Welcome our interim leader, Pastor Todd Layton.
Welcome Pastor Todd

Pastor Todd LaytonPeace brothers and sisters,
I am honored to have opportunity to worship with you. Life is a journey and this part of the journey we will take together.
A brief introduction – I am a local licensed pastor and also serve the Marlow UMC community. I am bi-vocational – meaning I also have a full-time non-clergy job where I work with hospital software. I am a single dad of a college-aged young man – and I have two dogs – one of which Is blind. I suppose we make a funny looking family, but God’s love is in our strange looking family.
I am very easy-going and love to talk. I laugh easy and love to laugh at myself. Feel free to call me anything you want but I prefer just “Todd”.
Marlow was my first church appointment. Prior to that, I was a lay speaker working with young people in detention centers.
More than anything I believe in what Jesus can do in our lives. I really was one of those awful “wretches” you hear about. My life was a mess and then God put my feet on solid ground. I believe with every fiber of being that God can do that for everyone.
I will close with a quote from John Wesley, “Best of all, God is with us”

You can contact Pastor Todd at pastortodd@peterboroughumc.org, or come meet him Sunday at 11am.