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October 2020

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We use the terms freedom and liberation all the time but seldom ask “what do these terms mean to us as Christians?” In seeking to understand what freedom and liberation mean, I went to The Harper Collins Bible Dictionary. The definition of “freeman” and “free woman” is seen as “[o]ne of the most fundamental distinctions of status in the Roman world.” (p. 352) Liberation, on the other hand, is seen as the “theme story of Exodus.” (HC Dic., 605) This liberation from bondage moves throughout all of Scripture. The personal pleas for individual liberty in the Psalms, as well as Paul’s letters from prison are a familiar motif. And it seems crucial to see both individual freedom and communal liberation that is described in Scripture as the force that moves us beyond “freedom from past masters” into “a new obedience to God.” (HC Dictionary, 606) Paul speaks of the believer no longer being a slave to sin, but being transformed into a responsive, loving member of the Christian community. (Gal. 4:1-7) By moving from the bondage of sin to the bondage of righteousness, Paul seems to be saying the love of God changes not just the person, but the motivation of the person.
An example of our bondage to sin has been described well by the learned theologian Augustine, who admitted stealing (as teenager) just for the “the thrill of having partners in sin.” He reported being unable “to hold back when others say, ‘Come on let’s do it.'” (52) His will is enslaved, and he is horrified later when he examines his behavior. So it seems to me that we surrender our freedom when we do as Augustine did. When we choose what Augustine calls, “a pretense of superiority,” rather than obedience to God, we enslave ourselves.
For me, Christian freedom and liberation is God’s gift to us. It requires that we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit. Without accepting Jesus Christ in our life, we cannot be wholly free and truly liberated people of God who delight in God’s law and act out of love rather than sinful attraction.
As I see it, true liberation in the Scripture is about the transformation of the individual and creation of a new community that responds freely to God’s will in their life. The choice is always there for us to make, and I believe God is doing all God can to help us make the right choices. What do you think?
Reverend Kathleene Card

Granite District UMW is so excited to invite you to their Fall Zoom Gathering on October 3, 2020, 9:45-11:25 am! The Theme is “Women Who Rock” —- “Rock the Vote!”
They would love for you to join them for a day of celebration, learning, fellowship, and worship!
Register with Treasurer Mary Jane Anderson @ GraniteUMWomen @
Tell her: Your Name, local unit/church name, your email.

Hey Everyone! Pastor Appreciation Sunday is celebrated on the second Sunday in October! So here’s the challenge … drop Reverend Kathleene a note telling her about a highlight of her ministry here at United Methodist Church. She’s one of the finest and we’re lucky to have her as our spiritual leader! To boot, we have kept her hoppin’ since she came on board at PUMC and she has been a picture of grace under pressure!
Thank you Reverend Kathleene! You’re truly someone special and beloved!

PUMC BOOK GROUP – Tuesday, October 27th
Get ready for a true classic read in October! Start by watching the movie or read the book first! To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s novel was a sensational when it was published in 1960, winning the Pulitzer Prize and becoming one of the finest additions to middle and high school reading programs. In 1962, the book was adapted into a Hollywood script and filmed, starring Gregory Peck in the role of Atticus Finch. The film was a box office hit and has remained on the list of best films for years. It won three Academy Awards for best actor, best screenplay for adaptation from another medium, and best art direction. It so closely follows Lee’s novel that it is a sure side activity for anyone wanting to read and discuss this month’s read.
The book is readily available at local libraries, through download from the state library system, and through any of the book apps. It’s also available through on-line used book sites or at your local bookstore. The book group will meet on Tuesday, October 27th @ 1:30 PM. Grab the book, curl up for a great read, and join us! All are welcome! Look for ZOOM information as the date gets closer!
Book group members! Please bring a book title in the genre of mystery to the next book discussion for us to decide on
for the November meeting discussion. Do a little book talk on the title and we’ll vote on a choice at the end of the October meeting. Thanks!

The next Hundred Nights tailgate supper is coming up! This month, let’s plan for fall casseroles and vegetable side dishes. If you have a stick to your ribs casserole or hot vegetable side you’d like to share, plan to get your name on the menu list when it comes out next week! The menu/beverage,/supplies list will be published in the weekly What’s Happening mailing and on-line. Please consider helping out on this food mission!
If you would like to be included in a bi-monthly email contact Susan Lindquist, the organizer of the Hundred Nights Meals. She’ll get you into the email loop. Many thanks!!!

HOLIDAY STROLL 2020 – Saturday, November 21st????
Yes, Advent is right around the corner! This year, though, the consensus among the local churches is to cancel the town-wide Holiday Stroll celebration and let individual churches plan their own holiday events, as they slowly open for worship and fellowship activities.
That being said, the question becomes what will PUMC do to continue the Holiday Stroll tradition on a small scale? Can an on-line craft fair, quilt auction, fair trade sale, wreath and greens order pick up, take-out lunch opportunity be planned and brought off? What do people think?
Have you been quietly creating knitted, sewn, crafted, preserved goods for the Holiday Stroll in hopes that it would be held? Do you have the energy and will to make something fun happen late in November at PUMC? Let’s talk about it! Soon!

Everyone is encouraged to send pictures of a “Joy” to us.
Ken Constantine will be helping Hiel to weave these pictures together so that they can appear right at the end of PUMC’s online services.
Your “joy” could be from a current event in your life, a really meaningful photo of family or scenery from the past, etc.
If you send any pictures including children, please be sure that responsible family approves of having those pictures online.
Joy files should be either .jpg images or .mp4 video.

CHURCH CONFERENCE DATE – November 10, 7pm via Zoom
We have our Church Conference date. We will meet on Tuesday, November 10 via Zoom. Zoom details to come.

My granddaughter, Emily, is looking for a few odd jobs. She is a college student, age 21 and very responsible. She would prefer work in the Jaffrey/Peterborough area. If you are in need of someone to do errands or fall clean up in your yard, please call me and I will pass your number along to her. Thank you.
Cindy Faust

Please join our hosts this Sunday at 1pm for online fellowship with the PUMC church family.

Want to contact someone and don’t see their info listed? They should be in the church directory, or contact the church office at 924-4294 or email and we’ll point you in the right direction.
Everyone is invited to contribute to the newsletter! Send in your thank yous, birthdays, photos, events, testimonials, prayer submissions…
Please submit all materials for the next newsletter (November) to our editors by the LAST TUESDAY November 27. This is the newsletter that will be released November 1 and cover until Sunday November 29. Send to Melissa French at 924-4294 or email, with the subject “Newsletter submission.” Thanks!

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