Beyond the Green Doors – September/October 2014 Newsletter

Please enjoy our newsletter from September – October 2014.

Beyond the Green Doors - September/October 2014 Newsletter
Beyond the Green Doors – September/October 2014 Newsletter

Beyond the Green Doors
The newsletter of the Peterborough United Methodist Church
September – October 2014
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September 7th: Worship with the Bishop
September 9th: Prayer Shawl Group
September 14th: Homecoming Sunday
October 5th: World Communion Sunday
October 7th: United Methodist Women
Dear siblings in Christ,
Sometimes walking with God feels like sailing on a strong wind, and sometimes it is more like being buffeted by storms. It is good to know that God is with us in storm and calm, long nights and busy days. It is good to see that we are not alone in searching for the “lower lights” on life’s rocky shore. We find them lit in the origin stories of Genesis, in the lives of our saints, and in the grace that we share with one another.
It is fitting that we revisit the story of the Exodus as we are eager to be led out of our storms by God. Can God lead us out through our grief over Fern Eastman, Jean Griggs, Virginia LaDeau, and other griefs these losses have refreshed for us? Can God lead us out through burnout, frustration, and impatience with the process of growing? Can God lead us out through protracted healing, inexact diagnoses, and worry over ones we love? Can God lead us out through the threat of more war, natural disaster, plagues like ebola and hatred? God can and God will.
Psalm 18:16-­‐19, 35-­‐36: From on high God reached down and grabbed me; he took me out of all that water. God saved me from my powerful enemy, saved me from my foes, who were too much for me. They came at me on the very day of my distress, but the Lord was my support. He brought me out to wide-­‐open spaces; he pulled me out safe because he is pleased with me. You’ve given me the shield of your salvation; your strong hand has supported me; your help has made me great. You’ve let me walk fast and safe,without even twisting an ankle.
As we are calling to God to bring us out, let us bolster our faith in stormy times by celebrating the graces we have already known. On September 7th, the Bishop of New England Annual Conference will be honoring us with his presence and preaching! This is a wonderful opportunity to invite our neighbors to learn something new about the United Methodist Church. On September 14th, we will celebrate our church home, and this beautiful family of faith. After our celebratory luncheon on that day, the praise continues in Tilton at 3pm, with the District-­‐wide Hallelujah Sunday service, where we all have the opportunity to raise our Ebenezer (God has brought us this far) in praise together with our larger family in Christ. I invite you to consider how far God has brought you, and write a word or phrase acknowledging that to bring to our service on the 14th.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Lourey
Meet Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar
In 2012, Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar was assigned to the New England Conference, which today includes more than 600 congregations in six states, committed to a vision of being “Transformed by the Holy Spirit…as we boldly proclaim Christ to the world.”
Sudarshana Devadhar was elected to the episcopacy at the Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference in July, 2004. He served as the leader of the New Jersey Episcopal Area for eight years, where he led that conference to the first net gain in membership in 45 years.
Bishop Devadhar was born into a family of clergypersons and has been a follower of God all of his life. The name “Devadhar” means “follower of God.” Suda, as he is called, began his pastorate as a deacon at the Church of South India, Mercara Coorg, India. He holds a B.Com. degree from Vijaya College, University of Mysore, Mulki, India; a B.D., degree from United Theological College, Bangalore, India; a M.Th. degree from Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University; and an M.Phil. and a Ph.D. from Drew University. Bishop Devadhar has a passion for encouraging the spirituality of youth and young adults, and has led numerous spiritual journeys to Taize in France with the youth in the New Jersey Conference. He embraces diversity and leads the church with joy and compassion. “I envision a Church of the Pentecost in which the Holy Spirit is igniting, gifting and empowering God’s children of all ages, backgrounds, colors and personalities to glorify their Creator as passionate witnesses for Jesus Christ,” said Bishop Devadhar. “Such a church does not merely serve the poor, the left out, the different, but welcomes them warmly into its hearts, homes, and worship.” 

He enjoys spending time with his family. His wife, Prema, is his partner in ministry and they are blessed with an adult daughter, Trina. Bishop Devadhar also enjoys reading and listening to devotional music. His key philosophies in life are to love everyone, every human being who is a child of God, enjoy God’s creation, and make use of it responsibly.
We are honored to be able to hear Bishop “Suda” preach in our own congregation on September 7th. Please take this very special opportunity to join us in praising God!
Sunday School:
I hope everyone has had a great summer. As the temperatures start to drop and leaves start to change we are ready to begin a new adventure. I am very excited about the Fall Sunday School Program. This year Andy Dunbar has graciously volunteered to assist me when time permits. The curriculum for the fall starts right at the beginning of the Bible, starting with creation through the story of Joseph and his brothers. This will be a great opportunity for children that have not had any Sunday School instruction as well as those who have been with us for some time to be introduced to the Bible and to know that right from the start this is Jesus’ story. So please invite all the children you know to join us. The more the merrier! I am also planning to have more music and singing this fall. This is a great form of worship and gets fills us with the Holy Spirit. We will be singing some of the old as well as some new Christian hymns. I would like to get a children’s choir together and do a performance later this fall. I would also like to have a Christmas performance (any suggestions from the children or parents would be welcome). Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. We will begin on September 14th at 10am. Children can be dropped off at the Sunday school room at 9:45. All children are welcome ages 4 and up. Look forward to seeing you then,
God Bless you,
Laura Nerz
Welcome Home!
Homecoming Sunday will be September 14th. Sunday School will begin a new year and the choir will return from their summer hiatus. The service, from 10 to 11, will be followed by a luncheon, which will include several kinds of salads, beverages and goodies for dessert.
A sign up sheet of choices to bring may be found on the wall by the kitchen. Please sign up for your specialty.
We look forward to seeing many old friends and hopefully, some new ones too. Please come for worship, music, fun and fellowship.
The church thanks Cindy Faust, Pat Woodward, Dave LaDeau and Laura Nerz for planning this celebration which has come to mean so much to us at PUMC.
It seems we just got past winter but we need to plan ahead a little earlier than we have in years past.
The wreath profit helps our church budget with minimal effort.
Please start forming your list to solicit friends, neighbors and family for their needs. The forms with price list will be available at the church. By the second week in October we’ll be ordering from our supplier in northern Vermont.
Thanks to everyone who takes this project seriously.
Priscilla & Ron
And continuing with the Christmas theme…. We are in need of an organizer for the Holiday Stroll. Please consider lending your talents to this fun and important event. See Karen Keenan.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
The Prayer Shawl group will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 9th, in the red room at the church. Everyone who knits, crochets, (no matter what level), is welcome. We have been able to give several prayer shawls to people, hoping to share our prayers for them. Come join us for an hour of handwork and fellowship.
For questions, please call Barb MacInnes at 924-1952.
United Methodist Women
The United Methodist Women will meet at the church on Tuesday, Oct. 7. We hope many women will decide to come and help make our plans for the coming year. The UMW is the largest organization of women in the world and makes a tremendous impact in so many areas- children, health, women’s issues, and education. For questions, please call Barb MacInnes at 924-1952.
As of August 17, 2014 we are at 62.3% of the year and have received 61.1% toward our budget of $72,775 or $44,498.55. We have received 68.6% of the pledges or $24,742.00.
In addition to our weekly offerings, in the past two months we have received $365.53 in gifts toward our continuing Missions effort. The numbers above show that we are (almost) “holding our own” in day-­‐ to-­‐day operations. This has been made possible only through your prayers and generosity and we thank you.
Going forward, we will continue to have challenges as the year unfolds. The Church Council and various committees are working to address current and future financial needs. Once again, your ideas are welcome and needed. Your support and prayers are essential.
Thank you.
The painting of the pews, wainscoting, woodwork and floor in the sanctuary is about to be completed as the month of August comes quickly to a close. The painters have done a really nice job and have been great about working with us on short notice, changing their schedules and clearing out for the special services we’ve had recently.
In September we will be having the vinyl floors in the fellowship hall, kitchen, bathrooms and hallways stripped and waxed, and the carpets in the sanctuary professionally cleaned. Thanks to Pat Woodward for getting the quotes and making the arrangements.
We’ve accepted a quote for replacement of the drywall in the basement, which will include disposal of the moldy drywall, installation of new mold resistant drywall, and painting for a complete seal. This work is scheduled for later in September. We’ll be having a workday prior for everyone that can help clean out the basement and then again to move back in afterwards. Watch for the announcements!
Auxiliary PA speakers have been purchased and will soon be installed in both of the classrooms. They will have their own power and volume controls so childcare providers or “overflow” visitors can listen to services if desired. Thanks to Mark Welty for diligently researching the options.
We’re still looking into the possibility of “personal PA systems” for those still struggling with hearing the services. Thanks to Wendy Dunning for taking on this project, and with Greg Nerz’ help we’ll be trying out some systems over the next few weeks.
The suggestion has been made that a “point person” be designated so that groups renting our facilities for funerals or other functions have a liaison to coordinate as needed. We‘re looking for someone who is available especially during weekdays who would like to volunteer for this role. A checklist will also be created to aid in properly closing up the building.
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Echavarria. Patty and Barry were wed on Sunday, July 27th. Best wishes for a wonderful life together!
we celebrated the lives of
Jean Griggs
Fern Eastman
Virginia LaDeau
Please continue to remember their families in prayer.
We’ve received news of healing and wellness from Linda Wallenstein and Ron LaRoche. We Praise God for this good news.
Pastor Lourey’s Office Hours
Did you know you can reach Pastor Lourey any time by calling 603-892-3682? If you would like an in-person visit, all you need to do is call! Most often, Pastor Lourey is around town on Sundays and Thursdays, but an appointment can be scheduled for any day of the week.
That is a wonderful resource for seeking out what is happening in the greater United Methodist Church? Check it out!
This newsletter is compiled by Karen Keenan. Any concerns with content can be addressed with Karen or with Pastor Lourey, or in person.