Friend Day Begins at PUMC

We are starting a new initiative at Peterborough United Methodist Church. Friend Day! You remember those days from when you were little in Sunday School, you would bring a friend to church one weekend? Well we’re going old school, we’re bringing Friend Day back!

Friend Day Flyer Half Page

Invite a friend – Let someone know we’re happy to see them.

Bring a friend – Give a ride to someone who would like to visit us.

Be a friend – Just show up and make some new friends.

Help us bring in some new friends with your prayers!

Is your husband church resistant? Football is over and fishing is cold. Bring him anyways.
Is it hard to fork your uncle out of his favorite chair? Get him a little exercise, and some coffee.
Does your two year old like to squeal and strip? Bring her anyways, she can play with the other ones.
Have a neighbor who doesn’t drive? Give em a ride!
Does your grandma like church but not like getting gussied up? Make the effort this week to get her to church, no gussying necessary.
Haven’t been to church in a while and feel guilty? We totally don’t care, come on down!
Never been to church and not sure what’s up with that? Come on in for a visit. Bring a couple friends so you have safety in numbers.
Kids running you ragged? We will whisk them away to Sunday School while you have a nice sit.
Get off your tushie and get to church, this Sunday is the one to do it! We have fun things like cookies!

Friend Day Flyer Quarter Page PDF
Friend Day Flyer Quarter Page PDF

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New? Welcome!

New? Welcome!

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