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Nowadays everyone is so busy, why bother losing a Sunday morning to church? There are so many commitments and activities for families today, it’s hard to lose that lazy weekend to yet another time-sucking thing. But maybe you’re thinking about this all wrong. Maybe church is a place to relax, to say hi to friends, and to feel like there are people who care about you and how your life is going. Yes, people do still go to church. And yes, they find it fulfilling and rewarding. If you are missing that sense of community that you have been lacking, or feel the need to help others and don’t know where to start, our church could be your starting point. What’s the worst that could happen, you sit for an hour, sing a couple songs, and go on your merry way… Or you find the feeling of belonging that is missing from the lives of so many modern families.

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Melissa F — A welcoming church with lovely people. The pastor makes it easy to understand the scripture she is focusing on. The congregation is very accepting. I like the variety of activities and missions you can choose to become involved in, and commit as much or as little time or talent as you have to share.

Kathleene C – This Church is a wonderful group of people who proclaim God’s Love and work for peace. The pastor, Lourey Savick, is an awesome preacher. I encourage everyone to join this congregation for worship, on Sundays. You will be blessed. Everyone is welcome.

Susan L — Finding this church community has truly been a Godsend! Each week, I am renewed and inspired by Pastor Lourey’s message and by the friendship shown by the people in this congregation. The presence of young families makes for such a vibrant and happy church experience. I feel like I’ve come home … amen to that!

Pam W — I love this church! The congregation is warm, welcoming, and caring. Pastor Lourey is joyful, inspiring, and insightful … and has the most lovely singing voice. Time spent at PUMC is time spent embraced in love and peace.

Judith K — Great pastor! Fantastic preacher. Great congregation. Go and visit.

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New? Welcome!

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