Beyond the Green Doors – June/July 2015 Newsletter

Please enjoy our newsletter for June/July 2015.

June/July 2015 Newsletter

Beyond the Green Doors – June July 2015

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Jun 2 Prayer Shawl Ministry 1 pm
Jun 6 Yard Sale 9am-1pm
Jun 11 Book Group 7pm
Jun 16 United Methodist Women 6:30
Jun 18 Family Forum 7 pm
Jun 19 Open Mic 7 pm
Jun 21 Friend Day 10 am Ice Cream
Jun 27 Men’s Group 7:30 am

Jul 6-11 VBS 9am-2pm
Jul 7 Prayer Shawl Ministry 1 pm
Jul 12 VBS Sunday
Jul 16 Family Forum 7 pm
Jul 17 Open Mic 7 pm
Jul 19 Friend Day 10 am Outside
Jul 25 Men’s Group 7:30 am
Jul 29 Newsletter submissions due

Aug 1 Fisher Cats Game 7 pm


Dear family in Christ,
This past month’s opportunities cause me to reflect on the values we choose and the habits we practice. For many of us, Christian faith is something we understand as personal/private, taking place at home and in our hearts, but also corporate/public, affected by other people and the way we spend time together. I have been thinking about how this affects a couple’s preparation for marriage, the youth in a confirmation class, those ministers preparing for commissioning and ordination, and any of us who seek to follow and become like Christ.
As always, my commute has been blessing me with time to reflect and pray through the communities along my route, as well as learn via audiobooks. Listening to Roots by Alex Hailey troubled my heart with the description of loss, fear, and their toll on relationships in constant danger of betrayal. Now, I am listening to a book called No Impact Man, by Colin Beavan, about a man who decides to take his convictions seriously and live from his principles for one year. In his quest to combat his own hypocrisy, he finds out just how complicated this task may be.
In the Bible passage describing God’s speaking the ten commandments, (Exodus 20) verse seven says, “Do not use the Lord God’s name as if it were of no significance; the Lord won’t forgive anyone who uses his name that way.” (CEB) When I was growing up, my teachers and elders explained that this commandment means that one shouldn’t use bad language, or use God’s name as a curse word. I believe in the power of words, still I was interested that cursing would be singled out among stealing, idol worship, and murder as the sin God will not forgive. Then, Hebrew Bible scholar and professor Dr. Kathe Darr opened up this commandment’s meaning to me.
When the people of God make a contract, covenant, or commitment, it is done in association with God. In Moses’ time, they might have done it invoking the name of God in speech or writing, where in our time the association is more implicit, though still deeply felt. To fail to uphold such a commitment, then, means undermining the power of one’s own word, but also faith in God. Consider how often those who profess to be Christians fail to live the values of Christ. How many of us earnestly strive “to be made perfect in love,” or even to uphold our membership vows? How must it feel to God, or to the public that sees what we do, when we fail to recognize God’s co-signature on our commitments and promises?
I remember well how my heart sank when I learned this commandment from Dr. Darr. I simultaneously felt awe for the wise, wonderful Word, and guilt for my own foolishness. This is still the commandment on my mind during prayers of confession. In the first five minutes of his values project, “No Impact Man” realizes how completely he has already failed. The more we understand who we are called to be, the clearer we see who we currently are, and how far we have to grow. Let’s not sink under our mistakes. Instead, let’s start with our vow to put our “whole trust in [Christ’s] grace,” and build from there.


This I BelieveEveryone is invited to experiment with writing a 500-word essay expressing your belief, in the tradition of the program started by Edward R. Murrow. You are encouraged to look up the books of published essays, listen to the broadcast from NPR, and/or check out examples online to get your creative juices flowing! This is not a theology exam, or a recitation of the Gospel as it appears in the Christian tradition. Instead, you are encouraged to explore the convictions in your heart in your own words and images. (For example, someone crafted an essay around the symbolic traits of cheese pizza!) Take all the time you need, and share them with trusted friends as you work. Pastor Lourey would be delighted to listen and field questions.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Lourey


All things bright and beautiful… VBS is just around the corner! This July’s week-long VBS program is designed to be fun and animal-friendly, teaching God’s love for and sovereignty over Creation (including US!) and our responsibility to be careful stewards of the Earth. We will learn from people who have taken this role seriously, dedicating some portion of their life to personally nurture plant and/or animal life, and finish the week at Overlook Farm. There we will learn about the circle of care in which care for Creation improves lives and health in some of the hardest places to live.
In Sunday worship, we will have a blessing of the animals. This program is appropriate for children in grades 1-5, and no registration fee is required.
We invite younger children to “come and see” in the mornings with a family member or friend, and youth grade 6 and up are invited to participate as helpers.
July 6-10 9am-2pm, VBS Sunday July 12.

Facebook Event


April saw the arrival of Open Mic Night at Peterborough UMC. Four musicians from outside our congregation, in addition to some very talented acts from inside, entertained about 20 people for two hours on Friday, April 17. During a second event held on Friday, May 15 we added a few more acts from outside plus a few additional audience members. Soft drinks and popcorn were served at both events.
Consider joining in the fun at future events as either a participant or as a member of the audience. Open Mic Nights will be held the third Friday of every month. Doors open at 6:30PM with performances beginning at 7.


We have raised $828.96 of our $1,000 goal to help fight malaria! In June we will have a “swat” campaign to help kill the rest of those mosquitoes, and send our final donation for this year to Imagine No Malaria.
We have also continued to collect items for the UMCOR hygiene kits, these items will be due Sunday June 7.


We are proud to sponsor Arun Hanmanthu from India through World’s Children International. His birthday is June 18, 2004. We will be having an ice cream social on Friend Day in June in his honor, and accepting donations for this mission project.
If you would like to write to Arun you can send letters and cards as well as small paper things like puzzles and stickers to:
World Children’s International
PO Box 2708
Corvallis OR 97339


The Peace with Justice Program aims to make shalom visible and active in people’s lives and communities. It was created to strengthen the church’s capacity to act as a public policy advocate in communities and nations throughout the world. To learn more visit


Compassionate God
We speak of love and are accomplices in violence
We cry for justice and are entangled in injustice
We claim the truth and accept a lie
We hope for peace and fail to live it
Prince of Peace
You have taken upon you the sin of the world
You have suffered the violence of humankind
You have confronted the injustice of the powers
And faced the force of death
Creator Spirit
Give us the courage and strength
To speak the truth in love
To do justice with peace
To be merciful as you are
– From “Telling the Truth About Ourselves and Our World” World Council of Churches


Our inaugural book group meeting will be on Thursday, June 11th 7pm in the fellowship room at the church. The book is Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger. The group is open to new folks … future meetings will be agreed on by members, as we look at vacations, work schedules, et cetera. We expect to chose the next title at the next meeting.


Remember, the 3rd Sunday of the month is Friend Day worship. Please consider bringing a friend or neighbor with you, calling someone to carpool to church, and wearing your nametag in worship! Don’t let another month go by without participating.
Invite a friend – Bring a friend – Be a friend
June 21 Friend Day – Ice Cream Social for Arun’s Birthday
July 19 Friend Day – Outside Worship


The prayer shawl group will be meeting the first Tuesday of the month, June 2, at the church. We have plenty of yarn to choose from, and willing hands to help you get started. We knit or crochet from 1:00- approximately 2:00. All are welcome!


The United Methodist Women will hold their June meeting on Tuesday, June 16th, place to be announced.
It will be their annual salad pot-luck supper, so we’ll be gathering at 6:30. Fellowship and planning for next year, so hope many of the women of the church will be able to attend. For questions, please call Barb MacInnes or Carol Owen, or speak to any member at church.


The Peterborough UMC Men’s Group will meet the last Saturday of the month. A free breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage, bread, juice, tea, and coffee) for the group will be served just prior to the meeting. Cooking begins around 7:30 – 8 am. Although it is not necessary, all are welcome to arrive a little early to help set up.
Due to conflicts with other events, the next meeting will be held on June 27th.
All men are welcome no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. You can be of any religion or none.


All NH laity and clergy are invited to join together as one choir in singing praise to God this summer. Rehearsals will be held Sunday afternoons in Hillsboro, in an effort to be accessible from many directions in NH. While attendance at every rehearsal is not mandatory, we are looking forward to the joy of practicing together and singing challenging music. By September, the District Choir will be ready to share their gifts at Hallelujah Sunday worship in Gilford! RSVP to Pastor Lourey with questions or to help organize carpools.
When: Starting Sunday, July 5, 3-4 pm and then every other week until Hallelujah Sunday September 13.
Where: Hillsboro UMC sanctuary 16 Henniker St, Hillsboro, NH


America the Beautiful, fireworks, and baseball… what more could you ask for? Proceeds benefit our ministry. The game starts at 7:05. We’ll all be in one section, so bring your extra-large throws to share!
Contact Pastor Lourey for tickets, the cost is $12 per ticket or a loving donation.
Saturday, August 1 at 7:05pm
Fisher Cats Ball Park Manchester, New Hampshire


Congratulations to Jim Poplin and Sue Norton-Poplin
Married May 24, 2015
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,
endures all things. 1 Corinthians 13:7


Saturday June 6th 9AM – 1PM (Bag Sale at 1pm)
Clean out your attics and basements. Ask your family, neighbors and friends for donations.
Items needed are knick-knacks, collectibles, antiques, glassware, dishes, kitchen items, linens, jewelry, books, and toys. Good clean clothing will be accepted for the rummage sale.
Please make sure your items are clean and ready for sale.
Items do not need to be priced with the exception of expensive or valuable items. Customers will be asked for donations.
Do not bring electronics (tvs, computers, computer accessories) or large furniture. Please keep in mind that “one person’s trash may be another person’s treasure,” but sometimes it’s really just trash!
The church will be open the week of the sale on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for drop off. No items should be left before Tuesday since the church is used by a community group on Monday.

Facebook Event


Peterborough United Methodist Church is pleased to host Family Forum, an informal discussion series of issues effecting the family and life in our area. The guest speakers on May 21 was from Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention while the speaker on June 18 will be from Monadnock Hospital discussing our community health care services and options. As always, the Forum will be open for questions and comments. Subjects for future Forums will be suggested at the meetings, or anytime to myself or Pastor Lourey. Family Forum is a continuing, non religious, open discussion of anything effecting life in our community.
So bring your questions, comments and curiosity for some interesting discussion and information on June 18 and the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Church at 43 Concord St.
Deane DeHotman, Family Forum Chair


Many thanks to Steve Griggs for stepping up to take over the What’s Happening weekly emails. We all benefit from keeping these communications going.


We continue to seek people to help with some aspects of our worship and fellowship:


A liturgist and two ushers are needed each Sunday. Consider volunteering to help make our Sunday services a success. See Dave Ladeau if you would like to help.

Please consider adopting a coffee hour this summer. Set up is not hard, and many hands make light work!


Choir will take a summer break. Please feel free to sign up for special music over the summer!

Adult Bible study has begun summer break and will resume in the fall

Sunday School will not be held this summer, the children will remain in the service.


Please submit all materials for the next newsletter (August/September) to our editors by the last Wednesday of the month, July 29. Send to Melissa, ready for copy and paste, with the subject “Newsletter submission” Thanks!


America the Beautiful
NH District Choir
Yard Sale at PUMC
Welcoming Reconciliation – Worship Snippet Video
Let It Be – Good Times at Open Mic Night
Progress: Native American Ministries Sunday
Progress: Imagine No Malaria: Noisy Collection
Cute Church Video “Do we get to keep the money”

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