Interim Pastor Announced at PUMC

Interim Pastor Announced:

This announcement is an important report from your Staff Parish Relations Committee.

The District Superintendent met with us yesterday afternoon to tell us that our Bishop has appointed an interim pastor to serve our church from December 1 through June 30, 2022.

Our interim pastor will be Todd Layton who has been a bi-vocational pastor at Marlow UMC for more than 3 years. Pastor Todd lives in Manchester with his son and also works as a hospital software troubleshooter.

Todd is assigned to serve PUMC as ¼ time interim pastor with his duties being preaching and critical pastoral counseling.

In order to make this shared ministry arrangement (with Marlow UMC) work, the DS asks that we change our Sunday worship time to 11am from Dec 5 through the end of June.

There will be other details to be worked out and our flexibility will be crucial to the continued momentum of our ministry at PUMC. Please share any concerns and creative ideas with the committee. (Phyllis, Carol, Andy, Susan, Cindy, & Ken)

Most of all, be thinking and praying about how God can use Pastor Todd and our entire congregation to write a new chapter of PUMC’s ministry in the upcoming months.

Ken Constantine, current SPRC chair

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