Beyond the Green Doors – March 2018 Newsletter

Please enjoy our newsletter for March 2018.

March newsletter

Beyond the Green Doors
The newsletter of the Peterborough United Methodist Church
43 Concord Street, Peterborough, NH
March 2018


Sun Worship Service 10a
Sun Adult Bible Class 11:15a
Sun Bible Study 11:30a
Mon Confidential Meeting 6-8p
Wed Prayer Study 10a
Wed Covenant Discipleship Group 6:30p
Thu Choir Rehearsal 6:30p

Mar 5 UMW Meeting 12p
Mar 8 Lenten Breakfast 7a
Mar 10 Mission Fundraiser Dinner 5p
Mar 11 Free Community Breakfast 8a
Mar 11 Interfaith Music Tribute 6:30p
Mar 15 Lenten Supper 5:30p
Mar 16 Open Mic Night 7p
Mar 20 Administrative/Church Council 6:30p
Mar 25 Free Community Breakfast 8a
Mar 27 Newsletter submissions due
Mar 28 Prayer Shawl Group 1p
Mar 30 Tenebrae Service 6:30p
Mar 31 Men’s Monthly Breakfast 7:30p
Apr 1 Easter Worship 10a

DID YOU KNOW? – The UMC Appointment Process

*APPOINTMENTS are made by the Bishop
*APPOINTMENTS are from July 1st to June 30th and reviewed annually
*This is not a “Call” system such as in Congregational and other denominations.

1. The Bishop has agreed to the request for reappointment by the pastor and/or church.

2. The Bishop and Cabinet (all 12 NEUMC Superintendents) go into a time of prayer and discernment. They study both the clergy (pastor) and *church profiles to match the gifts and graces of both pastor and church.

* The church profile is updated annually by the SPRC and many churches make this available to the congregation

3. When the Bishop has made his/her decision, the DS will contact the SPRC to set up an interview.
No information is given regarding the pastor being interviewed.

4. The Interview:
A. DS meets with SPRC and gives a brief introduction to the pastor. The Pastor is not present at this time.

B. The Pastor is then invited into the meeting. A time of questions and answers then follows. Both the Pastor and the SPRC will be asking and receiving.

C. The DS will call for a time of prayer. The DS and the Pastor will separate and go in to separate rooms – vis. DS in one room, Pastor in another room. SPRC remains in the same room where the interview takes place.

D. After the time of prayer, the DS will meet with the SPRC for a time of discussion. The Pastor remains in the separate room.

E. The DS will meet with the Pastor for a time of discussion. The SPRC will remain in the separate room.

F. If no serious and founded concerns/rejections are brought forward by the SPRC or the Pastor, the Pastor and DS rejoin the SPRC and the official paperwork regarding the Pastoral Package offered by the church, and the agreement to the appointment are signed by DS, Pastor and SPRC.

*The incoming Pastor receives the same Pastoral Package as the outgoing Pastor. A change in the Pastoral Package takes place only after a meeting of the SPRC with the help of the Finance Committee and then vote of the Administrative/Church Council. Any changes made take effect January 1st.

5. *The Bishop has final say. It is the Bishop that appoints.


Ron LaRoche Jr Mar 1
Bill French Mar 5
Andy French Mar 19
Laura Nerz Mar 16
Ken Schultz Mar 23
Francis Grose Mar 27

Church Membership Anniversaries:
Jon and Sandra Cole, 24 Years
Michael Crowe, 46 Years
Shannon Dunning Morris, 30 Years
Cindy Faust, 40 Years
Matthew and Karen Keenan, 24 Years
Gloria Lodge Wenblad, 46 Years
Janet Mack Lewis, 18 Years
Phyllis Porter, 15 Years
Kenneth and Laura Constantine, 2 Years


Our library has several choices of books for young children.

Among them are: The Story of Jonah by Alice Davidson, I can Talk with God by Carolyn Wolcott, Beatrice’s Goat by Page McBrier (A Heifer Project Story), Chicken Soup for Little Souls and The Goodness Gorillas. There is also a 12 volume set called Children’s Bible Stories and a 5 volume set of The Greatest Adventure, including Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, David and Goliath , Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Simon and Delilah.

The only book we have for young adults is Joshua by Joseph Girzone. This book was reviewed before but is very suitable for young people as well as adults. Joshua moves into a small cabin on the edge of town. People are very curious about him, sometimes mystified and sometimes confused by the things he does. He is a wood carver but some of the things that happen because of him are mystical and spiritual. Based on an accurate reading of scriptures, Joshua is a deeply inspiring book.

If you have any Christian stories and are looking for a new home for them, especially books for older children and teens, please feel free to donate them to our church library. Just bring them in and put them on the shelf under the sign Children’s Books. Thank you.


The UMW will meet Tuesday, March 6th at 12 noon at the church. Bring your bag lunch. Dessert and beverage will be provided. Susan Lindquist will be presenting the program on “Quilting- The Ladies of Gees Bend Quilters- Alabama Quilting Co-op.” Please plan to join us for this very interesting program and great fellowship.
Also mark your calendars for the next meeting on April 3rd.
Carol Owen


Sign up to purchase a lily for the Easter altar. Sheets will be available Sunday March 4th, 11th and 18th.


We’ve all seen that Easter candy on sale wherever we shop. Don’t walk on by the next time you see that display – stop and pick some up to bring to church! Last year we were able to assemble baskets for the children in MATS and SFTS housing, and the children in New Life Home. We’d like to do the same this year. So look for those candy sales and then drop off your candy in the big basket in the Fellowship Hall.
Due Sunday March 25.
Thank you!


Here I wait in quiet hope
That you will come
To water my barren fields,
To make blossom the flower and fruit
that wither in merciless heat.
Do not forsake me.
—Frank Topping

“Meetings with God may include ecstasy and joy, or withdrawal and silence;
always they include mystery.”
—Philip Yancey, Prayer, p. 50 PUMC BOOK GROUP

The next selection for book discussion will be H is for Hawk, Helen MacDonald’s memoir of grief and reconnection with life and nature. This 2014 multiple award winner is easily downloaded, borrowed through library or inter-library loan or purchased (cheap) though used book sites. The group will meet on Tuesday, March 27th – 1 PM at Parker and Sons Coffeehouse, 50 Jaffrey Rd. in Peterborough. Come for good brew, good discussion and fellowship!


The numbers of diners are down at Hundred Nights. Is this due to the opening of shelters in Brattleboro and Claremont? Who knows … data doesn’t matter to the folks who DO show up at Hundred Nights for help and support. Many thanks to everyone who kicks in food, supplies, and hands to help put meals on for the Weekend Meals program at Hundred Nights. The last couple meals that PUMC and Peterborough friends have sponsored have served approximately 40 folks. That’s down from a high of approx. 65. Wherever there is a need, the effort will continue! Look for another meal come late April/early May!

LENTEN MEALS – Off to a Good Start!

Our Lenten suppers and breakfasts have begun ! Think about stopping in to share some
devotional readings, food, and quiet fellowship. Our next 5: 30 PM dinner is Thursday, March
1st followed by Lenten breakfast on Thursday, March 7th at 7 AM. Look for sign-up sheets on
the fellowship hall bulletin board. If you’re busy or stressed and can’t pull off a potluck offering,
just come anyway! There’s always enough and the chit-chat is always fun.


We will be holding free community breakfasts on March 11 and 25, help us spread the word!


The Peterborough United Methodist Church teenage youth will be joining Milford United Methodist Church teenage youth to travel to Texas to provide reconstruction to homes that were damaged during Hurricane Harvey. They will be painting and/or applying sheet rock. They will fly out of Boston on June 23rd and return June 30th. Counting the adults there will be between 25 and 30 of us going. The teens from both churches will be joining the mission team in fund raising.
We have already had the Super Bowl subs and March 10th there will be Baked Bean and Ham dinner and you are all welcome to join us.
We are also collecting Frequent Flyer miles to help purchase airfare. If you have any you would like to donate please contact Linda Wallenstein.
The teens might need some practice so if you know anyone who might need some help with yard work, painting or minor repairs this Spring please pass the information on to us so we can arrange to provide the service.
In His service, Love and Peace Linda Wallenstein.


As you do your spring cleaning PLEASE save any unwanted articles of clothing and unwanted household goods for the church
RUMMAGE/YARD SALE to be held at PUMC on SATURDAY,MAY 19, 2018.
We need everyone’s help, men and women, not just for donating items for the sale, but for setting up, working at the sale and cleaning up when finished. The proceeds from the sale will go toward the church’s operating expenses. Further information will be coming as we get closer to the sale date so start opening those closets, cupboards and drawers to find all kinds of items for the upcoming rummage/yard sale!
Karen Keenan and Sue Norton Poplin


Here are a couple pictures of PUMC’s longest members 100th birthday celebration that we were blessed to participate in yesterday in Cumberland ME. The one of him in Scottish kilt was from 1944 when he served in WWII.
Keith and Nancy Luscombe were also there and in the picture with us (also long time past members of our church).
-Matt & Karen Keenan

Hurricane Relief
Youth Mission Trip Fundraiser Dinner

To support
Peterborough & Milford UMC Youth Mission Trip
to Texas for hurricane relief

Saturday March 10
5:00 – 7:30 PM

Peterborough United Methodist Church
43 Concord St, Peterborough NH
$9 adults
$4 children under 12
maximum immed. family $25


In addition to “Beyond the Green Doors,” Peterborough UMC offers the following ways you can keep in touch.
We are at the church. Come visit us, Sunday at 10 am!
We are on the web:
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This newsletter was compiled by Melissa French. Any concerns with content can be addressed with Pastor Lena.