our next meeting will take place on the first Monday of February, the 3rd, at 7:00 PM at Karen Keenan’s home in Jaffrey. We will be carpooling from the church for those of us who live in Peterborough or Hancock. Please put this on your calendar and come and enjoy the fellowship of the women of our church, and watch for further announcements about the program. All women of the church, members or not, are cordially invited to join us. For further info, call or see Karen, or Barbara.

A Message from our Christian Education Team

The adult Sunday school class will conclude the lessons on Genesis and Exodus at the end of 2013. Both the youth and adult Sunday School classes will take a break for a couple of weeks and resume classes the third Sunday in January. The Adult classes will be devoted to the books of Gospel of Luke and the Letter of James. Sunday school classes will start at a new time: approximately 11:15 AM, right after Sunday services. This gives the membership more options in attending and allows the instructors more flexibility in dealing with bad weather and other duties. By scheduling youth Sunday school classes at the same time, there is no conflict if parents want to attend adult classes. We hope all those interested in learning about the lessons of life contained in the scriptures will join us. Submitted by Jim Poplin

A Message from our Membership Secretary

We are so happy to have welcomed new members to our family in 2013:

Mark Welty

Pamela Welty

Liz Welty

Doris Parry

Steve Griggs

Jean Griggs

Patrick Troy

Sue Norton

David Ladeau

And, Baptized Gabriel Welty

A Message from our church leadership

Blest be the tie that binds: We are a faith family that includes all ages and many different gifts! We can all learn from each other ways to grow as disciples of Christ. Dare to reach out with loving encouragement to your brothers and sisters, especially the youngest among us. When you see behavior among children that deserves praise, suggests a lack of understanding of what worship is about, or could become dangerous for them or others, don’t expect mom and dad (or grandma and grandpa) to do it all. Instead, take the opportunity to share your wisdom, your pew, and your faith in humankind (young and old). Remember to listen, and respect appropriate boundaries. God is at work in lives at any age-­‐-­‐you might learn something, too!

The newsletter is compiled by Karen Keenan. Any concerns or questions can be asked of Karen or Pastor Lourey. Newsletter submissions are due the 20th of every other (even) month and should be submitted by email to Karen with NEWSLETTER as the subject line. Thank you.