We’re hiring – Administrative Assistant

As announced in the March 5 service, PUMC will looking to replace Melissa French as administrative assistant after she transitions to a full-time position with benefits. Please let your Staff Parish Relations Committee know if you would like to be considered for the position, as described below, -or- if you know of someone who’s qualified and suitable for the position whom SPRC might consider. This position will become open after Melissa’s final day on March 16.

Job Posting: Administrative Assistant

Peterborough United Methodist Church

Primary Job Duties:

The Administrative Assistant’s job is to assist the pastor and other church leaders with clerical tasks in a way that enhances the mission & ministry of PUMC.

Those tasks include:

  1. 1document preparation

    • a. worship folder for Sunday services

    • b. weekly newsletter for church congregation

  2. communication

    • a. monitoring incoming phone messages, email, and mail

    • b. publishing information to congregation

    • c. maintenance of website for members & friends

    • d. preparation and publication of yearly reports

  3. organization

    • a. receive mail & email; evaluate and process as appropriate

    • b. record-keeping

    • c. reporting to Methodist denomination

    • d. monitoring & ordering of office supplies

    • e. assist with scheduling of building use

Skills & characteristics needed:

1. facility with Microsoft Windows, MS-Word, MS-Excel, PowerPoint
2. facility with email, google mail
3. savvy about internet, ideally able to create/maintain webpages, e.g. via WordPress
4. facility with social media is desirable but not mandatory
5. polite & efficient in interactions with church people & external parties

Pay, hours and days:

The Administrative Assistant is a part-time position, up to 15 hours per week, paid by the hour. The pay rate will be dictated by the applicant’s experience. Working remotely is possible providing that in-office duties are covered and that each week includes at least 4 office hours.

Application process:

  1. Send cover letter, resume’, contact information, and three references, preferably in electronic form, to:
    info@peterboroughumc.org [with “attention SPRC” in subject line] or Peterborough United Methodist Church, 43 Concord Street, Peterborough NH 03458.

  2. Applications will be accepted and reviewed until the position is filled. Applicants must consent to a state background check, with fee paid by the church for candidates.

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