Prayer Opportunities

prayerCome one – come all! Pray for someone – be prayed for by someone.
Opportunities for prayer abound here at PUMC. Here are two:

Prayer Partners
For several years, we have engaged in a prayer partner program. You are invited to join us. All are welcome.
What is the prayer partner program? When you become part of the program, you will receive the name of someone for whom to pray and at the same time someone will receive your name and pray for you. It’s just that simple. Whenever you have your prayer time, you pray for that person. It is suggested that you contact that person to see whether or not there is something specific for which they wish you to pray.
Usually the same prayer partners are kept for a two month period and then they are changed and you receive a new one. It is a wonderful feeling to know that someone is praying for you and even more gratifying to pray for one of your fellow parishioners. So join us. Don’t be shy.
Phyllis will handle all the mechanical details. Just give your name and phone or emaol to the church office. She will add your name for the next pairing.

Prayer Chain
We also have a prayer chain. This provides a mechanism for prayer in an acute or crisis situation. If you are a member of the prayer chain you will be contacted and asked to pray for someone or some situation that is of immediate concern. Persons on the prayer chain are expected to call their contacts as soon as possible. Want to join us? Contact the church office.