Beyond the Green Doors – May/June 2014 Newsletter

Please enjoy our newsletter from May – June 2014.

Beyond the Green Doors - May/June 2014 Newsletter
Beyond the Green Doors – May/June 2014 Newsletter

Beyond the Green Doors
The newsletter of the Peterborough United Methodist Church
May – June 2014
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Mark Your Calendars:
May 6th: Prayer Shawl Ministry 1PM
May 8th – 29th: Domestic Violence Prevention. See page two for details
May 14th – 16th: Yard Sale Prep see page
May 17th: Yard Sale
June 2nd: UMW at Sue Norton’s 6PM
June 3rd Prayer Shawl Ministry 1PM
June 8th : Cupcake Potluck in Arun’s honor. See page two for details.
With nature’s “springing,” new life is all around us. This is the time when we put away our shovels and heavy clothes and leap out into the sunshine! Of course, we know too well the pain of overestimating our level of fitness after a long rest, and it was only a few months ago that we felt there was way too much to do. Let’s not cast off the lessons of Lent too soon. This spring, let’s be Christians with our “shoes on the ground, looking around.” Let’s look for where hope and joy are needed, and bring our Easter message there. Learn about local issues, and consider how your gifts contribute to change. Get outside of your regular routine and learn about your neighbors’ interests and concerns. Consider volunteering with a food pantry, or Habitat for Humanity, etc. If growing food is your passion, look for the food bank’s advice about donating fresh produce, and plant a little extra for your neighbors. If you have begun a regular devotional practice, take it to a lawn chair or window and pray with the quickly changing world.
All too soon, our cold-weather routine will be replaced with our hot-weather routine. It is this time in-between that creates an opportunity to see ourselves and the world as if for the first time. Celebrate this transition by blending the richness of study and observation with the passion of activity and interaction. Let’s plant in rich soil, for a bountiful harvest!
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Lourey
Many members would like to return to a fully staffed nursery to support parents with small children that come to services. I believe our church family will be more inviting with a nursery available to watch over infants and toddlers. A nursery provides parents the opportunity to relax, enjoy, and participate in our services. Please look around your neighborhood and ask those you know to come forward and apply for positions at our Nursery. We would love to have two individuals, who have experience working with children that could spend one and a half hours or more with us each Sunday morning. Depending on qualifications and experience, individuals could earn between $15 and $25 per hour.
Jim Poplin
Prayer Shawl Ministry
The Prayer Shawl ministry group will meet the first Tuesday of May on May 6th at 1:00 PM at the Church.
In June, the Prayer Shawl ministry group will meet on Tuesday, June 3rd. Call Barb MacInnes with questions at 924-1952.
Domestic violence is an issue facing families in our town. Easter reminds us that we are set free in Christ, but what does this freedom mean to people trapped by violence? And what does it mean to be apostles of Truth, when our ministry is held hostage by what we don’t know? May offers many opportunities to learn the facts about domestic violence, to get advice about how we can help, and to discover the resources available for people who are suffering now. Please join us in facing our ignorance, doubts, and fear, knowing that in Christ, we are conquerors!
May 8th: Clergy gather at PUMC to share their perspectives and experiences. 7:00 p.m.
May 11th: A representative from Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention will offer an informative presentation at PUMC with resources and suggestions. 11:30 a.m.
May 19th: An informal gathering for flexible sharing with MCVP at the River Center. 7:00 p.m.
May 25th: Worship around domestic violence, with preacher Anne Marie Hunter. 10:00 a.m.
May 29th: Panel of Community leaders for discussion of their approach in our area. 7:00 p.m.
More information about each event will follow. Contact Pastor Lourey with questions.
United Methodist Women
The United Methodist Women will meet on Monday, June 2nd at 6:00 PM at Sue Norton’s home in Jaffrey. This is our annual potluck salad supper, so notice we are meeting at an earlier time than our regular meetings. There will be a sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall in May, so be sure and look for it. For questions, call either Sue or Barb M. We will again carpool from the church parking lot for those who would like to. This will be our last meeting until next fall, so be sure to put it on your calendar!
On May 27th the mission team will be having an UMCOR Relief Supply Kit progress check. Please feel free to bring in any items you have collected for these kits. We would like to encourage excitement for this mission as people see the donations come in. We will also be available to answer any questions you may have about this project.
In June we will be introducing UMCOR’s cleaning bucket, as well as continuing to collect donations for the hygiene kit. We look forward to expanding this project.
Also in June we will begin to talk about Imagine No Malaria. Keep an eye out for mosquitoes in the church!
June 8th is Arun’s birthday, the boy we are sponsoring through World’s Children. We will be having a cupcake potluck in his honor and accepting donations for this mission project. Previously this was a great success. Don’t forget to bring in baked goods to share!
Pastor Lourey’s Office Hours
Did you know you can reach Pastor Lourey any time by calling 603-892-3682? If you would like an in-person visit, all you need to do is call! Most often, Pastor Lourey is around town on Sundays and Thursdays, but an appointment can be scheduled for any day of the week.
As work continues on the website, it would be enormously helpful to know how it is being used! Orders of Worship (the Sunday service bulletin) and recordings of Pastor Lourey sermons are posted each week. The calendar is not currently updated. As all of this represents all of us at PUMC, your input is needed. You may talk with either Pastor Lourey or Karen about any input, comments or concerns you may have. .
Board of Trustees
Accompanying springtime‘s long awaited arrival came a significant rainfall much of which made it into our basement. Fortunately Steve Gatcombe happened to come by and noticed the water before it got deep enough to cause damage to the furnace or anything else. As it turns out both sump pumps failed and had to be replaced. An unanticipated expense, but big thanks to Steve and his rubber boots for preventing what could have been a much worse situation. While the plumber was on site we had him replace the outdoor spigot and washing machine supply valve at Wesley House, which were both on the list for replacement this spring anyway.
Another unanticipated expense was replacing the PA system (amplifier and speakers) after suffering through weeks of distortion and feedback from the old system that had failed. We are in the process of researching additional speakers that we’d like to add to one or both classrooms for those caring for children to still be able to enjoy the service.
As planned, we’ve contracted for a fresh coat of paint for the pews, woodwork and floor in the sanctuary. This work will begin in June and we are hopeful that being able to open windows will minimize offending odors.
We have recently agreed to allow the use of our fellowship hall on Monday evenings for the local Al Anon support group. They have outgrown the facilities they have occupied for the last 35 years and when shown our hall they fell in love with it! This is more of an effort to open our doors to the community and in effect extend our mission service verses serving as an income generator. As they require confidentiality we need to provide them with exclusive use of the church from 7-­‐8:30PM each Monday, so we’re asking that everyone please respect this and plan your access to church at other times.
Other than filing some annual state and district paperwork we didn’t have much on our agenda so we skipped having a meeting in April – a deserved break!
Submitted by: Matt Keenan – Chairman
SAT, MAY 17th 9AM – 1PM (BAG SALE AT 1 PM)
Clean out your attics and basements. Ask your family, neighbors and friends for donations. Items needed are knick-knacks, collectibles, antiques, glassware, dishes, kitchen items, linens, jewelry, books, and toys. Good clean clothing will be accepted for the rummage sale. Please make sure your items are clean and ready for sale!
Items do not need to be priced with the exception of expensive or valuable items. Customers will be asked for donations.
The church will be open the week of the sale, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for drop off. (That’s May 13, 14, 15) No items should be left before Tuesday since a community group uses the church on Monday evenings!
! Set up will start Wednesday evening (May 14th) at 6 PM and will also be on Thursday and Friday at 6 PM (May 15th and 16th).
If 6 PM is too early for you, come when you can! Many hands make light work!
Please plan to help with the preparation and we will also need LOTS of help on Saturday.
Contact Carol Owen or Sue Norton to volunteer to help with the set up and sale. A signup sheet will be on the bulletin board.
It really is a lot of fun!!
This newsletter is compiled by Karen Keenan. Any concerns with content can be addressed with Karen or with Pastor Lourey.