Rev Card

Pastor’s Half Year Update 2021


Thanks to Laura Constantine and her committee, we have in-person worship. People can also still worship by live steaming on YouTube. The address is
New technical equipment has been designed and approved and should be ready before September 19, 2021. The Trustees are overseeing this. Thank you to everyone involved.
The plan for Summer Sermons is available. Thank you to Rev. Pierce, Arnie Johnson and Michael Robidoux for stepping up while I am on renewal leave from August 1 to September 13. Rev. Pierce and Arnie Johnson have agreed to be on call while I am on renewal leave.
Ken Constantine led a great Lenten Class.
We have new members. Food donations and general financial support is strong.
Michael Robidoux and Susan Lindquist attended Annual Meeting, report to follow.
Arnie Johnson, Andy Wallenstein and Susan Lindquist are helping West Rindge UMC.
Rev. Pierce, Michael, Arnie and Andrew Wallenstein have helped with preaching.
Jim Poplin is coordinating worship.
Susan Campbell Halley is now cleaning the church.
Linda Wallenstein has restarted in-service Sunday School. Melissa is in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am-12 pm.
Donations have been consistent and generous, and your words of encouragement have been inspiring. Double thanks!
We love the joys you send for us to post online.

I was asked what I have learned from the COVID challenge; and this is my takeaway:
• We all need help—it took many people to do what we have done.
• Once we check our egos at the door and open out ears to listen—God’s Holy Spirit empowers us.

Again, thank you.