Easter Altar Flowers

daffodilEach Easter our altar is decorated with flowers purchased by members of our congregation and friends in honor of, or in memory of, family and friends. If you would like to contribute a flowering plant for the altar, please let us know by gathering this information and getting it to Amy Clason-Gilmet or the office at info@peterboroughumc.org by March 15th 2022.

The following prices are for spring bulbs: four inch pot $6, six inch pot $12, eight inch pot $18
Please make check payable to: Coll’s Garden Center.

Please put the number requested:
__ I would like to purchase tulips (__ red __ white __ purple)
__ I would like to purchase daffodils
__ I would like to purchase hyacinths
__ I would like to purchase Easter lilies, sixteen inch single plant 5 blooms

For the bulletin, please list below the dedication information for each flower.
Your name (as you wish it printed in the bulletin) ____________________________
Indicate the one you wish (ie: in honor of or in memory of)
in honor of/in memory of ____________________________

Order form to print: https://www.peterboroughumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/easter-altar-flowers-public.pdf
order form