May 17, 2015 – Who Is Jesus – Worship Service

Please enjoy our worship service from 05/17/15, by Pastor Lourey Savick, titled Who Is Jesus?

At this time, let us testify to God’s work! This week, you are invited to draw or otherwise notate your personal story.

Most of the time, “WHO IS JESUS?” is a question that could be rephrased for us into the question, “What role does Jesus play?” Jesus’ many names indicate the different roles he is recognized as having, fulfilled or as fulfilling now, in our lives.

You can recognize who Jesus is for you in this sense by attempting a little exercise – summarize the story you would tell to someone who had never heard of Jesus before, briefly – with doodles or individual words.

This is an example from Pastor Lourey:
Who Is Jesus - Worship Service Video May 17 2015

This picture story answers the question “Who is Jesus?” by showing Jesus as a link – renewing covenant between God and humankind.

Does this tell the whole truth of who Jesus is? No. This is a respoonse to one kind of question on one afternoon!

This is just the first part of the exercise. Part two means looking back at your own story.

Now remember that Jesus’ appearance to the Disciples confounded their expectations. Deus semper major. If you “flipped” your original Jesus description, would it still be true?

This period of surprise and questioning of assumptions happens just as Jesus commissions the Disciples (followers, students) as Apostles (witnesses, leaders). Why?