Fair Trade Sale

SerrvFighting Poverty with Handmade Gifts
PUMC Missions’ Holiday Fundraiser

According to The World Bank, over 700 million people worldwide live on less than two dollars a day.
PUMC Missions is partnering with Serrv International, a nonprofit who empowers nearly 8,000 artisans
living in poverty to build better lives for themselves and their families through the sale of beautiful handmade gifts. On November 23 at PUMC from 9 AM to 2 PM, you will be able to purchase high-quality hand-painted, handwoven, and handcrafted gifts from around the world. Each purchase employs
artisans and farmers living in marginalized communities worldwide.
We’re hosting a Serrv Sale because we want to help artisans and farmers around the world. Our sale will
give you an opportunity to buy handmade gifts with beautiful stories— the story of an artisan or farmer
receiving a fair wage for their work, of sending a child to school, or preserving an ageless craft.
All proceeds to benefit local organizations supporting those in need or at risk right here in the
Monadnock Region.
You may also wish to purchase additional items from Serrv using the link below. PUMC Missions will
receive 20% of your purchase between now and December 31, 2019 when you use this link. Thank you!


Serrv International is a fair trade nonprofit working with global artisans and farmers in marginalized
communities since 1949. Their purchases of handcrafted home décor, fashion, and food items, which
are sold nationwide, allow producers to fund artisan employment, community building, healthcare, and
education initiatives. The company’s values and close connection to citizens of 25 countries allows for
unique insight into the challenges and suffering of people on a global scale. Learn more at serrv.org.