Holy Week – Original Poem

Our own Susan L has written an original poem in honor of Holy Week.

Holy Week poem
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Holy Week

The lawn is strewn with tawny grass,
tiny palms lining the way to spring –
last year’s offerings that died and
lay brown and sere – expectant.

The long and dark winter holds on,
lashing out with stinging snow –
taunting faith and denying the sun,
dashing hope with bitter windy blast.

But wait, beloved! Look! See?
A tiny point of green is there –
a poignant spear that pierces
upward in a welcome burst of love.

Why do you weep and rail?
Bitter snow, chilly wind subsides,
as cold pebbles are rolled aside.
Purple crocus rise – triumphant.

~ Susan Miller-Lindquist

*Please do not use this original poem without permission!

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