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The newsletter of the Peterborough United Methodist Church
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July 2020


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Bronwin Southwick 7/6
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Chris Bartlett 7/19
Christine Robidoux 7/31
Gail Hoffman 8/1
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Membership Anniversaries:
Joanne Martin
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Ron LaRoche

In March of this year, we were seeing growth in attendance and an increase in Children and Youth involvement. Open Mic was strong; Bible studies were well attended; and we had a coach helping us to discern God’s specific call for PUMC; we were reaching out into the community to discover what needs we might help to address; and we had strong financial participation. Then the pandemic hit.
With the help of Hiel and Susan Lindquist, and Andy Card we pieced together quickly an online worship service that required buying all new equipment, increasing our internet speed, and adjusting how we presented our Easter and Tenebrae services.
Eventually Jeff Hipp joined our production team and helped us discern what kind of laptop we needed. I am thankful and pleased at the persistence everyone showed. Not to mention the health issues and family challenges that could have derailed us.
Bruce and the Trustees assure that the church is being deep-cleaned—something that should not have taken a pandemic to force. Together people moved hymnals, cushions and other items to prepare for the time when we can regather in the church. We are researching how to place a large screen in the sanctuary since we need that to return to worship in the church.
Through it all, our Sunday services are still going on at 10 a.m. by live-steaming on YouTube. The address for that is
Every morning since Easter Sunday I am broadcasting on Facebook Live a short (less than 15 minute) devotion and a time for joys and concerns. Melissa has gotten this on our web page so others can watch it who do not use Facebook.
Laura Constantine conducted a wonderful class on CS Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe over Zoom. The Book Group has met twice using Zoom, and our virtual fellowship hour is being hosted over Zoom at 1 pm every Sunday (ID: 944-5939-8974, password: 516742). Ad Council is meeting with Zoom, too.
Linda W is calling all the Sunday School kids to check in with them. Melissa works entirely from home, and Our Children’s Coordinator is sending weekly lessons to the Sunday School kids. Our church is NOT CLOSED—we are just NOT using the building as a place to gather. However, I work from the church at times, and I check the mail and the building daily. The internet is good there, and it is helpful to have access to the printer. We are trying to be careful with resources. We celebrate communion with permission from our bishop the first Sunday of the month. We have prepackaged cups at church you can pick up to uses with us on the first Sunday or you are welcome to use your own elements. I can also deliver them to you.
We have had birthday parades, and graduation parades, and you all surprised me with two beautiful Japanese Maple trees for my birthday with a basket full of cards. Thank you so much. I will include a picture.
Donations have been consistent and generous, and your words of encouragement have been inspiring. Double thanks!
I attended the Annual Clergy Conference meeting by Zoom; and as I watched the newly ordained pastors taking their oaths and missing the sacred moment of being commissioned with the Bishop laying hands on them, my heart ached for them, as my ordination was extremely meaningful.
Church as we knew it in the past is changing. We will continue to live-stream even after we can gather so people who will not be ready to be with others can still take part. Others from across the country are now joining us in worship online. We have a committee formed to discern how to regather. We will not use bulletins and hymnals for the time being. We need to be flexible, adaptable, and well prepared. Thank you for being patient. Keep us in your prayers and keep in touch with us. Let us know your concerns and your joys.
The pandemic’s impact has been further complicated by the social unrest that is intensifying the things that divide us. Systemic racism is the presenting problem that people are identifying. It has been festering for generations. But one thing I have learned in 73 years of life is that the presenting problem is like an iceberg that has so much underneath it. We forget those things need to be seen, as well. There is no simple solution. So, as we discern how to respond—my caution is to respond, not to react with fear, anger, and hate. Jesus shows us how to face adversity, and now more than ever we need to return to the Great Commandment of Jesus to love God and our neighbor. We exclude no one. As we struggle to find ways forward, we need to listen deeply to each other. We need to care. Prayer is powerful, humbling, and healthy. Prayer before we act is always wise.
I am looking for a good summer class that we could do online, hopefully starting in mid-July. The class on the Trinity will start in September. Please let me know if you want to sign up so I can order the books. We can do it on Zoom.
Again, thank you.
Blessings and keep in touch,
Rev. Card

Thank You!
I greatly appreciate my birthday gift.

Please join our hosts this Sunday at 1pm for online fellowship with the PUMC church family.
Zoom meeting ending in 8974
*contact the church office for meeting details

Peterborough United Methodist Church has formed a church re-opening committee to develop a plan to re-open the church. It is important to know that there is currently no timeline to re-open. Any reopening timeline will need to insure we follow the guidance of our district superintendent and local government agencies ( Still, we expect to re-open the church at some point and therefore need to plan accordingly.
This survey will provide the reopening committee with input concerning the important plans and decisions that need to be made. Also, there is still room on the re-opening committee if you would like to participate. Please contact Rev. Kathleene or Susan Miller-Lindquist if you would like to join.
Survey submissions are due July 19.
You may complete the survey online here:
If you prefer to mail your answers you can find a pdf of the survey here:
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

The July read for PUMC’s book discussion group will be The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. Set in late 19th century England, this is a story of the collision between traditional religious thought and local mythic folklore, scientific exploration that challenges local thought and social norms. Published in 2016, it is readily available on-line or through our local bookstore (that has opened back up- huzzah!). If you would like to participate in the next book discussion, contact the church. Give us your email contact and we’ll get you into the Zoom loop! The next Book Zoom will be on Tuesday, July 28th @ 1:30 PM. Til then, keep calm and read on!

The Latest Upper Room mailing has gone out. If you would like a copy of the devotional reading booklet offered through our church, please contact the church by phone or via email and provide us with your mailing address. We will add you to the list. Since our church has been worshiping remotely via livestream, demand for the booklet has gone up. It’s looking like the subscription will have to be expanded to meet demand … and that’s a good thing! Prayer and contemplation is always a good thing and The Upper Room is a such a fine source for devotional reading and prayer!

Many thanks for all the kind notes, cards, phone calls, and virtual hugs offered during Hiel’s brush with the hospital and cardiac care team and during the time of loss and grieving of my Mom! It is so very reassuring to have a caring and tight church family that gathers close in times of trouble. Your prayers and love are special, indeed! We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Peace and Hope! Hiel and Susan Lindquist.

The work of the sanctuary reopening committee continues. By now, every member and friend of the church is, hopefully, aware of a reopening survey being circulated. You should receive a survey announcement via an online Survey Monkey link. If you do not have computer connection with the church, you should receive a survey in the mail. Paper surveys have been mailed. If you have not received one via email or by snail mail, let the church know. We want to hear everyone’s opinions and concerns!
The committee is looking at producing hygiene protocol flyers and posters that will remind people, as they enter the church, the bathrooms, and common areas of needed precautions. Those will be finalized in the coming weeks. The cleaning of the church continues and is being supervised by the trustees committee.
Our committee has grown a bit. Michael Robidoux has joined to help out during his summer internship with PUMC. Welcome, Michael and thanks for your help!
The planning committee has been exploring the idea of holding an outdoor worship service at Cathedral of the Pines. A September date is in the works and will be coordinated by the worship committee. The service will be held outside with the principles of social distancing and safe protocols in place and expected of each attendee. It will be wonderful to be able to get together in the fresh air to pray and sing! Stay tuned! There is a light shining!!! In the meantime, we hope you are able to get out in the fresh air around your home and worship with your family ‘bubble’!

Send us your pets! We will share them in our Joys during Sunday worship, and on Facebook! Clever captions encouraged!

For those that are interested, here is a quick explanation of how the live stream of our worship services works. Basically, the worship service and bulletin are developed in the usual way. Then the pieces that will make up the service, such as music, song lyrics, images, etc. are researched and saved in a file directory on a laptop computer.
We then use a software program to load up all the pieces that will complete the worship service. We then create a live stream link on YouTube and link that to our computer. We also have a camera set up in the sanctuary to record the live action. At the appropriate time each piece of the worship service is mixed with the images from the camera to create the live stream that you see on the YouTube link.
If we are lucky, it all comes together without any major problems. If you do see something that doesn’t seem to be working correctly please let us know. There is a 30 second delay between what is going on in the sanctuary and what is seen on the YouTube link so we may not always be aware when something is not functioning properly.
Thanks for “tuning in” on Sunday.
The Worship Team

Sunday School To Go will continue into the summer! June’s lessons had a bit of a welcome to summer theme with “Jesus is Sweet!” (with ice cream), using Psalm 104:34, “A Strong Foundation” (sand castles and legos), using Matthew 7:26-27, “Father’s Day”, using 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12, and “Freedom” (Independence Day), using John 8:36. Included in the lessons is a craft with the supplies needed and in most we have tried to include a little fun experiment related to the theme to try at home. We enter July with a water theme!  

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Sunday Worship streaming on YouTube Sun 10a
and posted online (after Sunday)
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   Zoom meeting ending in 8974 *contact church office if you need meeting details
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