Beyond the Green Doors – November 2019 Newsletter

November Newsletter


The newsletter of the
Peterborough United Methodist Church
43 Concord Street, Peterborough, NH
November 2019

Sun Worship Service 10a
Sun Adult Bible Study 11:30a
Mon Confidential Meeting 6-8p
Tue Office Hours 9-12
Wed Office Hours 9-12
Wed Choir Rehearsal 11a
Wed Life Groups 5:00p
Thu Office Hours 9-12

Sun 3 Education Meeting 9a
Sun 10 Wreath orders due
Sun 10 Free Community Breakfast 8a
Tue 12 Church/Ad Council meeting 6:30p
Fri 15 Open Mic Night 7p
Sat 16 Fall Cleanup Day 8:30a
Sat 23 Holiday Stroll 9-2
Sun 24 Free Community Breakfast 8a
Tue 26 Newsletter submissions due
Nov 26 Interfaith Thanksgiving @Unitarian 7p
Dec 3 UMW Meeting 12p
Dec 1 Simple Worship for Advent 8a
Dec 4 Greening of the Church 6:30p
Dec 4 Advent Bible Study 9:30a & 7:30p

Ann Hampson
James Poplin
Lucy Jane Benton
Richard Clason II
Cynthia Faust
Ron Crowe

Membership Anniversaries:
Wendy Dunning
Patty Echavarria
Steven Griggs
Lucinda Lowell
Tom Lowell
Patrick Troy
Steve Venning
Pat Woodward

Priscilla and Ron Crowe are once again helping our church source fresh Christmas wreaths for our families and friends! If you would like to help the church on this annual wreath sale, get your orders from friend and business colleagues and fill in the order forms so the church can get the order sent to the wreath distributor!
Deadline for orders will be
Sunday, November 10.
Order forms will be at the church on Sunday, November 3rd or by looking on the church website. Grab your order form and check out the options! Order and pay when the wreaths arrive at the end of November.

Rev. Kathleene Card
We use the terms freedom and liberation all the time but seldom ask “what do these terms mean to us as Christians?” In seeking to understand what freedom and liberation mean, I went to The Harper Collins Bible Dictionary. The definition of “freeman” and “free woman” is seen as “[o]ne of the most fundamental distinctions of status in the Roman world.” (p. 352) Liberation, on the other hand, is seen as the “theme story of Exodus.” (HC Dic., 605) This liberation from bondage moves throughout all of Scripture. The personal pleas for individual liberty in the Psalms, as well as Paul’s letters from prison are a familiar motif. And it seems crucial to see both individual freedom and communal liberation that is described in Scripture as the force that moves us beyond “freedom from past masters” into “a new obedience to God.” (HC Dictionary, 606) Paul speaks of the believer no longer being a slave to sin, but being transformed into a responsive, loving member of the Christian community. (Gal. 4:1-7) By moving from the bondage of sin to the bondage of righteousness, Paul seems to be saying the love of God changes not just the person, but the motivation of the person.
An example of our bondage to sin has been described well by the learned theologian Augustine, who admitted stealing (as teenager) just for the “the thrill of having partners in sin.” He reported being unable “to hold back when others say, ‘Come on let’s do it.'” (52) His will is enslaved, and he is horrified later when he examines his behavior. So, it seems to me that we surrender our freedom when we do as Augustine did. When we choose what Augustine calls, “a pretense of superiority,” rather than obedience to God, we enslave ourselves.
For me, Christian freedom and liberation is God’s gift to us. It requires that we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit. Without accepting Jesus Christ in our life, we cannot be wholly free and truly liberated people of God who delight in God’s law and act out of love rather than sinful attraction.
As I see it, true liberation in the Scripture is about the transformation of the individual and creation of a new community that responds freely to God’s will in their life. The choice is always there for us to make, and I believe God is doing all God can to help us make the right choices. What do you think?

How did it get to be November 1st! Oh my gosh! That means, all hands on deck to prepare for this year’s Holiday Stroll here at PUMC! This church event is such a huge deal! We sell fair trade goods that benefit small artisans world-wide. We bake pies for local Thanksgiving tables. We bake goodies that jump off the bake tables and into the hands of holiday shoppers. We put together ready to wrap gift boxes from gently used and brand new items that we wish to pass on to others. We prepare and serve a lunch to hungry and tired shoppers. We sew and craft and decorate and cut greens that we put up for sale. IT’S HUGE!
In the next couple weeks, look for announcements during church services that explain how you can help make this year’s Stroll a success. Please consider signing on to the volunteer sign-up sheets that are posted in the fellowship hall and/or passed around by various folk. Preparations for the Advent season are always exciting! We hope you can get into the spirit and join the fun!
Laura Constantine, Priscilla and Ron Crowe, Wendy Dunning, Pam
Easton, Cindy Faust, Karen Keenan, Kelly Keenan, Hiel and Susan Lindquist, Carol Owen, Christine Robidoux, Linda Wallenstein, and Pat Woodard all have their fingers in the pie on this event! Talk to one of them to see how you can help!
This year’s Holiday Stroll will be held town-wide on Saturday, November 23rd. Our sale runs here at the church from 9 AM til 2 PM.
Merry Christmas (a little early)!

ADVENT GREENING OF THE SANCTUARY – Wednesday, December 4th – 6:30 PM
Thanksgiving is very late this year and because the worship committee felt that many folks might be traveling through the weekend after Turkey Day, it has been decided to move the annual greening of the sanctuary to Wednesday, December 4th. The event will be held early in the evening … the garlands and greens will be hung, the Christmas tree will be set up, the sconces will be placed along the sanctuary walls and the candles will be decorated in all the windows.
Look for details the week before … there may just be prayer, song, and a potluck supper to accompany the festivities!

PUMC BOOK GROUP – Tuesday, December 10th – 1 PM
The next read for the PUMC Book Group will be How Hackleburg Became a 13-Pie Church by Riley B Case. A light read, with a down home sense of humor and characters that have easy (?) connection to folks we all know from our experience in the churches of our experience, this is a story that will be fun and easy going. It bridges the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas and gives anyone who would like to join the group an easy segue!
The December book group discussion will be held at 1 PM on Tuesday, December 10th. ken and Charlene Schultz host the book group in their home in Lyndeborough. A car pool leaves the church at 12:30 PM. If you’d like a ride or need a book, see one of the members of the PUMC book group – Kathleene Card, Laura and Ken Constantine, Cassandra Cross, Ellen
Derby, Cindy Faust, Lillian Ferreira, Susan Lindquist, Carol Owen, Ken and Charlene Schultz.
Weather Alert – if the weather looks like it will be snowy or icy, the group will meet at the church … and if school is cancelled, book group is cancelled. After all, who doesn’t love a snow day?!
Care to join the group? All are welcome! Come when you can, read what interests you, say what you want! It’s a laid back group! Oh, and we serve cookies and tea and coffee!

The Sunday School is GROWING! Come and join us as we learn and grow in our faith. We could use the extra help during lessons when we have stories, crafts, songs and discussions. We have a lot of fun and want to share with the congregation what we do. There is a sign-up form on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall. If this seems like it might be for you please ask for a Volunteer Job Description. We have been learning from Adam Hamilton’s Simon Peter for several weeks now. As one of the Sunday School teachers I have had the pleasure of leading our group in activities and discussions that have reflected these lessons. It is wonderful to witness the children engage and share their thoughts. As a parent I have had the joy in hearing my son describe to me and explain the lessons taught by Linda and see the joy it brings him to share it with others. I am very proud to be working and learning with these children and I invite anyone who would like to come and join in all that is happening with our youngest members!

Mark your calendar!
The December meeting of the United Methodist Women will be held Tuesday December 3rd at 2 PM at Rev. Kathleene Card’s home.
Bring a dozen of your favorite cookies for the annual cookie exchange and also an ornament ($10 limit) for a fun Yankee Swap.
This is an important meeting to elect officers, disperse our funds, and decide the future direction for our UMW.
The exit bags were delivered and have already been used. The staff of MCVP was really excited to have them. There is also a need for exit bags for children. I hope we will be able to continue this project to help women and children.
Please plan to join us on December 3rd. All women are invited.
Carol Owen


Each year, as a member of the New England United Methodist Church Conference, our local church participates in supporting the Conference Budget which enables the United Methodist Church in fulfilling our vision and missions locally, regionally, and globally. On a local basis, the budget supports local training and education, health and pension benefits for retired and disabled clergy and their families, missionary training, church camps and conference centers, new church starts, insurance and more. On a regional and global basis the budget supports disaster relief, health clinics, missionaries around the world ($1,680,926 budgeted for 2020), volunteer missions, crisis help for families women and children, scholarships, and much more.
In 2020, the Peterborough United Methodist Church (PUMC) share of the Conference Mission Share Budget will be $13,371, which is a $668 increase from 2019. Our contribution provides support for World Missions (20.7%), New England Missions (21.8%) and Ministry Support (57.5%). The PUMC share is determined by a three-year average of our annual expenditures (less capital expenses and improvements, missions, membership, and attendance).
The PUMC Finance Committee and Advisory Council would like to thank everyone for their support in allowing our church to meet our past Missions Share contributions and we look forward to meeting our goals in 2020.

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is November 16-24. They have many upcoming events, focusing on MATS, The Food Pantry, and many other area organizations. Please consider Following and Liking them on social media, posting their flyer, handing out their brochure, or sharing their events in your email communications.


Learn more:

Peterborough Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week
“Our Town”
November 16-24, 2019
Hunger. Homelessness. HOPE.

Did You Know?
• We have 25 children identified as homeless in the Conval School District
• The Peterborough Food Pantry serves over 300 households 6300 meals per month
• End 68 Hours of Hunger sends home 140 to 180 bags of food home with children in our school district each weekend
• MATS (Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter), our transitional shelter located in Peterborough, hosted 7 families in the year 2018 and received 275 calls looking for shelter assistance

Our Schedule
*All events from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at Peterborough Town Library
“What Does It Mean to Feel At Home?” Art Exhibit opening and reception featuring artists from ConVal High School
Pop-Up Stories: “Hunger & Homelessness: Stories of HOPE” sponsored by Firelight Theatre Workshop

Conval Craft Fair from 10:00am – 5:00pm information table will be present at Conval High School
The Second Annual Candlepin Classic Fundraiser for The Glass Museum 6:00pm (collection boxes for Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter (MATS) and Peterborough Food Pantry will be present) at Bowling Acres

Sermons at the Sunday Services at various places of worship

Community Supper 5:30-6:30pm at Union Congregational Church
Movie: Broken Places sponsored by the Monadnock Community Hospital Task Force: Be the Change 6:00pm at Peterborough Community Theatre

Lights of Love Tree Lighting Ceremony 5:00pm presented by Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter at Monadnock Community Hospital
Community Supper 5:30-6:30pm at All Saints Church

Community Supper 5:30-6:30pm at Peterborough Unitarian Universalist Church
Book Discussion Group Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond 6:00pm at Peterborough Town Library

Movie: What Does Homelessness Look Like? Discussion and info session hosted by Eric Bowman and MATS 6:30pm at Peterborough Town Library

Book Discussion Group Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond 11:00am at Peterborough Town Library

Peterborough Holiday Stroll from 10:00am – 2:00pm, information table will be present at Union Congregational Church
Community Dinner 5:00-6:30pm at Peterborough Community Center

Community Breakfast 8:00-9:15am at Peterborough United Methodist Church

Movie: A Place at the Table info session and fundraiser for Peterborough Food Pantry 7:00 pm at Peterborough Community Theatre pm *free admission food donations encouraged

1. Book Display at Peterborough Town Library
2. Book Display at Toadstool
3. Collection box at Steeles for Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter (MATS)
4. Food collection at Manhattan East for Peterborough Food Pantry
5. Art Exhibit “What does It Mean to Feel at Home?” by Conval students on display at the Peterborough Town Library

A Collaboration With:

Echo Finch
End 68 Hours of Hunger
Firelight Theatre Workshop
The Glass Museum
Manhattan East
Melissa French and NetCastles (!hey we know her!)
Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter (MATS)
Monadnock Community Hospital
Peterborough Community Theatre
Peterborough Food Pantry
Peterborough Town Library
Rebecca’s Consignments
Steele’s Stationers
Union Congregational Church of Peterborough

Want to contact someone and don’t see their info listed? They should be in the church directory, or contact the church office at 924-4294 or email and we’ll point you in the right direction.
Everyone is invited to contribute to the newsletter! Send in your thank yous, birthdays, photos, events, testimonials, prayer submissions…
Please submit all materials for the next newsletter (December) to our editors by the LAST TUESDAY, November 26. This is the newsletter that will be released November 27 and cover until Sunday January 5. Send to Melissa French at 924-4294 or email, with the subject “Newsletter submission.” Thanks!

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This newsletter was compiled by Melissa French. Any concerns with content can be addressed with Reverend Card.