In-Person Worship Resumes, Please Let Us Know If You Can Come

*Please note, the building is still closed. We are only using the building for Sunday worship, in order to keep track of who has been in the building and be able to clean properly.
For reservations for in-person worship, please call or email Laura Constantine or contact the church office.

Dear Friends,
We are working on a plan to reopen the church building only for Sunday morning worship. We will start on May 16!
We need to start out slowly and carefully. We will change our plans if need be. Knowing how many people to expect at our first Sunday morning service would help us plan. Would you please tell us if you and your family are likely to come once we start regathering by emailing Laura Constantine, calling Cindy Faust, or letting the office know, with a phone/email if we do not already have one. We still intend to live steam for people who cannot come in person.
The committee will do its best to make the worship service as low-risk as we can, using the recommendations of the CDC and the New England District’s resources for reopening.
The main reason we can consider reopening is that so many have been vaccinated against Covid. We would encourage all of our people to consider getting the Covid vaccine to protect themselves and others who cannot get the vaccine yet (children, for example). The more people who are vaccinated, the safer we will be!
If you are interested in helping us plan, please let Laura Constantine know – we need all hands on deck! Won’t it be wonderful to worship together in person again?!