PUMC 2016 Annual Report

PUMC 2017 Annual Report

Please enjoy our Annual Report for 2017.

PUMC 2017 Annual Report

See it prettified in the PDF, with links and lovely photos: PUMC 2017 Annual Report

Peterborough United Methodist Church
2017 Annual Report

43 Concord St
Peterborough NH 03458
(603) 924-4294

Table of Contents
Pastor’s Report
Lay Leader
Annual Conference
Board of Trustees
Mission Team
Congregational Care
Book Group
Member List
Lay Leadership & Committees
Most Wanted

Dear Friends and Family;
What a year of fellowship, discernment and diving 2017 has been!
True Methodists that we are, our Sizzling Sundays in the church parking lot were a grand time of music, song, and food! Guest musician, Reggie Gerbert and our own Gene Brochu, led us in singing the old hymns, and some even some newer ones. Joys and Praises, Prayer and Conversation filled the air along with bubbles and laughter. And oh! Those BBQ’s!
We spent much time in discernment, prayer, and wrestling with thought provoking questions as were began the process of Naming Our Why.
Great conversation and dialog were held by the participants in both the spring and fall sessions. We were able, as a community, to name PUMC’s “WHY”, the purpose that pulls everything else we do, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will wrap up the Naming Our Why series during the pre-lenten sermon series from The War Room.
And, we dove into the pond and sank to its depths searching and exploring the Holy scriptures. We’ve explored the unknown and uncommon. Not only have we searched out what God is saying to us, but what are we going to do about it.
Lastly, I leave you with these words from the Apostle Paul:
“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen!”
Always Hope!
Pastor Lena

The lay membership at the United Methodist Church (UMC) of Peterborough has had trouble in meeting demands of the programs established from previous years. Members participate in activities for the church but many have experienced overload.
This year we maintained our part time Administrative Assistant position to assist the pastor in the preparation of worship materials and continue to support communication to the church family. Melissa French prepares our newsletter and manages the church website. The church nursery attendant, Ms Brianne Yazzie, provides care for infants and toddlers during church services, so parents may partake in services. The Church sextant is a member, Mr. Andy Dunbar, who is dedicated and reliable in keeping the church neat and ready for services.
We offered Sunday school during worship services this year; however, several families with small children have discontinued attending services and with few, if any, children in attendance classes ceased. We offer our heartfelt gratitude for the work offered by our tireless teachers, Mrs. Susan Lindquist and Mrs. Laura Nerz, and Christian Education Superintendent Andy Dunbar. The church leadership decided not to participate in Vacation Bible School (VBS) this year because there was insufficient number of adults needed to supervise the children.
Our choir continues to offer outstanding performances each week even though their numbers have fallen due to illness and declining attendance. Mrs. Wendy Dunning, our choir director, continues to motivate members to achieve their full potential. Our new organist, Mr. Eugene Brochu, is a fine addition to the music program and improves with each Sunday’s performance.
Small groups have formed in different ways to improve their growth in Christ. During Lent Daryl and Janet Hazel led two groups concentrated on New Testament parables in the book “Parables and Passion” by John Indermark, and the Holy Spirit in a study by Jack Levison entitled “Fresh Air”. Daryl and Janet Hazel also led two groups to study an in-depth verse by verse study of the Letter of James and Adam Hamilton’s book on the Apostles Creed. The book club continues its studies of selected books. A Covenant Discipleship Group formed over the spring and continues to meet each week striving to hold each member accountable to the clauses established by the group and are committed to supporting each other in their life with Christ.
The Prayer Shawl group has knitted and crocheted eighteen prayer shawls in 2017. Pastor Lena blessed these Shawls and distributed 14 shawls to individuals in need of comfort and support during critical periods of their lives. Our Prayer Partners group provides prayers for members, alternating between individuals periodically. This effort builds binding relationships within the body of the church and shows the love and respect we share with our neighbors. Congregants sharing of thought and care among each other hope to improve interrelationships within the body of the church.
Peterborough UMC is a mission-oriented church. The mission team at Peterborough UMC focuses on providing service to others following the path set out for us by Jesus the Christ. The Missions Committee continues to provide outreach to our neighbors through participating in community fairs with displays and information about the church and our programs. The team is also involved in support of programs that reach beyond the local area such as UMC Imagine No Malaria, UMCOR (The UMC’s rapid response disaster teams that provide practical items to those families affected by disasters), and Heifer International financing which funds small businesses in the developing world. The mission team draws attention to the need for funds supporting the Native American Ministries, which provides funds for those seeking to enter the ministry. In addition, members have dedicated time to open our sanctuary to the community for prayer time every Wednesday and especially during times of deep sorrow. The church supported our outreach programs within the community offering suppers to the homeless and those lacking food in our community.
Some of the Church’s community outreach programs include the Open Mic Night which offers a platform for members of the Church and the community to perform their creative gifts and bring joy to those attending. The Church continues to support the local chapter of Al-Anon, providing a secure space for those affected by loved ones suffering from alcohol addiction.
The mission team has spent most of its efforts locally in supporting various programs affecting the lives of families who face financial hardship or abusive living situations. The church has witnessed its faith in supporting the missions of Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter and Shelter from the Storm that provide temporary housing for those families who are without a place to live. The church has for many years provided gifts and financial support to mothers with children who are homeless and find shelter at the New Life Home in Manchester, NH. Further, many team members support the efforts of the Hundred Nights Shelter in Keene NH, which is a homeless shelter in the Monadnock region for those individuals who have no alternative place to stay.
Also, the congregation continues to support other church outreach programs in the community, such as the community Crop Walk fundraiser and Holiday Stroll. The church family also supports the United Methodist Women whose Rummage Sale supported several annual projects. In addition, the congregation continues to welcome visitors to include them in Church family life. We have been able to provide refreshments to attendees following services throughout the year and can point with pride at the selfless and tireless efforts of those volunteers who are committed to maintain the kitchen and fellowship hall.
The leadership of church affairs is conducted primarily through the activities of the SPRC, Trustees, Finance Committee, and Administrative/Church Council who do the work necessary to keep the doors open, lights on, and building warm.
Further, the Trustees continue to look after the facility and the grounds by completing most simple projects themselves and utilizing funds from accounts they manage to pay for improvements from professional vendors without instituting fundraising projects. The church family shows their support by helping at the bi-annual church clean-up days.
We met payments for mission shares last year and our commitments to Ministerial Support this year. However, we have struggled to complete our Mission Shares commitment to the World Service and Conference Benevolence and General Conference Benevolences accounts for the last five months of this year. The church has experienced a significant attendance decline and a simultaneous decline in revenues. During most of the year, church expenditures exceeded receipts by a thousand dollars per month. The Advisory Council has reduced the 2018 budget significantly.
James F. Poplin
Lay Leader

Dear Church Family
Before too much time passes I wanted to share with you what I felt were the highlights of the New England Annual Conference held 15 to 18 June 2017. As your representative, I feel obligated to share a very important aspect of our conference life.
Thursday’s schedule was packed with important Holy Conference business as well as worship activities. If you are enticed by this article, please feel free to visit the Conference website at www.neumc.org that will pull you into the details of most of the activities we experienced.
Two resolutions were passed during the morning session concerning updating the Conference Rules and Conference Policies and Procedures. Although the Rules Committee did offer some editorial changes to the resolutions, no substantive changes were made from the pre-conference materials published prior to the meeting. Of note several clergy and lay persons participated in the updating process on the committee, which was led by Pastor Lourey Savick.
The Conference approved collection of offerings for the Nicaragua Covenant ($4,580), Mission of Peace ($3,258), Ministerial Call Fund ($2,808), and the NE Jurisdictional Multi-ethnic Center ($2,544). Collections were made during worship services over the three days of the Conference as indicated.
Resolutions concerning Clergy Couple Housing and Updated Racial Harassment Policy were approved by the Conference.
On a more somber note, the Conference approved the closing of six churches, i.e., two in Maine, two in Vermont, one in Rhode Island, and one in Massachusetts. The Bishop prayed for the Clergy and Laity who worked hard to save the churches but noted that many of the assets of these churches are used to start new churches. This leaves the conference with 596 active churches. Another Conference action approved the transfer of the Parsonage of the former Grace Immanuel UMC in Waltham, MA to Grace Vision UMC in Watertown, MA.
A memorial Service was held for those Clergy and Spouses that passed during the last year. Pittsburg PA Resident Bishop Cynthia Moore-KoiKoi, this year’s guest speaker, lead the service.
After the morning sessions and service we shared lunch on the lawn of the hotel in downtown Manchester.
The afternoon session was marked by what the Conference termed a Circle Process. Each attendee was given a number on their credentials and invited to convene at a table with that number. The discussions between five to seven individuals, from varied backgrounds, ensued. We watched videos that posed important questions that we were asked to discuss. Each video dealt with different issues surrounding race in our society and its effects on all of us. The videos posed the following questions:
When did I first become conscious of race?
Where have I recognized personal prejudice in myself or others?
Where have I recognized institutional/systemic racism?
What can I do every single day?
I can tell you from my life experience, that racism is alive and growing under today’s society of intolerance and bullying. However, we can lessen its impact if we talk to each other about how it may be affecting the way we interact with each other and open our hearts to understanding its effects on our neighbors and ourselves. What is most important is that once we discuss the effects of racism and understand its impact on us all, we must do something about it.
During his Episcopal Address, Bishop Devadhar stressed the necessity of United Methodists to welcome all people and to open our hearts and minds to the immigrants that are coming to our shores. I do not believe we can ignore what is happening around us and the turmoil it is causing throughout society.
During the Friday session five Constitutional amendments to the Book of Discipline were brought forward for Clergy and Laity to vote for or against. Given that all annual conferences vote on these amendments, the results won’t be known for some time. Our votes are sent to the UMC Council of Bishops, as are all other annual conference ballots. At least a two thirds majority of all votes cast are required to pass an amendment. The amendments were specified in the pre-conference materials available at the conference website.
Also, delegates that represented the conference at the 2016 General Conference were elected to attend the 2019 special session of the General Conference. A motion was introduced to elect a new slate of delegates for the 2019 and 2020 General Conference sessions during next year’s annual conference. Although some indicated that the current list of delegates were not representative of the ethnic mix of the conference, the vote to continue the mission of the 2016 delegates was sustained.
Retiring clergy were recognized. The total years of service to the UMC was 596 years in ministry. The retiring clergy passed a traditional gift to the new clergy entering service, it was a walking stick. It was given to represent the need to get out beyond the walls of the church and on the street to minister and walk with the people where they are.
I was unable to attend the Commissioning service Friday evening due to fatigue. However, two ministers were ordained as full elders, three pastors were commissioned to provisional deacons, and three pastors were commissioned as provisional elders. Having witnessed the ceremony in prior years I can assure you the conference makes sure it was a moving service.
One of the highlights of the Saturday session was the presentation of the Wilbur C. Ziegler Preaching award to Rev Thomas Blackstone, pastor of Pleasant Street UMC in Waterville Valley, Maine. His acceptance speech was a masterful presentation to the Conference. His theme involved asking us to stop putting the Spirit within us into compartments of fear so it can’t change us. He wants us to release that Spirit. His message met with a resounding applause. He is indeed an inspired messenger of our Lord.
Also of note, 19 Local Pastors were licensed by the conference this year. Included among them was a gentleman you may remember who preached at our church this February, now Pastor Bob Stewart.
Resolutions requesting divesture of Motorola, Caterpillar, and Hewlett Packard investment securities and avoiding the purchase of Hewlett Packard products were approved. These firms continue to do business with those involved in the construction of Israel settlements on Palestinian lands of the West Bank. Actions that only drive the two parties further apart.
The conference approved a resolution directing the Conference Secretary to write the Governors, Congressional Representatives, and ranking members of the state legislatures considering laws that forbid any organization from divesting or boycotting a firm or organization. The Conference was informed that some states are considering legislation that would outlaw any protest action. The resolution was entitled: Protecting the Right to Peacefully Address Injustice through Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions.
The Conference also agreed to promote the use of gluten and dairy free products in the making of bread for the communion elements. Many members are affected by these products and although gluten free bread is available, cross contamination is possible. There are many recipes available for making the bread.
I would like to state that the experience was quite moving. To see 1,200 individuals representing churches throughout New England; all with the focus of sharing God’s love for us in so many different but enthusiastic ways is nothing short of inspiring. Thank you for allowing me the honor of representing you at this wonderful event.
James Poplin
Lay Member to the Annual Conference
Lay Leader
Peterborough United Methodist Church

The following is the list of major items the Trustees accomplished in 2017 in addition to the every day requirements as they came up.
• Purchased and installed a keyless entry system with crash bar for the side ramp entrance
• Repaired the lock on the back door and rekeyed it with the basement lock
• Purchased and installed an AED emergency defibrillator in the fellowship hall
• Replaced both sump pumps in the basement and installed a water sensor alarm
• Replaced four aging dimmer switches for the sanctuary ceiling fans and lights
• Had some roof shingles repaired as well as siding and trim, including wood damage replacement behind the trim
• The parking lot was crack filled, sealed and the parking space lines were painted, adding 2 newly defined spaces by the back door and walkway zones
• Solicited competitive bids for snow removal and changed contractors to reduce overall expenses
I would like to thank all the board members for their incredible service and support. It has been a pleasure to be on the board and to serve as chair for the last several years.
An individual thank you goes to Greg Nerz who also has stepped down at the end of 2017 after serving as board Treasurer for several years, and to Mark Welty for taking over that role.
Respectfully submitted,
Matt Keenan – Outgoing Chair
Steve Gatcombe – Vice Chair
Greg Nerz – Outgoing Treasurer
Pat Woodward – Secretary
Ron Crowe – Honorary Member
Wendy Dunning
Mark Welty

Missions Team Report
This year the Missions Team members are Linda and Andy Wallenstein, Susan and Hiel Lindquist, Karen Dude, Christine Robidoux, and Laura Constantine. Thank you to all of you for your dedication to providing direction for our church in our goal to reach others with the love of Christ.
This year we struggled with trying to start a helping ministry to reach out to help our neighbors. We were unable to get this idea off the ground, but we are still committed to reaching out and will be working on new approaches.
We did some fund-raising for local and international ministries. A cupcake fundraiser for Imagine No Malaria raised $533. A Shepherd’s Pie Dinner raised $1000 that was split between Shelter From the Storm and Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter. Our congregation donated $101 to the UMCOR special offering for Somalia. Special Sunday Offerings brought in $224 for Peace with Justice, $134 for Human Relations Day, and $86 for Native American Ministries. During the Christmas season, our church children raised enough money for the NH food bank to provide over 1000 meals!
You gave in many other ways besides by giving money. Many people volunteered their time and talent to bake cupcakes and work at the dinner. You brought in clothing, blankets, and furniture for a family from Francestown that lost their home to fire. Easter baskets brimming with candy and toys brought in by you were given to the children of families served by MATS, SFTS, and New Life Home. Christmas gifts were provided for the mothers and children at New Life Home. Generous members of the congregation provided 3 tablet computers for children from our church family at Christmas time. We were able to provide nine backpacks stuffed with school supplies and lunch boxes to the MATS children because of your donations of money and materials. We plan to be at the Peak Into Peterborough festival on October 14, focusing on fun activities for children, and you can help us by volunteering to be at our booth.

The Missions Team hosted an opportunity for community-building by attending the Faith & Family Night at the Fisher Cat game in August. Three church families attended and we donated 4 tickets to a MATS family.
On July 28, 7 teenagers and 4 adults from the Peterborough United Methodist Church plus 2 teen friends from the community traveled to Portland Maine to provide service to the Preble St Mission program. They prepared food, served food, washed dishes and provided clean up after the meals on 7/29 and 7/30. They provided service to over 300 people on each day. The evenings and free time was spent swimming, playing games, camping experience, and sharing the experience of providing service to people in need. Each youth verbalized a desire to do it again. The expense for the trip was over $700.00 and was provided by generous donations from members of our church family.

Church children raised money at the Jaffrey Christmas Fair for the NH Food Bank – they were able to raise enough for over 1000 meals!
Please consider joining us as we finish out this year with more missions activities. We are very open to new members and new ideas! And thank you for giving to the Lord through all of the activities at PUMC!
Respectfully submitted,
Laura Constantine and Linda Wallenstein

Members: Gladys Bugler, Linda Wallenstein, Kristel Gatcombe, and Sue Norton Poplin
The Congregational Care Committee’s (CCC) purpose is to reach out to individuals in the congregation who are ill, have suffered a loss or are going through some kind of trauma or difficult time. This can be done in any number of ways: by handwritten notes or letters, by email, by telephone, in person or through social media.
This year the CCC was organized into four specific care areas with one member assigned to each area. The job description and the person responsible for each area is listed below:
Food Help Coordinator is Gladys Bugler.
Gladys organizes food distribution for the sick or grieving.
Grief Coordinator is Kristel Gatcombe.
Kristel sends out a four-part series of books to members or member’s families experiencing grief
Transportation Coordinator is Linda Wallenstein.
Linda provides or facilitates transportation for members needing rides to church, doctor appointments etc. as needed.
Card Care Coordinator is Sue Norton Poplin.
Sue sends out get well cards or sympathy cards to members or member’s families when needed.
This past year the CCC has reached out to many members and member’s families in all four areas of care.
As Christians we all should remember that help need not stop with this committee. God asks us to care for one another: 1 John 3:17 “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”
Submitted by Sue J. Norton Poplin

This year has been full of ‘interesting’ reads. Some were well-received by the group and some got resounding ‘raspberries’. None were so bad that we regretted being part of the group, though. The membership has hovered around 5 with some guests attending with members on occasion and some members falling by the wayside, as they moved on to other book and Bible study groups and other churches. In an effort to reach out to the community, the group has opted to move its meetings to community locations. RiverMead, the local public libraries, local restaurants/coffee shops have been suggested. Another change for the group has been its meeting time. The group seemed to be in conflict with other study groups when it scheduled its Wednesday evening meetings, so it has opted to begin meeting during the day …it’s hoped that readers who don’t like being on the road after dark will feel easier about joining in the group meetings. Stay tuned!
2017 PUMC Book Group members have included: Ken Schultz, Carol Owen, Karen Dude, Ken Constantine, Laura Constantine, Susan Lindquist
PUMC Books for 2017
January – LaRose – Louise Erdrich / Attendance – 5
February – The Rise of the Rocket Girls – Nathalia Holt / Attendance – 5
March – break for Lenten study groups
April – Mary Called Magdalene – Margaret George /Attendance – 4
May – The Stars Are Fire – Anita Shreve/Attendance – 4
June – A Man Called Ove – Fredrik Backman/Attendance – 5
September – Swimming Lessons – Claire Fuller/ – 5
October – no meeting
November – Shanghai Faithful – Betrayal and Forgiveness in A Chinese Christian Family – 5
December – no meeting

The organized unit of the United Methodist Woman shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

Susan Lindquist presented the March meeting program on KIVA and shared a book by the co-founder of the group. Jessica Jackley’s book is ”Clay, Water, Brick- Finding Inspiration From Entrepreneurs Who Do The Most With The Least.” The book has been added to the church library.
The May meeting was held at noon with those attending bringing a bag lunch. Pastor Lena shared the history and work of the Hundred Nights Shelter in Keene.
A very successful rummage sale was held in May. This paid for Arun’s sponsorship and other mission projects. UMW was able to continue providing the Upper Room for the church congregation this year.
The annual June Salad Supper was enjoyed at Priscilla Crowe’s home. This is always an evening of delicious food and wonderful fellowship.
The October meeting was held at noon with lunch provided. Janet Hazel reviewed the book- “Courageous Faith-My Story From a Life of Obedience” by Charles Stanley.
Karen Keenan led a workshop making pinecone turkeys to sell at the Holiday Fair.
Janet Hazel hosted the December meeting at her home in Francestown. Sue Norton showed and explained her plexiglass collage titled “Who Tells The Truth.” The annual cookie exchange was held.
Our year-end money distribution was $75 to the UMW district for our pledge to missions and $50 to UMCOR designated for Puerto Rico.
Carol Owen- President
Susan Lindquist- Secretary
Karen Keenan- Treasurer

PUMC began 2017 with 133 on our membership rolls and ended with 125 members.

Sadly, seven members died this year:
Melvin Pierce
Doris Parry
Sandra Banks Proulx
Kay Wreck
John Faust
Noreen Whippie
Additionally, Francis Grose passed away this fall. Francis was not on our membership rolls, but was a member of the PUMC family!
All of these fine people are greatly missed.
Additionally, one family withdrew their membership: Marty and Kathy Stanton.
In December a mailing was sent to those members who have not been in church attendance for some time. The purpose of this mailing is to keep in touch and ensure we have up to date contact information for them. We expect that a few members may withdraw their membership and we hope that this letter may remind these folks that we remain their church family and we are here for them, should they need us!
Submitted by,
Karen Keenan

Peterborough United Methodist Church, MEMBER LIST as of December 31, 2017

Nancy Baldvins
John Banks
Violet Banks
Chris Bartlett
Julia Bartlett
Bruce Batten
Deb Batten
Nancy Belletete
David Bemis
John Bemis
Randy Bemis
Lucy Jane Benton
Peggy Berg
Richard Berg
Douglas Breda
Sandy Buck
Gladys Bugler
Dot Cass
Bethany Castagua
Amy Clason-Gilmet
Richard Clason
Richard Clason II
Jon Cole
Sandra Cole
Kenneth Constantine
Laura Constantine
Leslie Crossmon
Debra Lee Crowe Gilpin
Michael Crowe
Priscilla Crowe
Ronald Crowe
Larry Cummings
Deane DeHotman
Eileene Descoteaux
Thomas Descoteaux
Martha Donachie
Matthew Donachie
Jeff Donath
Karen Dreyer Ravndal
Andrew Dunbar
Courtney Dunning
Wendy Dunning
Shannon Dunning Morris
George Eastman
Patricia Echavarria
Cindy Faust
Kim Flanders
Kristel Gatcombe
Steve Gatcombe
Steven Griggs
Ann Hampson
Ed Hernandez
Gail Hernandez
Carol Hill
Rosamond Hoffay
Ernie Hoffman
Gail Hoffman
Michelle Isabelle
Dwight Jarest
Arnold Johnson
Robert Johnson
Barbara Kauppi
Karen Keenan
Matthew Keenan
Scott Keenan
Staci Keenan
Harry Kelley
Margie Kelley
Dorothy Labar
David Ladeau
Ron LaRoche
Patricia Lawn
Donna LeBlanc
Hiel Lindquist
Susan (Miller)Lindquist
Gloria Lodge Wenblad
Lucinda Lowell
Tom Lowell
Nathan Luscombe
Janet Mack Lewis
Marcy (Garrison) McStravick
Charlie Munroe
Tammy Munroe
Laura Nerz
Billi-Jo Ogo
Eno Ogo
Carol Owen
Mandy Pahl
Krishni Pahl
Edward Pahl
James Poplin
Sue Norton Poplin
Phyllis Porter
Liz Price
Daniel Price
Matt Rajaniemi
Christine Robidoux
Greg Robidoux
Michael Robidoux
Linda Rockwell
Robin Rockwell
Kenneth Schultz
Tricia Sears
John Sears
Hether Shulman
Gary Skillings
Susan Staley
George Streeter
Sherry Sullivan
Doris Tolman
Patrick Troy
Alei Verdi
Robert Venning
Steve Venning
Lynda Volante
Andrew Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein
Jean Walthour
George Walthour
Liz Welty
Mark Welty
Pamela Welty
Jeff Woodward
John Woodward
Patricia Woodward
Total 125

Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Co-Lay Leader: Sue Norton-Poplin

Priscilla Crowe
Susan Lindquist
Laura Nerz
Jim Poplin
Greg Robidoux

Staff-Pastor Relations Committee (SPRC): An effective committee builds a strong positive relationship between staff and congregation so that the congregation makes disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This committee will work with the lead pastor and other staff to fulfill legal and ethical responsibilities related to staff.
Chair: Laura Nerz
Co-Chair: Sue Norton-Poplin

Laura Nerz
Carol Owen
Jim Poplin
Dr Phyllis Porter
Andrew Wallenstein

Board of Trustees: Effective trustees will function as Christian stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of the congregation and gifts made to the congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective and all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied.

Chair: []

Andrew Dunbar
Wendy Dunning
Steve Gatcombe
Mark Welty
Pat Woodward
*Ron Crowe Honorary Trustee

Finance Committee: The finance committee annually compiles a budget for supporting the mission and vision of the local church and submits the budget to the church leadership team for review and adoption. During the year, the finance team recommends any changes to the approved annual budget to the church leadership team. This team is responsible for developing and carrying out plans to raise enough income to support the budget that has been approved.
Finance Chair: Richard Clason Sr

Member of the SPRC: []
Member of Trustees: []
Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Sue Norton-Poplin (Co-Lay Leader)
Financial Secretary:
Laura Constantine
Treasurer: Greg Robidoux

Administrative/Church Council: The church council is the administrative agency of the charge conference to envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the ministry of the congregation.
Chair: Hiel Lindquist

Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Co-Lay Leader: Sue Norton-Poplin
Chair of SPRC: Laura Nerz
Chair of Finances: Richard Clason Sr
Chair of Trustees: [] TBA
Treasurer: Greg Robidoux
President of UMW: Carol Owen
Worship Committee Chair:
Susan Lindquist
Missions Committee Chair:
Laura Constantine
Member At Large: Priscilla Crowe
Member At Large: Matt Keenan
Membership Chair: Karen Keenan

Worship Committee: This committee knows the goals of the congregation in order to support and expand the ministry goals through worship. Coordinate with the Pastor and worship leaders. Support worship by identifying, training and supporting worship leaders such as acolytes, scripture leaders, ushers, greeters, artists and others. Encourage a team approach to worship planning led by the pastor.
Chair: Susan Lindquist
Choir Director: Wendy Dunning
Organist: Gene Brochu
Liturgist Coordinator: []
Usher Coordinator: Andrew Dunbar
Altar Coordinator: []
Communion Steward:
Lindquists & Nerz
Flowers: Amy Clason-Gilmet
Worship “Teams” created as needed

Missions/Outreach Committee:

Chair: Laura Constantine

Hiel Lindquist
Susan Lindquist
Christine Robidoux
Andrew Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein

Sunday School The committee will develop and carry out plans to promote attendance and participation in the church program for nurture and growth such as church school, and Sunday school.
Superintendent: Andrew Dunbar

Teacher: []
Teacher: []
Teacher: []
Teacher: []

Congregation Care Team:
Coordinator: Sue Norton-Poplin
Transportation Organizer: Linda Wallenstein

Membership Secretary: Karen Keenan

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor:
Melissa French
Child Care Provider: Brianne Yazzi

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PUMC is offering a free church development resource. Know Your Why – Church Life Jar, a workbook for any church leader: Peterborough United Methodist Church embarked on a journey of self-discovery in the spring of 2017. PUMC has been considering what their big rock is for their life jar, the Why that goes in first. They have developed a free workbook for church leaders.
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HOMECOMING Sunday is September 17th! Celebrating the return of the Choir and Small Group Ministries! The Worship service at 10 am is going to be a joyous blend of the choir sing, hymn sing, and poetry/readings. Dinner will be an old-fashioned family dinner complete with ham, baked mac and cheese, beans, salads and brown bread! 43 Concord St, Peterborough
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School bags for the kids at Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter and Shelter From the Storm are on their way! (Wow! L L Bean bags!) Thank you to everyone who helped with this project.
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Thank you to everyone who came for Homecoming! Welcome back!
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Submitted by Melissa French

Not sure who someone is?
Here are the people most likely to be pointed out for a newcomer.
Lena Mark, Pastor
Jim Poplin, Lady Leader
Susan Lindquist, Worship Committee
Wendy Dunning, Choir Director
Gene Brochu, Organist
Melissa French, Pastor’s Admin Assistant