Annual Report

PUMC 2015 Annual Report

Please enjoy our Annual Report for 2015.

PUMC 2015 Annual Report

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Peterborough United Methodist Church
2015 Annual Report

43 Concord St
Peterborough NH 03458

Lay Leader’s Report
The laity at the United Methodist Church of Peterborough is as inspiring as it is hard working. Members have stepped up to tasks as they are presented and worked hard to become active participants of the body of Christ. Peterborough and surrounding communities have also responded and the attendance has grown with the outreach of the church. This year our mission group instituted use of a new website with a new logo for our church which depicts a small building with the cross and flame and the motto of “small Church, BIG Heart” surrounded by a circle of love for God and our neighbor. This represents in brief our congregation’s commitment to the worldwide mission of the United Methodist Church to create disciples for Christ.
Our trustees continue to look after the facility and the grounds. The parking area was resurfaced and parking spaces relined; the fellowship hall, kitchen, and classrooms were cleaned and waxed; and the Sanctuary carpet was cleaned. The Trustees utilized excess funds from accounts they manage to pay for these improvements without using basic capital accounts or instituting fundraising projects. Their efforts are reflected by the team work and out-pouring of support from members helping at the bi-annual church clean-up days.
Payments of mission shares were short last year and payments early in the year were limited, but donations improved this summer and have enabled the church to fulfill its commitment to the greater church through August and we are hopeful to continue this accomplishment for the remainder of the year.
The Worship Committee and choir have performed superbly this year preparing for and providing a major attraction and spiritual support for worship services. During the Christmas and Easter Services, the Choir performed Cantatas that received jubilant approval and loud praise from the packed audiences that attended the services. Mrs. Wendy Dunning, the choir director, consistently finds a way to get the best performance from every member. Our Worship committee Chair and organist, Mr. David LaDeau, supports the services with not only outstanding music but ensures the Sanctuary is consistently ready for Sunday services.
Some of the Church’s community outreach programs include the monthly Family Forum which provides information on important issues facing NH and the community. Further, the Open Mic Night which offers a platform for members of the Church and the community to perform their gifts inherent in all of us and bring joy to those attending. Also, the Church has initiated a “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday” once each month. This reminds the members to help the Church grow by letting their neighbors know how important they are.
The Church has opened its doors each week to the local chapter of Al-Anon to provide a private and secure space for those affected by loved ones suffering from alcohol addiction.
The outreach and support to the community of the Missions committee is no less than outstanding with its successful effort to complete the challenge to raise a $1,000 for the Imagine No Malaria fund saving the lives of 100 children with simple malaria preventive nets. Also, the church children raised funds for the Heifer International program to support families overseas with grants to provide small farm animals from which they can support themselves and become productive members of their society. The Mission team organized a chicken dinner which was primarily designed to fundraise for transitional housing in the area. This dinner was so successful that the hosts had to turn away visitors that came to pay for dinners. The Mission committee sponsors several outreach programs during the year and stresses to those interested in our programs, that the church is a safe place to learn about God and how He can meet their spiritual needs.
Also, the members continue to support other church outreach program in the community, such as, the Church Yard Sale, Crop Walk fundraiser, and Holiday Stroll. Members also support the United Methodist Women who fund several annual projects. In addition, the membership continues to welcome visitors and new members to include them in Church family life.
The Education committee has seen constant growth in the Sunday school attendance program for Children offered during Sunday services; this program has grown so much that an additional member of the church has volunteered to help with the classes. Further, the Adult Bible study group continues during the year to educate and provide spiritual fellowship to attending members. In addition, the church has hosted both a Lay Servant basic course and one advanced Lay Servant course this year; enhancing the spiritual development of members of our church and those members of other churches in the area.
The Prayer Shawl group is a significant program that provides spiritual healing to those suffering and in pain and allows members to consolidate their talents in fellowship and prayer outreach for a greater purpose of effort. The result is a physical woolen shawl that has the prayers and sharing love of neighbor helping neighbor. This small group has produced up to 15 prayer shawls for men and women undergoing spiritual or physical crises in their lives.
The Prayer Chain group continues to support their efforts to share prayers with members and church attendees. This effort significantly builds binding relationships within the body of the church but shows the love and respect we share with our neighbors. It helps to reemphasize the idea that our church is not a Sunday event but a daily part of all our lives with an ongoing need to support each other as a church family.
During the season of lent the church hosted a series of Lenten Suppers which included a devotional lead by members of the congregation. This series of spiritual fellowship culminated in a performance of the last supper in an adaptation of a play which was performed by over 24 members of the congregation. The food shared by all in attendance was the types of items eaten by the Jewish people during Passover celebration. It was a moving and enriching service.
This summer the Church sponsored a Vacation Bible School opened to all interested children in the community. The theme of the week long services was “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” To say the program was success would be an understatement. The most important benefit was the joy of providing the program to the youth of our community.
The new Men’s Breakfast Group has added a new dimension to the fellowship that the Church offers and it shows in the growth of church attendance. The group recently sponsored a training sessions for members interested in serving as ushers and liturgists.
Several members have also joined in a Book Group to share in fellowship in the joy of reading and discussing the books in reflection.
We have been able to provide refreshments to attendees following services throughout the year and can point with pride at the selfless and tireless efforts of those volunteers who are committed to maintain the kitchen and fellowship hall. Further, in celebration of Peterborough UMC’s 175th anniversary, a small but dedicated group of members are compiling a photo directory of the church attendees so we can more easily put faces and names together.
The leadership and management of church affairs is conducted primarily through the activities of the Church Council, SPRC, and Finance committees who do the necessary work to keep the doors open, lights on, and building warm. This effort is reflected in the exuberant life of this church.
Our objectives for the coming year will continue to encourage church programs to embrace ongoing needs of our members, such as, providing nursery services, transportation to services for those that need it, and encourage participation in church activities.
Pastor Lourey Savick is a superior spiritual leader and her devotion to the life of the Church is impressive. She has stressed the need to improve communication within the church family with weekly emails, monthly newsletters, establishment of church Facebook account, and a revised webpage with recorded videos of the weekly services and copies of the bulletins available for download. Pastor Lourey was recently honored by Wartburg College receiving a Young Alumni Award for her special achievements and contributions to the college, the church, community, and the workplace. In addition, she was recognized by the NE Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church to support youth worship activities at the Taizé Retreat Center in Taize, France. Further, in June of this year she was commissioned by the New England Board of Ordained Ministry to begin her preparation toward ordination within the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church of Peterborough is thankful and grateful for her service.
James F. Poplin, Lay Leader

Pastor’s Report
Dear Siblings in Christ,
Words can not express how delighted I have been to see you grow in faith and work together for the Kingdom over this past year. We have “dared greatly!” My favorite examples are of how new ministries (VBS, Prayer Shawl, Men’s Group to name just a few), begun in a spirit of “Why not?” and with more than a little risk, have proven to have a powerful effect on our community. Very little was spent on these and our other new projects, and no one came from outside to hand us a program or to serve as teacher. Instead, you revealed your gifts and welcomed new volunteers, and we are growing as a result.
Of course, more than once this year I have watched a Jenga tower of good ideas tumble, and had to remember to look for the Spirit-guided opportunity among the rubble. I have been grateful for what we have learned about vulnerability, gremlins, and remembering the mantra “I am enough.” As our ministry gains vitality, so our conflict level rises. It can be easy to see this as a problem to solve, when it is a sign of health. A good analogy is the condition of our Fellowship Hall. Any given Sunday this past year, one might have walked in and thought, “What are these footprints?” “Who dropped these crackers?” “What are all these stray books and papers?” If they could talk, the walls might have answered, “The footprints of young or low-income parents learning how to support their families,” “Kids from neighboring towns memorizing ‘Jesus said, I am the good shepherd,’” “Resources for families coping with addiction.” I am awed at your ability to love, and help, and forgive among these stresses, so that we have been able to fly, and fail, and try again.
This Advent, we shared the first: putting God first in living and giving devotional. We had the opportunity to pause what we were doing, do different things, and/or meditate on the priorities behind what we do. We were able to celebrate our history, affirm new members of our family, and practice looking forward to the coming of Christ. It is in these first months of the new year that we receive confirmation of our successes: Ecumenical partnership is taking shape in Peterborough, we fulfilled our Mission Shares AND contributed more to UMC and non-UMC missions, we have hired a nursery care provider and our phone is ringing with inquiries from visitors and offers of partnership. Town institutions are opening up to spirituality. During Advent, our weekly attendance was more than 70 persons, and our annual average has shot up 15%. All this and more you can find in other reports. Thing is, we also do not have revolving-door ministry. People have visited and decided to stay, becoming a part of our congregational life and bringing their gifts to our ministry. The most frequent requests I receive are for more opportunities to build relationships within the congregation and more opportunities to learn about God and the Bible.
My prayer for 2016: is that this growing, diverse congregation will work together to invest in deepening and extending those ministries that are closest to our heart and our calling. We will need to talk to each other, to support each others’ learning and leadership growth, and to express our curiosity about our service and those we serve, so that “since we have such a hope, we act with great confidence.”
2 Corinthians 3:4-6, 11-12 “This is the confidence that we have through Christ in the presence of God. It isn’t that we ourselves are qualified to claim that anything came from us. No, our qualification is from God. He has qualified us as ministers of a new covenant, not based on what is written but on the Spirit, because what is written kills, but the Spirit gives life…If the glory that fades away was glorious, how much more glorious is the one that lasts! So, since we have such a hope, we act with great confidence.”

Life Events and Worship 2015
January Rev. Jamie Hamilton installed as Rector of All Saints’ Parish in Ecumenical Service
Funeral for Jean Clason 1/31 Daring Greatly Sermon Series
February Funeral in Bow for Angela Porter 2/4
Ministry of presence in times of trial
PL interviewed by Board of Ordained Ministry. Introducing Lenten theme of Covenant—knowing who we are, so we know how to serve
March Two couples prepare for marriage in our church: Jared and Emma Meddles, and Jim and Sue (Norton) Poplin
Family Forum Ministry launches Sharing our faith with authenticity and compassion
April Blessing of Jace Xavier Southwick
Able NH hosts budget bill forum
PL receives Young Alumni Award from Wartburg
Open Mic Night ministry launches Last Supper drama
Easter Cantata
Bishop Devadhar 4/26
Good Friday Ecumenical Service at UCC
May Lay Servant Class with Hillsboro UMC
Sue Norton and Jim Poplin marry 5/25
Safe Sanctuaries Volunteer screening Love, Reconciliation, Our Image of Jesus,
Commissioning for ministry
June Annual Conference—PL commissioned
Health kits, Jewelry for resale, and $1000 Imagine No Malaria donations celebrated
Graveside service for Jean Clason 6/11
6/2 Clara Morland Rush commended to God Discipleship through the Gospel of Mark
Responding to violence
July All Things Bright and Beautiful VBS 7/6-7/10
7/17-27 PL travels to Taize, France Blessing of the Animals
Our Role in Creation
August Jared Meddles and Emma Heald marry 8/8
District Choir rehearses
“Act With Great Confidence” Retreat Christian community
Christ-centered vision
September Lay Servant Class with Hillsboro UMC
PL invited to speak to Franklin Pierce GSA
Ezra Gregg Welty baptized 9/6
Charlotte Carle commended to God 9/20
Youth Taize-themed retreat at Wanakee
Small Groups Survey District Worship 9/13
Homecoming Worship
Dialogue “Jesus Today”
October CPR classes hosted by Family Forum
Peak into Peterborough town event
Church Conference led by Rev. Virginia Fryer
Rev. Bob Marrone called to Union (UCC) Worship with Rev. Virginia Fryer
Leadership, Risk-taking, Bringing the Reign of God
November 175th Open House
Holiday Stroll
New Member Class Extended Advent: Intention and Focus for our Mission
December 8 New Members Received
175th Luncheon celebration
Nursery Attendant hired Christmas cantata
Ecumenical Peace Light Service
Las Posadas Pageant
Hundred Nights Vigil with the Homeless
Christmas Eve Service
Prepared by Rev. Lourey Savick

PUMC Trustees
The trustees continued to perform maintenance and upkeep on the church facilities to avoid more costly repairs or replacement in the future. Our investment funds didn’t have much growth this year so we were not able to afford any expensive projects; fortunately nothing fell into that category.
The large snowfall totals from last winter resulted in higher snow removal costs and resulted in ceiling damage from ice build up at the Wesley House. We are grateful to Eno Ogo and Steve Griggs for clearing snow off the roof of the fellowship hall, avoiding any further damage here. Last fall we had some roof work done on both buildings to repair loose shingles and other issues to prevent future problems.
Even though it was a long cold winter we spent less overall on oil last year, something we were hopeful to see as a result of our new windows and added insulation from the previous years!
With the growth of our church we are seeing increased use of our facilities, both from our own participants as well as outside groups. We reemphasized the importance of our Rental Agreements and user guidelines and added them as an online form to the church website for easier reference. The goal is to have better advanced notice of upcoming events and what is needed, as well as reducing the number of lights and appliances left on; windows and doors left unlocked; interior doors left open (important so we are in compliance with Fire Department recommendations); and proper trash and recycling disposal. Andy Dunbar agreed to be the facilities coordinator and is now working closely with Pastor Lourey and the trustees to improve planning and communication with inside and outside groups.
A new Trustees Bulletin Board was put up just outside the office to consolidate trustee related issues and aid in overall communications. Included here is the facility calendar, the rental agreements and registry, janitorial and office supplies lists, reimbursement slips, and a contact list for our contractors.
We created an electrical wiring map of all the circuits in the Fellowship Hall and classrooms to avoid future overload issues, saving users frustrations and rewiring expenses for the church.
Unfortunately we had some unbudgeted photocopier issues last year resulting in outside expenses for making copies and repairs. We hope to avoid future repair expenses and toner/paper outages with the addition of the new church secretary position, but in the meantime through the use of the Supplies List on the new Trustees bulletin board.
Available parking has been a growing concern. Unfortunately we have limited options so we ask all who are able to park on the street in front of the church or in the River Center parking lot across the street. Other suggestions are: carpooling; shuttling from the downtown parking lots; pairing up to “double park” along the back row; and using the space between the last handicap spot and the bulkhead for one small car. Please make sure all entrance and exit areas are kept clear.
The handicap signs were removed from the side of the building as a result of recent knowledge of potential fines for “unauthorized” usage. Anyone who needs to use these spaces may do so legally, whether you have the proper permit or are just transporting elderly guests or otherwise have mobility issues. We ask everyone else to refrain from using these spaces.
In 2016 we are planning to contract for painting of the exterior trim and handrails and we are seeking quotes for safely dealing with the asbestos found in the basement of the Wesley house. We also plan to have the locks changed on all the church doors so we can better keep track of who has access.
Thanks for everyone’s help in keeping our church facilities in great physical shape so they can be used for our spiritual growth!
God Bless,
Matt Keenan
Chairman – Board of Trustees
Board Members:
Steve Gatcombe – Vice Chairman
Greg Nerz – Treasurer
Pat Woodward – Secretary
Ron Crowe
Wendy Dunning
Mark Welty
Steve Griggs

INCOME VS EXPENDITURES -$3,252.00 -$19,919.20 $5,771.95
Category 2016 Budget 2015 Budget 2015 Actual as of 10/31/2015
201 Plate Offering $4,500.00 $4,000.00 $3,754.11
202 Pledges $55,104.00 $35,254.00 $34,892.00
203 Non-Pledges $23,100.00 $15,000.00 $19,250.42
205 Wesley House $10,200.00 $10,200.00 $8,500.00
216 Easter Offering $0.00 $100.00 $0.00
217 Christmas Offering $550.00 $450.00 $0.00
225 Yard Sale and Flea Market $900.00 $900.00 $1,013.17
227 Fellowship Hall Usage $684.00 $400.00 $570.00
229 Christmas Fair $1,300.00 $1,000.00 $0.00
230 Christmas Wreaths $600.00 $600.00 $0.00
TOTAL INCOME $96,938.00 $67,904.00 $67,979.70
Category 2016 Budget 2015 Budget 2015 Actual as of 10/31/2015
101 World Sev & Conf Benev $2,254.00 $2,236.00 $9,110.71
102 Gen’l Conf Benevolences $2,008.00 $1,979.00
103 Ministerial Support $5,666.00 $5,691.00
307 Pastor’s Discretionary Fund $500.00 $500.00
308 Pastoral Care Team $75.00 $0.00
310 Ann. Conf – Lay Person $700.00 $400.00 $647.85
312 Pastor’s Reimburseable Exp $1,800.00 $1,800.00 $62.85
313 Retirement Benefit $3,600.00 $4,678.20 $2,974.30
433 Pastor’s Housing Expense:4333 Telephone $500.00 $500.00 $0.00
444 Wesley House Expenses:4441 Maintenance Expenses $200.00 $250.00
444 Wesley House Expenses:4442 Heat Maintenance $145.00 $137.00 $0.00
444-4443 Property Taxes $3,400.00 $3,360.00 $1,679.27
601 Heat Maint.-Church $290.00 $290.00 $0.00
602 General Maintenance $500.00 $500.00 $35.00
603 Telephone $1,000.00 $770.00 $847.96
604 Fuel Oil-Church $4,000.00 $4,500.00 $2,875.92
605 Electricity $1,800.00 $1,500.00 $1,427.45
606 LP Gas $35.00 $35.00 $0.00
607 Water $500.00 $650.00 $387.42
608 Sewer $500.00 $630.00 $404.96
609 Custodial Supplies $275.00 $200.00 $266.56
610 Office Supplies & Copier $700.00 $675.00 $678.92
611 Housekeeping $4,680.00 $2,340.00 $2,015.00
612 Snow Removal $4,000.00 $2,000.00 $4,115.00
613 WC & Property Insurance $2,793.00 $3,203.00 $1,209.90
614 Trustees Capital Fund $5,978.00 $5,978.00 $0.00
702 Music and Supplies $600.00 $500.00 $504.75
703 Worship Materials $300.00 $100.00 $149.62
704 Worship Bulletins $350.00 $60.00 $0.00
705 Publicity $600.00 $450.00 $530.69
706 Miscellaneous Worship / Hospitality Supplies $150.00 $150.00 $8.82
708 Copyright renewal $125.00 $116.00 $116.00
709 Piano Tuning $200.00 $200.00 $0.00
710 Substitute Organist $300.00 $300.00 $300.00
711 Outreach / website $500.00 $50.00 $0.00
800 Adult Curriculum $250.00 $250.00 $129.70
801 SS Supplies & Gift Bibles $430.00 $50.00 $0.00
802 Child Care $0.00 $1,300.00 $0.00
803 Curriculum-Sunday School $0.00 $250.00 $361.16
804 Youth Group $0.00 $50.00 $0.00
805 Vacation Bible School $600.00 $0.00 $0.00
F01 Pledge Program $500.00 $75.00 $0.00
F02 Postage & Supplies – Finance $0.00 $200.00 $34.72
F03 Treasurer expenses – 1099s, W2s, Postage $50.00
Payroll:Choir Director Salary $4,221.00 $4,020.00 $2,385.18
Payroll:Comp FICA $1,000.00 $900.00 $541.93
Payroll:Comp MCARE $225.00 $200.00 $126.69
Payroll:Organist Salary $9,240.00 $8,800.00 $7,446.12
Payroll: Proposed Secretary $3,900.00
Payroll: Proposed Child Care $3,000.00
Payroll:Pastor Salary $25,750.00 $25,000.00 $20,833.30
TOTAL EXPENDITURES $100,190.00 $87,823.20 $62,207.75
2014 average offering $1,389
2015 average offering $1,859

175th Anniversary
An ad hoc committee led by Priscilla and Ron Crowe organized an Open House on Sunday November 15, 2015, celebrating the 175th anniversary of our building. Our new large banner was proudly displayed on the front lawn. There was a presentation researched by Ann Hampson outlining the rich history of Methodism in Peterborough.
From a church history report written by Rev. J.L. Harrison 188?
Methodism was introduced in Hillsboro’ Co., sixty years ago, in 1819. In March of this year Rev. Zena Adams was invited to preach in Hancock, where a small society was formed and attached to the Unity Circuit. In the fall of the same year Bro. Adams preached in Peterboro’, and in a number of the towns of the county.
“Zena Adams was emphatically a pioneer in Methodism. No man perhaps was any better calculated to win the affections and enlighten the minds of the people upon doctrines and do away prejudices against Methodism than Z. Adams.”
Let us who are younger try to fill up as far as we can the places left vacant by the old time warriors, that with them we may hear the welcome “well done.”
From History of Peterborough, George Abbot Morrison, 1954
The first Methodist services of which we have a record were conducted in Peterborough by Rev. Zenas Adams who preached here and in Hancock in 1819.
In 1834, the membership had reached about forty and Peterborough was made a [Methodist] “station,” with Joseph Allen as the first regularly appointed minister.
The church was formally organized in 1839 with the declaration, “These subscribers have formed ourselves into a religious society of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Peterborough.”

Susan Miller-Lindquist wrote a poem celebrating our anniversary titled, In the Sanctuary.

I love to gaze round the church as service begins.
All the dear faces softened for a moment –
taking the time to still thoughts and settle into peace,
waiting for song, sermon and benediction.

The rounded pew back is soft on my hand.
Think how many hands have rested there over time –
gripping in pain, tapping to hymn song, resting quietly,
leaning in for support and comfort.

It’s taken many a hand to build this church.
Polishing wood, dropping bills in the collection plate,
clasping in prayer, reaching to help neighbors,
cooking for, cleaning up after, crafting a community.

I don’t often think of times past, but here, sometimes,
I feel the whispered breath of a parade of souls –
Murmured prayers, soft amens, a faint humming,
loving fellowship that spans ages and echoes onward.

It’s humbling to stand in this long parade.
Sharing bread and wine and touching the same
Sacred place within heart and soul and infinity
here in this place with these people and our Lord.

Largest gathering = Easter 2015 = 87 people!
Largest non-holiday congregation = Christmas Cantata 2015
6,636 times someone has worshipped with us in the past 3 years

In the last 90 days 27 people searched Google for directions to our church!
Likes 125
Facebook posts 753
Weekly average reach 3600
Top Video = I Wonder as I Wander performed for the Peace Light Ecumenical Service, 573 views 12/15/15
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Pastor Lourey Receives Young Alumni Award from Wartburg College 4/14/15
Funny moment in church alert! #funny #humor #cute #church #Christian (Katie needs a diaper) 1/26/15
Practice for our Open Mic night on April 17. We didn’t just goof that many times in front of a church full of people, right? #daringgreatly 4/13/15
Yay! The new site is up! Take a look and let me know what you think. 1/7/15
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97 videos total
Most viewed sermon Feast of Gratitude – November 22, 2015 9 views
YouTube 2015 watch time 4,998 minutes = 3 days 11 hours 18 min
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Christmas Cantata – December 13, 2015
Church Funny “I need a diaper” January 26, 2015
YouTube top playlist views 123,271 Best Christian Easter Songs
First video uploaded Nov 28, 2014
Unique users in 2015 = 7,338
Number of blog posts = 229
Site redesign unveiled Dec 2014
Best day ever April 14, 2015 Pastor Lourey Receives Young Alumni Award from Wartburg College
Most popular graphic Because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to. – Jeffrey R Holland (Easter)
Submitted by Melissa French

Susan L — Finding this church community has truly been a Godsend! Each week, I am renewed and inspired by Pastor Lourey’s message and by the friendship shown by the people in this congregation. The presence of young families makes for such a vibrant and happy church experience. I feel like I’ve come home … amen to that!
Pam W — I love this church! The congregation is warm, welcoming, and caring. Pastor Lourey is joyful, inspiring, and insightful … and has the most lovely singing voice. Time spent at PUMC is time spent embraced in love and peace.
Melissa F — A welcoming church with lovely people. The pastor makes it easy to understand the scripture she is focusing on. The congregation is very accepting. I like the variety of activities and missions you can choose to become involved in, and commit as much or as little time or talent as you have to share.
Judith K — Great pastor! Fantastic preacher. Great congregation. Go and visit.
Kathleene C – This Church is a wonderful group of people who proclaim God’s Love and work for peace. The pastor, Lourey Savick, is an awesome preacher. I encourage everyone to join this congregation for worship, on Sundays. You will be blessed. Everyone is welcome.

Children’s Sunday School Education
This year has seen big changes for the Sunday school program. Throughout the year, the children have worked closely with the Missions committee on several missions initiatives – New Hampshire Food Bank donations, Imagine No Malaria international UMW initiative, and Heifer International’s agricultural/economic freedom initiatives have all benefited from the children’s attentions.
As summer came around, the church supported the formation of a week-long Vacation Bible School that was held in July. Again, Pastor Lourey, the Missions committee and the Sunday School collaborated to plan for this leap of faith! The program revolved around God’s generosity in creating a world that supplies all the needs for man … and man’s responsibility to steward the natural gifts that God has provided us. It was a fun and action-packed week full of fun day trips to such places as Rosaly’s Farmstand, Silver Oak Alpaca Farm with the Welty Family, and the Heifer International Overlook Farm in Rutland, Mass. In addition, we had visits from Julia Bartlett and Ken and Charlene Schultz who shared their knowledge of sheep and wool harvesting and bunnies and harvesting of the rabbit’s fur. What a fun week full of learning, crafting, and song!
Fall brought more changes to the children’s program. Another Sunday school teacher joined Laura Nerz. Susan Lindquist stepped up to help Laura with lessons and crafts. The two women have made some changes in the way mornings are structured. A ‘penny offering’ has been …continued…
started so that the children are able to contribute to the Sunday offering plate, children are beginning to be a part of the Communion Sunday service as child liturgists, lessons are less structured around video/worksheet centered curriculum and more around Bible readings and stories, the themes that Pastor Lourey explores, and the flow of the liturgical year (Advent/Lent/ Pentecost for example).
Another addition to the program has been the building and first performance of ‘Let There Be Light’ shadow puppet theater. The children’s first performance was this year’s Christmas pageant … Las Posadas – A Mexican Celebration. It was a real learning experience! The children have just begun discussing where they will go with a next performance … the options are infinite!
Another wonderful addition to the children’s program has been the church’s support of hiring a nursery attendant that will be able to offer our youngest ones a place to play, rest, hear Bible stories, etc while parents are in worship. This is such a boon to the program!
2015 has been busy, indeed! 2016 will bring more action, though.
We’re hoping to have a consistent Sunday school family newsletter that will keep parents and families up to date on lesson themes, memory verses that children can be working on, dates of special events, children’s liturgist verses, et cetera.
We’d also like to expand the children’s participation in Sunday worship by beginning to teach the children the responsibilities of being acolytes. This will include more children in the Communion Sunday worship and help the children learn the ways worship services are structured and built.
We’d like to work with the children to help them choose a mission project that means a lot to them and help them figure out how to work toward their personal mission goals. That mission work could be built into the weekly lesson time so all the children can help each other on various mission actions.
Another goal of this year’s team is to begin planning for another VBS summer program. Our hope is to begin planning earlier and work around a new theme (that has not been chosen yet). VBS was so successful last summer. We know we can do it again and grow from our experience in 2015!
Last but not least, the team would like to entertain the idea of surveying families to see if moving the time (or even the day) of the program would be an option. Doing so, would allow for expanded time for completing projects, taking field trips, working on special missions projects, and allowing the older children and the Sunday school teachers to be a part of Sunday worship services. It’s just an idea worthy of exploration. Stay tuned.
With the Lord’s help and many hands and hearts, we have faith that the children’s Sunday school program will continue to grow and improve!
Respectfully submitted,
Laura Nerz and Susan Lindquist
*Many thanks to Linda Wallenstein for the lovely photos she took during VBS!

Mission Team
1 Christmas given to the people staying at New Life Home
2 Flocks of Hope and 1 Goat donated through Heifer International
2 gifts for Arun from World’s Children International
11 hygiene kits delivered to United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
82 meals served at the chicken dinner for transitional housing (MATS & SFTS)
$105 donated to advocate for peace and justice
$138 in scholarships for Native American seminarians
$172 raised for the local needy
$210 for social justice and work with at risk youth
$247 raised during One Great Hour of Sharing
320 meals provided by the Sunday School children for NH Food Bank
100 lives saved ($1002 raised) for Imagine No Malaria
$3910 = total raised
by our humble church!
The 2015 Mission Team:
Gladys Bugler
Priscilla Crowe
Cindy Faust
Linda French
Melissa French
Steve Griggs
Laura Nerz
Hiel Lindquist
Susan Lindquist
Andy Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein

Book Group
2015 saw the beginnings of a new fellowship group – the PUMC Book Group began meeting in the fall. Starting small, the group has fluctuated in attendance from five to two and has discussed several very different titles. Our group has recently had a growth in membership, but there is room for more! The hope is that the group will become large enough that people can feel that they can pick and choose what books they wish to read and discuss without feeling that their skipping a group discussion will take away from the quality of the discussion session. All are welcome to try the group out! Talk to any of the current members to get details about titles and meeting dates or look for the current book and session info on the community bulletin board in Bagley Hall. There is a flyer posted each month.
Thus far, the group has chatted up –
Ordinary Grace – Willam Kent Kreuger
Take This Bread – Sara Miles
Caleb’s Crossing – Geraldine Brooks
Jesus – The Human Face of God – Jay Parini
The Children’s Crusade – Ann Packer
Making Toast – Roger Rosenblatt
Submitted by Susan Lindquist

Men’s Breakfast Group
The Men’s Breakfast Group started off well and has continued meeting on a monthly basis (usually the last Saturday of the month) with short breaks for summer and holiday months. Meetings will resume in January. Attached is the Covenant Statement adopted by the group. We shared fellowship and camaraderie with each other and cooked breakfasts for each other. We are a positive influence implementing training programs for ushers and liturgists and hosting a briefing from the Security Team that evaluated PUMC programs.
Covenant Statement of the Men’s Group of the United Methodist Church (UMC) of Peterborough
Covenant: a solemn agreement between the members of a church to act together in harmony with the precepts of the gospel.
We, the Men’s Group of the UMC of Peterborough, believe our work is inspired by God for the purpose of service to our community.
We commit ourselves to represent this congregation with honor, honesty, and dedication in performing service activities.
We will treat each other with courtesy and respect that all individuals deserve in discussions on all issues or when implementing service activities.
We will be prepared, collaborate, and speak up as service projects are developed.
We will listen to each other to understand each side of an issue.
If disagreements arise, we will conduct ourselves with dignity and decorum because a better solution is usually found when all concerns are addressed.
We will resolve conflict by being non-judgmental and receptive to the ideas of others.
If discussions concern matters which are personal and confidentiality is requested, we promise to remain silent on such matters outside of the group.
Our priority is to serve and communicate with humility, making sure all are consulted and offered an opportunity to voice their opinion on an issue or project.

United Methodist Women
The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.
Barbara MacInnes was president the first half of the year.
In April the women held a surprise bridal shower for member Sue Norton. All the church women were invited.
Phyllis Porter hosted the annual salad supper in June.
We were sorry that Barbara needed to resign after many years of excellent leadership. Carol Owen agreed to serve as president.
The October meeting was held at Karen Keenan’s home and the program on Happiness was led by Susan Lindquist. We met at Gladys Bugler’s home in December and Sue Norton presented the program on Gratitude.
The congregation was invited to join us collecting for the World Thank Offering in November. We were able to send $217.80 to the UMW national organization for global missions.
In December we collected 5 pairs of gloves, 7 hats, and 11 pairs of socks for MATS and Shelter from the Storm.
Our end of the year money distribution was $75 to the UMW district for our pledge to missions.
Carol Owen, President
Susan Lindquist, Secretary
Karen Keenan, Treasurer
The Vision of United Methodist Women – Turning faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world.

Membership Secretary’s Report
• Ezra Gregg Welty, September 6, 2015
• Charlotte Carle, September 20, 2015 – member since March 27, 1966
• Clara Morland Rush, June 2, 2015 – constituent and mother of member Susan Staley
• Sue Norton and James Poplin, May 24, 2015
Transfer of Membership
• Dwight Williams to UMC of Gilford-Laconia, January 2015
• Virginia Williams to UMC of Gilford-Laconia, January 2015
• Withdrawal of Membership
• Donald Carle, November 2015
New Members added December 6, 2015
• Deb Batten
• Bruce Batten
• Amy Clason-Gilmet
• Richard Clason
• Richard Clason, II
• Kristel Gatcombe
• Hiel Lindquist
• Susan Lindquist
Total members as of December 31, 2015 = 86
Karen Keenan
Membership Secretary

Peterborough United Methodist Church, Member List as of December 6, 2015
John Banks
Violet Banks
Sandra Banks Proulx
Chris Bartlett
Julia Bartlett
Bruce Batten
Deb Batten
Nancy Belletete
Lucy Jane Benton
Douglas Breda
Sandy Buck
Gladys Bugler
Amy Clason-Gilmet
Richard Clason
Richard Clason II
Jon Cole
Sandra Cole
Michael Crowe
Priscilla Crowe
Ronald Crowe
Deane DeHotman
Jeff Donath
Karen Dreyer Ravndal
Andrew Dunbar
Courtney Dunning
Wendy Dunning
Shannon Dunning Morris
George Eastman
Patricia Echavarria
Cindy Faust
John Faust
Kristel Gatcombe
Steve Gatcombe
Steven Griggs
Ann Hampson
Ed Hernandez
Gail Hernandez
Ernie Hoffman
Gail Hoffman
Dwight Jarest
Arnold Johnson
Robert Johnson
Karen Keenan
Matthew Keenan
Scott Keenan
Staci Keenan
David Ladeau
Ron LaRoche
Patricia Lawn
Hiel Lindquist
Susan Miller-Lindquist
Gloria Lodge Wenblad
Nathan Luscombe
Barbara MacInnes
Janet Mack Lewis
Charlie Munroe
Tammy Munroe
Laura Nerz
Carol Owen
Doris Parry
James Poplin
Sue Poplin
Phyllis Porter
Matt Rajaniemi
Christine Robidoux
Greg Robidoux
Michael Robidoux
Hether Shulman
Kenneth Schultz
Gary Skillings
Susan Staley
Kathleen Stanton
Martin Stanton
Patrick Troy
Robert Venning
Steve Venning
Lynda Volante
Andrew Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein
Liz Welty
Mark Welty
Pamela Welty
Jeff Woodward
John Woodward
Patricia Woodward
Kay Wreck

Lay Leadership
Deane DeHotman (C)
Kristel Gatcombe (C)
Jim Poplin (LL)
Wendy Dunning
Sue Norton Poplin
Pat Woodward
Finance Secretary Ken Schultz (C)
Carol Owen (C)
Jim Poplin (LL)
Julia Bartlett
Steve Griggs
Greg Robidoux
Representative from SPRC (Deane)
Representative from Trustees
Melissa French
Steve Griggs
Jim Poplin
Membership Secretary:
Karen Keenan
Steve Gatcombe
Greg Robidoux
Congregational Care Coordinator:
Gladys Bugler
(with Sue Poplin,
Wendy Dunning,
Kristel Gatcombe, and
Karen Keenan)
Steve Gatcombe (C)
Matt Keenan (C)
Jim Poplin (LL)
Wendy Dunning
Greg Nerz
Mark Welty
Pat Woodward
David Ladeau (C)
Gladys Bugler
Wendy Dunning
Martha Graham
Steve Griggs
Barbara MacInnes
(steps down Jan 2016)
Laura Nerz
Andy Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein (C)
Gladys Bugler
Priscilla Crowe
Linda French
Melissa French
Steve Griggs
Hiel Lindquist
Susan Lindquist
Laura Nerz
Bronwin Southwick
Andy Wallenstein
*C = Chair
*LL = Lay Leader