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September 2021

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Words of Life

My plan is to restart my morning devotions on Monday September 13. The reading for that day if you are keeping up will be Jonah 1-3. (That will be Week 37, if you are following along in your books.)
I hope you have been able to keep up with your reading during this time. I have been doing a great deal of thinking, praying, and planning on this renewal retreat.

Being a member of the US-Afghan Women’s Council has been my focus as well. In 2005 I had the privilege of going to Afghanistan with our group and meeting the brave women and men who are working to make sure every human being is valued and has opportunities. We cannot let them down now. I have been passionate about women’s rights and the concept that every person is made in God’s image my entire life.

Back to the schedule for Tomorrow’s GRAND SWEEP reading: August 31 is calling us to begin reading the book of Daniel. (If you have missed some of the books his is a good spot to get back in.) Here is what Eugene Peterson writes in his introduction to this vivid book:

Introduction to the Book of Daniel—from Eugene Peterson’s THE MESSAGE
Images generated by the book of Daniel have been percolating through the daily experiences of the People of God for well over two thousand years now, producing a richly aromatic brew stimulating them to obey and trust their sovereign God.

Obedience to God and trust in God’s ways are always vulnerable, but especially in times of suffering and persecution. Obedience to God is difficult when we are bullied into compliance to the God-ignoring culture. Trust in God is at risk of being abandoned in favor of the glamorous seductions of might and size.

Century after century, Daniel has shot adrenaline into the veins of God-obedience and put backbone into God-trust. Daniel is composed, in approximately equal parts, of stories (chapters 1–6) and visions (chapters 7–12). The stories tell of souls living faithfully in obedience to God in a time of adversity. The visions are wide-screen renditions of God’s sovereignty worked out among nations who couldn’t care less about him.
The six soul-survival stories nourish a commitment to integrity and perseverance right now. Hardly a day goes by that we do not have to choose between compliance to what is expedient and loyalty to our Lord. The stories keep us alert to what is at stake day by day, hour by hour.

The four visions of God’s history-saving ways are difficult to understand, written as they are in a deliberately cryptic style known as apocalyptic. From time to time they have been subjected to intense study and explanation. But for a first reading, perhaps it is better simply to let the strange symbolic figures give witness to the large historical truth that God is sovereign. In the course of all the noise and shuffling and strutting and posing of arrogant rulers and nations that we call history; God is serenely sovereign; we can trust him to bring all things and people under his rule.
There are always some of us who want to concentrate on the soul, and others of us who want to deal with the big issues of history. Daniel is one of our primary documents for keeping it all together—the personal and the political, the present and the future, the soul and society.

Blessings and Grace,
Rev. Kathleene Card

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Jim Poplin 10/21

A big thank you to everyone that donated and / or helped with the back-to-school backpack project. A total to $880 was donated towards the project. This allowed the purchase of some quality backpacks from Lands End (at a 40% discount). The team also purchased some really nice water bottles, lunch bags, pencil cases and lots of other school supplies to stuff in the backpacks. A letter from PUMC was also inserted. Everything was assembled and distributed to 19 children from Monadnock Area Transition Shelter and Shelter From the Storm in time for the beginning of school.
Again, thanks to everyone that helped with this annual project.
Missions Team


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