PUMC 2018 Annual Report

Please enjoy our Annual Report for 2018.

PUMC 2018 Annual Report

Peterborough United Methodist Church
2018 Annual Report

43 Concord St
Peterborough NH 03458
(603) 924-4294

Wesleyan Covenant Prayer 4
Pastor’s Report 5
Lay Leader 7
Annual Conference 12
Worship 22
Board of Trustees 24
Finance 25
PUMC Expenses 26
Treasurer 28
Missions Team 9
Men’s Group 33
Stone Soup Night 33
Congregational Care 34
Book Group 36
United Methodist Women 37
Membership 38
Member List 39
Lay Leadership & Committees 40
Communications 43
Attendance 44
Most Wanted 45
Programs 46


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
In January of 2018, I wrote in my Spiritual Prayer Journal asking God to help me find a beloved community of faith that wanted to care deeply for all of God’s people. On April 1, 2018, the District Superintendent, Rev. Taesung Kang, asked me to stand in as your Interim Pastor until the July Appointment cycle. After meeting with SPRC, taking time to pray, and a second conversation with Rev. Kang, I accepted his invitation and your approval to continue as the appointed Pastor here at Peterborough UMC. I have been deeply blessed in these past nine months, as the Holy Spirit has empowered us all with many opportunities. The laity will describe them in detail in this annual report.
My message is less about the specifics and more about the joy I have found in ministry with all of you. Yes, we have been able to pay all Mission responsibilities—even to cover last year’s debts. We have seen a healthy attendance on Sundays. We have had Bible studies online and in class, and we have watched the participation in the Open Mic Nights blossom. We explored Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life, conducted Advent classes, created a Children’s Church component of Sunday Worship, joined with All Saints to provide the youth a chance to participate in a mission trip to understand people who are homeless, established professional direction in the nursery and entered 2019 with a class in World Religions that has over 25 members. Additionally, in November, I was able to offer and Advanced Laity class on prayer. Recently, the District Superintendent has asked me to offer a Basic Lay Leader class this year, as well as a work shop on Spirituality in March. PUMC is providing many opportunities for people in this local community. We now have a youth member on our Council who is excited to help us find ways to invite more young people to participate in our ministries. None of this could have happened without God’s strength and many people stepping up to help. The leadership of our Admin Council chair; magnificent Breakfasts that are offered on second and fourth Sundays; a strong Lay Leader, Jim Poplin, who made sure a Lenten service was coordinated when a pastor was unable; the Congregational Care team; the Yard Sale group; the Holiday Stroll committee; the people who take notes and set up meetings; the UMW; the Choir and Choir Director and Organist; the Missions Team that went to Texas and some of them will go to Boston this week; the devoted Worship team and liturgists; the people who stepped in to preach when asked; the teachers for Children’s Church; the Covenant group; the Men’s group; the Book Club; Dr. Porter’s Prayer Partners; the 100 Nights meals; the Trustees; a faithful Andy Dunbar who cares for the facility; the quilters and prayer shawl creators; Ron Crowe’s efforts to help us in the time of the flood this summer; Melissa French and Bruce Batten each discovering times when the heat went out; the Treasurer and Finance Secretary; SPRC; the Membership Secretary; the New Life home gifts; Melissa French’s help on all fronts as the pastor’s assistant (I do not want to leave anyone one out but I know I will so please forgive me) all of you deserve a huge, “Thank you.” When we had a need, we only had to ask once.
So now we are trying to discern: “What next? Where does God want us to focus? Where is the Holy Spirit leading us? We had our first Vision and Ministry Planning Session on February 2, 2019 led by Administrative Council Chair, Hiel Lindquist. It was a good session with diverse comments and exciting suggestions. We will share what we learned with the entire congregation and follow through by continuing to discern prayerfully what next steps God is calling us to take. We hope to collaborate with All Saints to offer a Vacation Bible School this summer, we have Lenten classes lined up to start on March 6, and Janet Hazel is creating opportunities for small groups to study and practice the Spiritual Disciplines so people can explore a deeper personal relationship with Jesus and each other.
I was only with you for nine months of last year. However, I am filled with enthusiasm and excitement as we enter 2019. Where will the Holy Spirit will lead us? How will we discover more ways to fulfill the mission of helping people find their calling as disciples of Jesus Christ? I am eager to know, how about you?

The United Methodist Church (UMC) of Peterborough shows positive signs of rebounding from a recent decline experience in 2017. The church is mission-oriented and some members have experienced overload. We are hopeful that the affect of new leadership will inspire others to pitch in and add their support to our growing missions programs.
This year we expanded our part time Administrative Assistant position to assist the pastor in the preparation of worship materials and improve communications actions for the church family. Melissa French prepares our newsletter and manages the church website and Facebook page. The church added a new nursery attendant, Mrs. Courtney Deschenes, who works with Ms Brianne Yazzie supporting our nursery services. The church provides care for infants and toddlers during church services, so parents may attend services, guilt free. The Church sextant, Mr. Andy Dunbar, ensures the church is neat and ready for services each week.
We have instituted Sunday school during worship services this year and families with children are attending services. We are fortunate to have several members who support Sunday School activities. Our Sunday School leaders are Mrs. Linda Wallenstein, Mrs. Laura Nerz, and Mrs. Susan Campbell-Halley, and our Sunday School Superintendent, Mr. Andy Dunbar. Although unable to support Vacation Bible School (VBS) this summer due to leadership changes, the church is looking to participate in a VBS next year and plans to form a committee to look into supporting a youth group with one of our neighboring churches.
Our choir provides outstanding music for our services each week. Mrs. Wendy Dunning, our choir director, continues her service of over 35 years with the uncanny ability to motivate and draw full potential from each member. The church honored her service to the church family during our annual Homecoming Service. Our organist, Mr. Eugene Brochu, has continued to improve and enhance our worship services, as he is becoming more familiar with our protestant music.
Small groups studies continue to add substance to the transformation of many on their faith journey. The Covenant Discipleship Group continues to meet each week striving to hold each member accountable to the clauses established by the group and are committed to supporting each other in their life with Christ. Rev. Card our newly appointed pastor, has led study groups in Tommy Newberry’s “40 Days to a Joy Filled Life” and has begun a series on “the life and writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.” Rev. Card is preparing a study for Advent on Adam Hamilton’s work “The Journey.”
The Prayer Shawl group has knitted and crocheted over 12 prayer shawls in the last year, Rev. Card Blessed these Prayer Shawls during services this summer. These Shawls are distributed to individuals in need of comfort and support during critical periods of their lives. Our Prayer Partners group continues to offer prayers for members alternating between individuals periodically. This effort builds binding relationships within the body of the church and shows love and respect we share with our neighbors.
As a mission-oriented church, Peterborough UMC’s focus is on providing service to others following the path set out for us by Jesus the Christ. The Missions Committee, led by Mrs. Laura Constantine, continues providing outreach to our neighbors through participating in community fairs with displays and information about the church and our programs. The team is also involved in support of programs that reach beyond the local area such as UMCOR (The UMC’s rapid-response disaster teams that provide practical items to those families affected by disasters), and raising funds to support the Native American Ministries, which helps those seeking to enter the ministry. The missions team supported our outreach programs within the community offering suppers to the homeless and donating food to local food banks for those lacking food in our communities. This year we began offering free breakfasts every other Sunday to the community and we have received a positive response.
One of the more outstanding efforts of the team was the mission to Huston TX. Combined with the United Methodist Church of Milford, a youth group and adults from both churches traveled to Houston TX to participate in a nationwide group effort to assist home owners as they try to recover from the damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. We fully recognize the importance of this mission and honor their contributions. This follows a similar mission last year to Maine in which our youth participated in efforts to prepare and serve meals to those who were homeless and without financial means.
The mission team has spent most of its efforts locally in supporting various programs affecting the lives of families who face financial hardship or abusive living situations. The church has witnessed its faith in supporting the missions of Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter and Shelter from the Storm. Both programs provide temporary housing for those families who are without a place to live. The church has for many years provided gifts and financial support to mothers with children who are homeless and find shelter at the New Life Home in Manchester, NH. Further, many team members support the efforts of the 100 Nights Shelter in Keene NH, which is the default homeless shelter in NH for those individuals who have no alternative place to stay.
Some of the Church’s community outreach programs included the Open Mic Night that offers a venue for members and the public to perform their creative gifts and bring joy to those attending. The Church has opened its doors to the local chapter of Al-Anon providing a secure space for those affected by loved ones suffering from alcohol addiction.
Also, the members continue to support other church outreach programs in the community, such as, the community Crop Walk and Holiday Stroll. Members also supported the Rummage and Yard Sale which enabled the church to support several annual projects. The United Methodist Women organized a Bake Sale and donation program to raise funds to support a child in a Christian orphanage and school in India and also obtain Upper Room magazines for the congregation. In addition, the membership continues to provide refreshments to attendees following services throughout the year and can point with pride at the selfless and tireless efforts of those volunteers who are committed to maintain the kitchen and fellowship hall.
Mark Welty represented the church at the New England Annual Conference as our Lay Member to the Annual Conference. Mark also presented a moving message to the congregation this year as did Janet Hazel, Dr. Phyllis Porter, and Pastor Arnie Johnson.
The leadership and management of church affairs is conducted primarily through the activities of the Church Council, SPRC, and Finance committees who do the work necessary to keep the doors open, lights on, and building warm. Further, the Trustees continue to look after the facility and the grounds by completing most simple projects themselves and utilizing funds from accounts they manage to pay for improvements from professional vendors without instituting fundraising projects. Members show their support by helping at the bi-annual church clean-up days.
The church was able to fully fund our mission shares for 2017 this summer and has met payment requirements thus far this year. Since Reverend Card began her appointment as our pastor, church financial health has improved significantly.
Jim Poplin

New England Conference of the United Methodist Church
Mark Welty, Alternate Lay Member of Annual Conference
Peterborough UMC
James Poplin, Lay Leader of Peterborough UMC, is also PUMC’s Lay Member of Annual Conference. As such, Jim represents us at the Annual Conference Sessions of the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church. The 2018 Annual Conference Sessions were held in Manchester, NH on June 14-16, 2018. Jim had a schedule conflict on those dates, so he asked our congregation for a volunteer at attend on his behalf. I volunteered to be our “Alternate Lay Member” for the 2018 conference sessions, and was able to attend almost all of the conference events and vote on behalf of PUMC during the various resolutions and issues that were considered by the conference participants.
Here are the significant events and highlights of the conference, organized by day, based upon my notes and assembled with additional information on the conference proceedings from the New England UMC website, www.neumc.org.
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
As it does each year, the Preachers’ Aid Society of New England hosted a lunch for clergy on the day before the Annual Conference session begins. The lunch is a time for fellowship and to recognize those who are marking 50 years of ordained ministry, those transitioning to retirement, as well as those who will be ordained in 2018.
At the June 13 luncheon, the Preachers’ Aid Society announced it has received the largest single gift in its 186-year history. In April, the Rev. Carl Siktberg of West Springfield, MA, made a gift of $587,338.60 to the society. Preachers’ Aid Executive Director Wes Palmer presented Rev. Siktberg with a plaque. Rev. Siktberg served churches on Martha’s Vineyard and South Hadley-Holyoke before retiring in 1995.
Karen Pehrson, chair, and the Rev. Garvin Warden of the Provisional Camp and Retreat Ministries (CRM) Executive Board, appealed to lunch attendees to share their corporate knowledge about the Conference’s camp and retreat centers – most of which have new leadership. A form was available at the CRM display table for people to share knowledge about decisions, events, and program origins. Rolling Ridge and Camp Mechuwana will celebrate their 70th anniversaries this year; Aldersgate is 73, Wanakee, 57, and Covenant Hills, 29 years old.
The annual presentation of the Blaine and Lois Taylor Fellowship Award, which honors retired clergy and surviving spouses with significant years of distinguished pastoral service, also takes place at this event.

Thursday, June 14, 2018
RS-18-101 – OFFERINGS AT ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018 – approved and will be referred to the Committee on Rules for inclusion in the Conference’s Policies and Procedures.
• The Offering during the Thursday Evening episcopal evening support Mission of Peace (MOP)
• The Offering at the Ordination/Commissioning Service be designated for the Ministerial Call Fund
• The Offering at the Saturday Morning worship be designated for (UMCOR) the United Methodist Committee on Relief and designated for U.S. disasters
• UMCOR kits will be assembled and collected during Conference
Approved suspending the rules in order to accept late reports from the Personnel Committee and the Conference Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM) for the Conference Journal.
Outgoing Equitable Compensation Chair David Nicol highlighted the portion of the resolution covering “Vacation, Sabbath, Continuing Education, Spiritual Renewal, and other Leave or Time Away …” The recommendation, he said, was created in cooperation with the bishop and Cabinet in order to “clarify things we hope have already been true for clergy in the Annual Conference.”
• Every pastor in the Annual Conference shall be entitled to and shall be granted at least 4 weeks of working time (including 4 Sundays) of Vacation regardless of appointment status, time, or years of service.
• Every pastor in the Annual Conference shall be entitled to at least one day off from vocational ministry during a normal work week, regardless of appointment status, time, or years of service. The Annual Conference strongly urges clergy to do all in their power to keep at least one day of Sabbath apart from their Pastoral work in any given week as an example of practicing spiritual renewal, spiritual self-care, and Christian devotion. Clergy and congregations should feel empowered to support time away from vocational ministry which reflects the secular weekend model of at least two days away from one’s vocation in any given week.
• Every pastor in the Annual Conference shall be entitled to at least 1 week per year of Continuing Education, but in accordance with their plan for Continuing Education may negotiate more, including that it may include at least one month during one year of every quadrennium, in accordance with ¶ 350 of the 2016 Book of Discipline.
• Every pastor in the Annual Conference shall be entitled to at least 1 week per year of Spiritual Renewal in addition to Continuing Education and Vacation.
• Every pastor in the Annual Conference shall be entitled to at least 1 week per year of Camp and Retreat Ministries service as part of their connectional ministry, which shall not be deducted from their Continuing Education, Spiritual Renewal, or Vacation.
Rev. Nicol has accepted an appointment in the Upper New York Conference. The Rev. Pat McHugh will serve as chair of Equitable Compensation.

Opening Worship
The opening worship service was the annual memorial service, honoring NEUMC clergy and laity recently passed away. Our guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Hill, Dean of Marsh Chapel at Boston University, reminded conference attendees, “Death makes us mortal. Facing death makes us human.”
Budget Presentation
Council on Finance and Administration Chair Rev. Ralph Howe and Conference Treasurer Bill Burnside presented the 2019 proposed budget. The budget vote is scheduled for Saturday.
Bishop Devadhar gives Episcopal Address
Speaking about the “elephant in the room,” Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar said, “We do ministry together until we are unified. We do not become unified in order to get ministry done.”
Worship Design Team: Fabric and ‘tiny altars’
The team talked about their process for designing the worship space.
Laity Session
The 2018 Laity Session included music by the Medford, MA, Mosaic Chapel Praise Team, a skit about the founding of the United Methodist Women and a discussion about culture by Sally White, who is from Guyana.
Retirees honored
The 2018 class of retirees was recognized by the Board of Ordained Ministry. Bishop Devadhar asked the retirees each to offer a word of wisdom to the body. Here are a couple:
“With God all things are possible, so expect surprises.”
“There’s joy in everything God calls you to do – it might be painful joy, but it’s joy.”
United Methodist Men
New England Conference UMM President Tom Leach, spoke of his vision for recognizing and revitalizing men’s ministry in the Conference, and sharing the resources available from the national UMM. He spoke about the UMM initiative, AMEND Together, to combat domestic violence.

United Methodist Women
The United Methodist Women’s presentation focused on the work they are doing on maternal and infant mortality. The U.S. has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world. And African American women are at even greater risk. To highlight the issue, members told the stories of real women who died from complications that could have been prevented or treated. UMW is engaged in direct service as well as advocacy and education around this issue.
Guests from Samnam Conference, South Korea
Bishop Young-Hwa Kwon, Samnam Conference of the Korean Methodist Church, brought greetings to the Annual Conference on Thursday evening. The bishop said he hoped President Trump’s recent summit with North Korea would help bring about peace. “I invite you to continue to pray for peace and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula.”
Bishop Kwon and the Rev. Seok-Jae Jang, secretary of the Samnam conference, were guests at the 2018 Annual Conference session. The New England Conference and the Samnam Conference are working on a creating a sister conference relationship. Members of the Samnam Conference visited Annual Conference in 2016. Bishop Devadhar and a group from New England were planning to make a pilgrimage to South Korea in fall 2018.
General Board on Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM)
The Rev. Dr. Kim Cape, general secretary of the GBHEM, brought greetings from the board. Dr. Cape commended Bishop Devadhar for his service on the Central Conference Theological Education Commission, which oversees $10 million in grants to support theological education in the Central Conferences.
History Award Presented
The Historical Society of the United Methodist Church (HSUMC) presented one of its annual Ministry of Memory Awards during the Annual Conference session on Thursday, June 14, 2018. The award recognizes individuals who have done outstanding work in the area of archives and history at the local church, annual conference, or jurisdictional level. The Rev. Pat Thompson, New England Conference Historian, presented the award to the Rev. Dr. John Topolewski, who is one of two recipients for 2018. The other award will be presented at the annual meeting of the HSUMC in July in Dayton, Ohio. Rev. Topolewski is a retired member of the Susquehanna Conference; he serves the Church of the Good Shepherd in Newport, NH. His wife, Nancy, spoke on his behalf, quoting Elie Wiesel, who said “God created man because God loves stories.” In their decades of ministry, she said, she and her husband tried to “tell the stories of those in our care” and do the ministry of memory. The Annual Conference approved the inclusion of Rev. Nancy Topolewski’s complete remarks in the 2018 Conference Journal.

Friday, June 15, 2018
Service of Ordination and Commissioning
The New England Annual Conference welcomed seven commissionees and seven ordinands. “We are called to take risks,” Bishop Devadhar told the new clergy. “Are you willing to jump into this exciting adventure of faith without a safety net?”
Bible Study
Annual Conference guest preacher the Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Hill led Bible study on Galatians 3:28. In introducing Dr. Hill, Mid-Maine District Superintendent Karen Munson characterized the Bible study as “the very best” of Annual Conference, and told participants, who were breakfasting, “The food that comes next, the soul food, will carry you on throughout [the day].”
Opening worship
The Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Hill gave a sermon titled “Sweet Chariot” during Friday’s opening worship. He preached on 2 Kings 2: 1-12. Rev. Hill told participants what it means when, at the end of our earthly lives, that sweet chariot swings low, coming for to carry us home. A gifted speaker, Rev. Hill made that chariot real – for everyone in that room.
Circle Process
This discussion during this year’s Circle Process time centered on the 2018 Annual Conference theme: Vital Conversations: Culture. Participants heard stories from Circle Process Team members of their experiences with cultural differences, and discussed five questions. Circle Process Team member Dan Genannt described the questions this way: “The questions to be posed for Circle Process today are intended to help us learn about the gifts and graces of other cultures by asking us to identify those ourselves,” he said. “We’ll also take lessons from The Anatomy of Peace a book by The Arbinger Institute that’s been on the recommended reading list of our Bishop. We’ll take a look at how we approach each other and our different cultural norms.” The five questions for consideration were:
• What is a favorite food/recipe from when you were a child?
• What is a gift that my culture offers to others?
• When have I received a gift from another culture?
• What makes it hard for me to offer a heart of peace?
• When have I unexpectedly been offered a heart of peace?
Participants were given step-by-step instructions for how to use Circle Process in their own contexts and a covenant for the process; they were also given bracelets that read “Differences make a difference.”

Historical Questions
The 2018 class of ordinands were asked the historical questions before the body.
One Matters Awards
Three churches in New England received One Matters Awards. These awards recognize churches that, in 2017, received a high percentage of professions of faith (relative to average worship attendance), baptized both children and adults, and are focused on the process of making disciples of Jesus Christ.
This year’s honorees were:
• Trinity UMC in Springfield, MA
• First UMC in Pittsfield, MA
• People’s UMC in Fremont, NH
State of the Church Report
The Rev. René Perez, Dean of the Cabinet and Central Massachusetts District Superintendent gave the annual State of the Conference Report on behalf of his colleagues on the Appointive Cabinet.
Statistician’s Report
When she gave her annual report to the conferees, New England Conference statistician Joy Mueller had a question for the members of Annual Conference – How well do you know the New England Annual Conference by the numbers? To find out, Mueller gave members a 12-question quiz, which you can try for yourself here:

Click to access 2017+statistician+quiz.pdf

Consent Calendar
Annual Conference members approved the consent calendar, as published in the pre-conference materials, with no changes.
Constitutional Amendment
Due to an error in the text of one of the five constitutional amendments approved by the 2016 UMC General Conference, Annual Conference members re-voted on Amendment I on Friday afternoon. Ballots are tallied, but the results of the vote are not released. The votes of the annual conferences will be ratified and the results announced by the Council of Bishops. More information on the text error in the proposed constitutional amendment and the process for re-voting can be found at this link:

Church Closings
The Annual Conference approved the motions to discontinue four churches. Churches, not the Conference, make the decision to close, and the decisions must then be approved by the Annual Conference.
• Faith United Parish in Fitchburg, MA
• First United Parish in Everett, MA
• Uncasville UMC in Uncasville, CT
• West Unity Community UMC in West Unity, NH
In the State of the Conference address, Cabinet Dean Rene Perez said, “We thank God for their ministry, their witness, the history, and the impact they made in their communities and our connection.”
From the Committee on Rules
RS-18-211 – BOM BACKGROUND AND CREDIT CHECK REQUIREMENTS FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE NOT U.S. CITIZENS – vote was postponed until Saturday so members could all see the resolution and the committee can perfect the language
Sale of Property at Camp Mechuwana
Renewal of the Nicaragua Covenant
• $3,827 was received in the Episcopal Night offering for the Mission of Peace
• $3,357 was received in the Ordination and Commissioning Service offering for the Ministerial Education Fund
New building, Other Properties
Bernie Campbell, president of the Board of Trustees, offered an update on the new Conference Center in Methuen, MA. The offices were expected to open on June 25, 2018.
Campbell also offered an update on the current building at 276 Essex St., Lawrence, MA. Potential buyers raised a possible environmental issue, and assessments and testing were done; dry cleaning chemicals have been found under the building.
Regarding the property at 566 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Campbell said it has been vacant for many years; the co-op board has repeatedly rejected potential buyers, and there is now a lawsuit against the board pending. The case is not expected to come before the court for another year. Campbell reported that damage from frozen pipes is the largest reason for claims. He pointed to a resource from the Conference insurer Fred C. Church to help prevent this damage.
Saturday, June 16, 2018
Bible study
Annual Conference guest preacher Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Hill led Bible study on John 17:3, “And this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” Rev. Hill said, “We are about to place our homiletical flag on the very summit, the highest of high peaks, the textual Matterhorn, Everest, Mount Washington, Pike’s Peak: John 17:3.”
Local Pastors/Gateways to God participants
Licensed Local Pastors being newly appointed in 2018 and the participants in the most recent Gateways to God spiritual direction training were recognized.
Wilbur C. Ziegler Award
The Rev. Peter Hey, who the serves Wesley UMC in Concord, NH, is the 2018 Ziegler honoree. He preached the sermon during the Saturday morning worship.
Lifetime of Discipleship Awards
On Saturday, June 16, 2018, the Preachers’ Aid Society of New England presented two Lifetime of Discipleship Awards, which recognize laity for “many years of dedicated service to the ministries, missions, and prophetic callings of United Methodists in New England.” This year’s honorees are Clarice Gothberg from the Open Table of Christ UMC in Warwick, RI, and George Button from Hope UMC in Belchertown, MA.

Board of Laity
The Board of Laity reported that there were no entries into the Laity Address Challenge for 2018, but the board will continue with the challenge next year, and hopes that laypeople will participate. In October, New England will host lay leaders from the Northeastern Jurisdiction – more information about that meeting will be announced as it becomes available.
Bob Hout, lay leader for the Central MA District, offered a short reflection on the 2018 theme scripture: Ephesians 4:11-13, The Voice. Holding up a cut-glass vase that he received from JFON, Hout compared the 600 facets on the vase to the nearly 600 churches in the Conference. Just like the many facets of the vase reflect light, so do we reflect the light of God. How many people does that take? “We need everyone,” he said. “We need all kinds of people with all kinds of gifts to reach all kinds of people with all kinds of gifts.”
Pearl Wilkinson, co-lay leader for the RISEM District, spoke to encourage churches to celebrate Laity Sunday each year. “Not all laity are gifted to preach,” Wilkinson said, “but we can be motivated and mobilized to witness more effectively.” The laity, she said, “need to be trained, equipped, inspired and held accountable and then trained some more.”
Laity Sunday is a special Sunday to be observed on the third Sunday in October (can be observed any time), and focuses on the celebration of the ministry of all lay Christians. In many local churches, Laity Sunday is observed by having lay persons lead all parts of the worship service. Discipleship Ministries provides resources for Laity Sunday.
United Methodist Foundation of New England
Foundation President Rev. Jim Mentzer announced that he will be retiring next year, and the foundation has begun a nationwide search for his replacement. He also announced that $22,475 in donations and pledges (as of June 18, the total was $23,800) had been received for the newly established Pastors Respite Fund. The foundation has offered a $25,000 matching grant for the fund.
NE Justice for our Neighbors (JFON)
Gary Richards thanked churches for their support of this ministry that provides legal assistance to immigrants and asylum seekers. In January, the Woburn clinic reopened, the Springfield clinic is marking its fifth year, and “the board has agreed to take a risk” and move forward to open a clinic in the Lowell/Lawrence area to meet “the dire need” for legal services for unaccompanied minors. Richards later came to the floor to say that the JFON board would work to match the $30,000 donation that is proposed in RS-18-215 (see below).
United Methodist Eldercare
United Methodist Eldercare announced that it is changing its name to Aldersbridge Communities in order to better serve its mission and position itself to receive increased grant support.
The following resolutions were amended or proposed after the publication of the Pre-Conference Materials.
RS-18-206 – PROPOSED SLATE FOR ELECTION OF CONFERENCE OFFICERS – approved (that report will be published on the website as soon as it becomes available).
Offerings and donations
Offering received Saturday for UMCOR was $3,557.30 Thank you!
Amount received or pledged for the Pastors Respite Fund as of June 18, 2018 is $23,800. “We are excited by the response to date. It is obvious, after listening to stories at annual conference, that these resources are essential in supporting our clergy who sometimes make personal sacrifices for the sake of sharing the Good News of Christ within and beyond their faith communities,” said the Rev. Dr. David Abbott, Director of Stewardship. If you would like to make a pledge or donation, visit the Foundation website: http://www.umfne.org/
As of June 19, the Jewelry collection to benefit youth programs raised $2,770. Prema Devadhar and Lori McKinley would like to thank everyone who donated or purchased jewelry for the sale.
2018 Appointments
The last action before the closing worship was the setting of appointments. Find the 2018 list of appointments here: https://neumc-email.brtapp.com/!IDM8MtKT5PgKu6-8EHQA1D3x-FFd0ORovAmBLMVLxzL
Closing worship
Those gathered for the closing worship weaved strips of cloth together to form “the ties that bind” around the entire plenary space. The closing benediction:
When someone needs a blessing, let us be a blessing.
When someone needs a shoulder, let us be a shoulder.
When someone feels distant and alone, help us show that we are woven, connected.
When we need a tie that binds, let us be the tie that binds!
As we go forth into this day, let us weave sunshine in all that we do.
When we consider the earth and all its inhabitants, let us be the hope of tomorrow.
Respectfully submitted,
Mark Welty

2018 brought change and challenges to our congregation. Pastor Lena Mark was forced to leave our pulpit because of increased illness, but we were blessed to have Rev Kathleene Card step into an interim spot and later accept the part-time position as our pastor. The beginning months of the year required resilience by our congregation. Our lay leader, Jim Poplin stepped up to help build worship hours and bring other strong speakers to our altar to deliver the weekly message. Even after Rev. Card came to us, she continued to bring others to deliver strong messages. Many thanks to Janet Hazel, Dr Phyllis Porter, Mark Welty, Arnie Johnson, Rev. Kang, and Bishop Cho. By having such a strong group of leaders, we grow stronger as a community of followers of Jesus Christ.
The year was extremely busy. The worship team worked hard to bring music to our worship services that both inspires and soothes the soul. Wendy Dunning has brought new voices to our choir and been flexible with those who want to sing ‘once in a while’ with the choir. The choir prepared special music for Easter services, brought special songs to the Homecoming Service and the welcoming service for Rev. Card, and participated in the Nine Lessons and Carols service during Advent.
During the choir’s summer hiatus, a group of musicians were brought to services that
provided a variety of traditional, gospel, and classical songs for our congregation. The worship team has decided to pursue the special summer music program again this coming summer and has budgeted monies for the program. Many thanks to Gene Brochu, Andrew Wyndham, Reggie Gerbert, Arnie Johnson, Judy Terwilliger, and Tabitha Card Mueller and Lisi Mueller for sharing their talents this past summer.
The worship team worked to bring various worship-centered activities to our congregation also. It helped plan the Welcoming Service and Reception for Rev. Kathleene Card when she joined us, helped plan the Homecoming service and celebration in September, sponsored Lenten Breakfasts and Suppers that lead up to Easter. It helped plan a special Tenebrae service with Jim Poplin on Maundy Thursday and opened the sanctuary on Good Friday for soft music and quiet contemplation, encouraged a congregation-wide Lilac Sunday in May to welcome springtime during a Sunday service by sharing lilacs from our gardens, worked to build a strong and meaningful Advent season and encouraged our Sunday school children as they came to celebrate Epiphany with the congregation.
The worship team also worked on improving the sanctuary atmosphere this year. Flowers have been provided for Sunday services on almost every Sunday. Lilies and poinsettia sales have
been a beautiful way to deck out our sanctuary at holiday times. The pianos were tuned during the summer, new Faith We Sing hymnals were donated and dispensed though out the pews, the carpets were cleaned, the balcony got a good clean out and is once again presentable for seating, as our congregation continues to grow!
It’s been a busy year! Praise God!
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lindquist

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the maintenance of the church physical property and the administration of the invested funds of the Church. The activities of the Board of Trustees provides for the physical space for the various programs of our Church to take place. The following is a list of what was accomplished by the Board of Trustees. These items were in addition to the everyday management performed.
* A new computer system with additional storage capacity and speed was purchased for the church office.
* A new vendor was established for internet and phone service.
* The twenty five year old roof on the fellowship hall addition to the church building was replaced. This roof included new thirty year shingles, ice and water shield, and flashing. The roof was paid for using memorial funds and had no impact on the Church operating budget.
* A diaper pail was purchased for the restroom so as to be more welcoming to families with small children.
* A new vacuum cleaner was purchased.
* A comprehensive pest control program was put in place using a commercial pest service.
* Landscape work was performed around the front of the church.
* A GFI outlet with proper grounding was installed for the sump pump in the sanctuary basement.
* New sump pumps were installed in the sanctuary basement and in the Wesley House basement.
* The church sign was repaired with a new GFI outlet and a new timer.
* Work was done to try to establish the cause of drainage problems and the resultant flooding in the church parking lot that occurred during the Fall of 2018. Efforts will continue as we see what the Spring thaw brings with flooding.
* Procedures for handling memorial gifts to the Church were established.
This past year the Trustees Reserve Fund was fully funded by the Church budget. These funds allowed much of the above listed items to be paid for.
The Chair would like to thank the members of the Board of Trustees for their work. This dedicated group has been tireless in their service to our Church.

Respectfully submitted by,

Bruce Batten, Chair
Mark Welty, Treasurer
Pat Woodward, Secretary
Wendy Dunning
Andrew Dunbar
Ron Crowe,
Honorary Member

This is my fifth year serving as the treasurer for the church. Overall the financial health of the church is much improved over 2017. We started the year with a balance of $8,003.87 and ended 2018 with a balance of $23,993.24. All bills for 2018 have been paid.
All mission shares were paid for 2018. We also paid for the 2017 mission shares that we were not able to pay in 2017. For 2017, we did not cover $3,439, but this amount was paid in 2018.
We were able to fully fund the Trustees Reserve Fund for 2018 in the amount of $6,000.00 which we did not fund at all in 2017.
Prepared By: Greg Robidoux – Treasurer

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matt 25:40

The Missions Committee has worked to provide opportunities for the church to minister to our neighbors – locally, nationally and internationally. We thank the church for responding so generously and participating so fully in these opportunities. Together, truly we have served as the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors.
Free church breakfasts twice a month is a new program this year. Linda and Andy Wallenstein have spearheaded this project, with lots of help from Hiel and Susan Lindquist and other members of the church. The goal is to offer food, fellowship, and hospitality to our neighbors. The breakfast also serves as a very nice fellowship time for church people as well, giving us a comfortable setting to get to know each other better. We are averaging about 30 people at the breakfasts, with several new visitors.
We’ve worked hard to support local programs such as MATS (Monadnock Area Transition Shelter) and SFTS (Shelter from the Storm) who provide help with housing in the Monadnock area.
* In the spring we hosted a Ham & Bean Supper to support MATS and SFTS. We were able to raise $334.
* We provided Easter Baskets and new back-to-school backpacks stuffed with school supplies for the children in MATS and SFTS housing.
* On Dec 21, PUMC participated in the Longest Night Vigil at Peterborough center to remember the homeless who died this past year. We invited people back to our church for a Stone Soup Dinner and Open Mic afterwards. Even though it was during a driving rainstorm, we have over 50 people attend the Stone Soup Dinner that night– and most of them were not members of our congregation. Twenty seven people stayed for Open Mic and since then attendance at Open Mic has been in the thirties.
We also worked with New Life Home in Manchester. This ministry works with mothers who are struggling with substance abuse and their children. We invited them to speak at our church and we were inspired by their stories of healing. Our church contributed Easter candy for the moms to use in baskets for their children. And, as we’ve done for many years, we provided Christmas gifts for the children.
We have decided to become a sponsor of The River Center, which provides many services for local people – from tax prep help to fire wood to mental health issues. We have provided for a sponsorship of $25/month in our yearly missions budget. We hope to help our church people become more familiar with what the River Center has to offer so that we can recommend them to a neighbor in need and so that we can perhaps find opportunities to help the River Center provide these services.
The Holiday Stroll provided two ways to raise money for Food Banks: Linda Wallenstein worked with the SS children to raise $150 for the NH Food Bank – that’s 300 meals! That amount was matched by a facebook friend of Pastor Kathleene’s who saw Jasper asking for contributions! So now that’s 600 meals!! The Fair Trade table proceeds all went to the local Food Bank.
Susan Lindquist faithfully organizes the meals we provide for Hundred Nights Homeless Shelter in Keene. This year, several community people who do not attend our church have been contributing regularly to these meals. It’s nice that we can provide this avenue for them to contribute. Thank you, Susan, for your careful attention to crafting these meals and the work involved in organizing, transporting, and serving.
During the last week of June 2018, Linda and Andy Wallenstein and 5 youth from our church – Isabelle, Ariana, Kiarra, David, and Henry – joined with 21 youth and adults from the Milford UMC to go on a mission to Houston to help with hurricane relief. The teens worked hard to raise money for the trip, making subs, washing cars, and hosting dinners – they raised almost $1500. They also received many generous gifts from church members. Our group joined with some 300 other people from churches around the country to lend a helping hand in rebuilding and repairing homes that had been destroyed and damaged by hurricanes. The youth participated in morning and evening worship and devotions together. During the day they broke up into groups of 6 – 8 people and worked on assigned projects. They got to hear stories of many whom they helped and to learn some new skills. The youth felt that they had learned the importance of helping others in their time of great need and they made some new friends – overall it was a very moving and growing experience for all.
Pastor Kathleene and Hiel Lindquist are working with the youth leader at All Saints Episcopal Church to bring teens from our churches to a program called City Reach. This program brings teens to Boston homeless shelters to work and to learn more about the problem of homelessness. We are excited that four teens from PUMC are participating!
During the year, we collected funds for three Special Sunday offerings: Peace with Justice, Native American, and UMCOR. A total of $840 was donated.
PUMC will continue its sponsorship of Arun through World’s Children. We have put the money into the missions budget and will work on providing opportunities for church people to contribute to supporting Arun.
In the spring, Christine Robidoux hosted people from Cypress belonging to the group Friends Forever International, a group that is working on serving young people from the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities. It was truly inspiring to hear the stories of two members of the FFI and why they believe that programs like these are so important to the future of Cyprus:
“Even though I feel angry because the generation of our parents and even my generation suffered unspeakable injustice and trauma, I am also hopeful because even with all the barriers and difficulties, we are here and trying to bring peace in our country and to the whole world.”
“I am a child of two Muslim parents. I was raised to be Muslim with proper traditions in a very open- minded way. At the age of 20, I learned that I was also secretly baptized Christian through my grandmother. I have never had an opportunity to figure out my real background, just like my mother never had a chance to grow up with the other half of her real identity. Decisions had been made to protect the family.”
Thank you, Christine, for bringing us this opportunity to learn and understand more about Cyprus and Friends Forever International.
Again, the Missions Committee would like to thank everyone in the congregation who has participated by supporting our efforts in prayer, giving supplies and money, working at dinners and activities, and providing food for dinners. Truly this is a congregation of people who care about their neighbors!
Mission Committee members include: Linda and Andy Wallenstein, Hiel and Susan Lindquist, Christine Robidoux, Priscilla Crowe, Pam Welty, Pastor Kathleene, Laura Constantine. We always welcome new members – join us!

During 2018 the PUMC Men met on the last Saturday of the month on an irregular basis for breakfast and fellowship. The breakfasts begin with a prayer and devotional followed by light breakfast food such as bacon and eggs, fruit and pastries. Usual attendance at the breakfasts was around 10 men. During the summer the men hosted one of the regular PUMC free community breakfast events.

On December 21, the longest night of the year, we assisted MATS (Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter) in honoring those people of limited resources that passed away during 2018. Approximately 15 people braved the heavy rain to walk from PUMC to the Peterborough Town Hall for the event. After the vigil, PUMC, along with our neighbors All Saints Church and Union Congregational Church, served “Stone Soup” to approximately 45 people. (Research the story of Stone Soup if you want to know the recipe). We also received over $300 for MATS and many clothing donations for the homeless. Thanks to everyone that assisted in making this a successful event. If you missed it, hope we see you next year!

The Congregational Care Committee’s (CCC) purpose is to reach out to any individuals in the congregation who are ill, have suffered a loss or are going through some kind of trauma, illness or difficult time. This can be done in many ways, some of which are sending handwritten notes or letters, connecting by email, by telephone, or in person, providing meals, providing transportation if needed and mailing grief literature to anyone who is grieving.
For the past year we have been minus two people on our committee, but just this week Kelly Malloy agreed to take the Food Coordinator position. What a huge help this will be! Thank you Kelly!
Food Help Coordinator is Kelly Malloy.
The food coordinator makes telephone calls to find members who are willing to provide meals for someone in need, and then organizes food distribution to them.
Transportation Coordinator is Linda Wallenstein.
Linda provides or facilitates transportation for members needing rides to church, doctor appointments etc. as needed.
Grief Coordinator is Richard Clason
The grief coordinator periodically sends out a four-part series of books to members or member’s families experiencing grief to help them cope with their sorrow.
Card Care/Communications Coordinator is Sue Norton Poplin.
Sue sends out get well cards or sympathy cards, makes telephone calls, writes emails to members or member’s families when needed, delivers flowers or balloon bouquets when appropriate, and makes sure that our golden older members who can no longer come to church are remembered at Christmas. She makes certain that the names of any people in need of help are passed on to the Pastor/Minister.
Every Sunday this past year Linda has given rides to and from church to 2 precious little girls so that they could attend Children’s Church and Sunday school. She has also provided many transport trips to hospitals in Keene, Peterborough and Worcester, Massachusetts.
Linda and I worked together all year long to make sure that those needing help with meals received that help. Many, many thanks to all the “bakers, makers and takers” who helped with our own little program of “meals on wheels!”

I have lost count of the number of cards I sent out to our congregants last year. Many of them were my handmade cards, which gave me great joy to pass on! At Christmastime I purchased small poinsettias for two of our church family who were in elder care homes. They were small reminders that the PUMC congregation cares about them. Many thanks to Carol Owen for delivering a poinsettia and visiting with Eileene Descoteaux (who transferred from Grace United Methodist Church in Keene) at Pheasant Wood Center in Peterborough. Eileene passed away on January 7, 2019.
My husband and I had the great pleasure of visiting Robert Johnson in the assisted living facility at Rivermead. Bob is now homebound and misses coming to church. We delivered a two disc CD of Handel’s Messiah as a gift from the church. He was delighted! Reverend Card graciously donated a copy of Pray. Act. Pray Again, a book she co-authored with Dr. Dianne Martin, which I sent to a long time member, George Eastman, in Maine.
Sometimes a phone call, email or even a card can transform someone’s day from gloomy to promising. As Christians we should all remember that help is needed somewhere at all times. God asks us to care for one another: “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?” 1John 3:16

Respectively submitted,
Sue J. Norton Poplin

PUMC Book Group
The PUMC Book Group met eight times over the course of 2018. Summer sun and the first snow storms of autumn took a toll on year-round monthly meetings. No worries, though. The books were interesting and the conversation was stimulating. Themes this year ran the gamut – faith under dangerous political and social conditions, grief and healing, resilience under hard circumstances, perseverance and innovation, conflict within families, gender equity, seeing God’s plan in one’s life and following it, the power and humor of children’s take on life. It was a good year that included moving our meeting place to a community location, actively inviting community members to join the group, and reading our first book by a local author. The average attendance for the group has been five with a high of seven and a low of four. Nice numbers, but there’s always room for more!
Reads for 2018:
January – The Book of Lights – Chaim Potok – Attendance – 4
February – Small Great Things – Jodi Picoult – Attendance – 6
March – H if For Hawk – Helen MacDonald – Attendance – 5s
April – A Gentleman in Moscow – Amor Towles – Attendance – 4
May – Through Gates of Splendor – Elisabeth Elliot – Attendance – 4
June/July/August – The Hidden Light of Northern Fires – Daren Wang and Hillbilly Elegy – J D
Vance- Attendance – 4
September – The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind – William Kwakwamba – Attendance – 7
October – The Words of Florence Nightingale – Anne Peirce, RN, PhD –
November – The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever – cancelled snow
December – delayed until the turn of the year so Ann Peirce can attend to discuss her book
with the group – January 29, 2019


The organized unit of the United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

Susan Lindquist presented the March meeting program telling us about the history of the Gee’s Bend Quilters, their art, and the projects continuing today.
The April meeting included an interesting discussion over lunch on the devotional presented by Phyllis Porter about Jesus and the Apostle Peter. Plans were made for the fundraising for Arun who we sponsor through World Children.
In May the women support and help with the church yard sale.
The annual June salad supper was held at Laura Constantine’s home in Hancock. Delicious food and wonderful fellowship always contribute to this enjoyable evening.
Janet Hazel and Susan Lindquist created a Giving Calendar so that the entire congregation could participate in the fundraising for Arun. It was very successful and the UMW appreciated all the contributions.
Sue Poplin organized the cake sale at the Jaffrey Riverfest. Beautiful cakes were sold on a very warm July day to raise money for Arun.
These two events completed raising the $360 needed for Arun’s sponsorship.
Karen Keenan presented a very informative program in October. Her topic was “Depression and Mental Health and the Issues Surrounding Getting Diagnosis and Treatment.
The congregation helped to raise $278 for the November World Thank Offering to support world mission projects.
Carol Owen hosted the afternoon December meeting at her home in Hancock. The annual delicious cookie exchange was held. Our favorite Christmas characters were discussed.
Our distribution of funds included $75 to the UMW district for our pledge to missions and
$190.55 to the World Children’s Fund for the purchase of windows and screens at the Raichur Girls Hostel, a UMC facility
Officers for 2019 are President- Carol Owen, Secretary- Susan Lindquist, and Treasurer- Laura Constantine.

Carol Owen- President
Susan Lindquist- Secretary
Karen Keenan- Treasurer

2018 Membership Report
PUMC began 2018 with 125 members. With the unexpected transition of clergy, it was a quiet year for membership. Reverend Kathleene Card plans to offer a membership class in 2019.
Sadly, 4 members died this year: John Banks, a member for 44 years; Matthew Donachie, a member for 23 years; Barbara Kauppi, also a longtime member; and Gary Skillings, a member for eight years. We also lost Mary Johnson, who while not a member, was certainly a member of the PUMC family.
In last year’s annual report it was noted that in December 2017 a mailing was sent to those members who have not been in church attendance for some time. The purpose of this mailing was to keep in touch and ensure we have up to date contact information. As a result of this mailing, the following members withdrew or transferred their membership: Harry and Margie Kelley; Rocky and Linda Rockwell; Jack and Tricia Sears; Alei Verdei; Susan Staley; Larry Cummings.
As of December 31, 2018, our membership stands at 112 members.
Respectfully submitted,
Karen Keenan
Membership Secretary

Peterborough United Methodist Church, MEMBER LIST as of December 31, 2018

Nancy Baldvins
Violet Banks
Chris Bartlett
Julia Bartlett
Bruce Batten
Deb Batten
Nancy Belletete
David Bemis
John Bemis
Randy Bemis
Lucy Jane Benton
Peggy Berg
Richard Berg
Douglas Breda
Sandy Buck
Gladys Bugler
Dot Cass
Bethany Castagua
Amy Clason-Gilmet
Richard Clason
Richard Clason II
Jon Cole
Sandra Cole
Kenneth Constantine
Laura Constantine
Leslie Crossmon
Debra Lee Crowe Gilpin
Michael Crowe
Priscilla Crowe
Ronald Crowe
Deane DeHotman
Eileene Descoteaux
Thomas Descoteaux
Martha Donachie
Jeff Donath
Karen Dreyer Ravndal
Andrew Dunbar
Courtney Dunning
Wendy Dunning
Shannon Dunning Morris
George Eastman
Patricia Echavarria
Cindy Faust
Kim Flanders
Kristel Gatcombe
Steve Gatcombe
Steven Griggs
Ann Hampson
Ed Hernandez
Gail Hernandez
Carol Hill
Rosamond Hoffay
Ernie Hoffman
Gail Hoffman
Michelle Isabelle
Dwight Jarest
Arnold Johnson
Robert Johnson
Karen Keenan
Matthew Keenan
Scott Keenan
Staci Keenan
Dorothy Labar
David Ladeau
Ron LaRoche
Patricia Lawn
Donna LeBlanc
Hiel Lindquist
Susan (Miller)Lindquist
Gloria Lodge Wenblad
Lucinda Lowell
Tom Lowell
Nathan Luscombe
Janet Mack Lewis
Marcy (Garrison)
Charlie Munroe
Tammy Munroe
Laura Nerz
Billi-Jo Ogo
Eno Ogo
Carol Owen
Mandy Pahl
Krishni Pahl
Edward Pahl
James Poplin
Sue Norton Poplin
Phyllis Porter
Liz Price
Daniel Price
Matt Rajaniemi
Christine Robidoux
Greg Robidoux
Michael Robidoux
Kenneth Schultz
Hether Shulman
George Streeter
Sherry Sullivan
Doris Tolman
Patrick Troy
Robert Venning
Steve Venning
Lynda Volante
Andrew Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein
Jean Walthour
George Walthour
Liz Welty
Mark Welty
Pamela Welty
Jeff Woodward
John Woodward
Patricia Woodward
Total 112
Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Co-Lay Leader: Sue Poplin

Staff-Pastor Relations Committee (SPRC): An effective committee builds a strong positive relationship between staff and congregation so that the congregation makes disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This committee will work with the lead pastor and other staff to fulfill legal and ethical responsibilities related to staff.
Chair: Laura Nerz 2017

Jim Poplin (non-voting, unless Sue Poplin is absent)
Cindy Faust 2021
Laura Nerz 2019
Carol Owen 2020
Dr Phyllis Porter 2019
Andrew Wallenstein 2019

Board of Trustees: Effective trustees will function as Christian stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of the congregation and gifts made to the congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective and all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied.

Chair: Bruce Batten 2021

Andrew Dunbar 2020
Wendy Dunning 2021
Mark Welty 2021
Pat Woodward 2021
*Ron Crowe Honorary Trustee

Finance Committee: The finance committee annually compiles a budget for supporting the mission and vision of the local church and submits the budget to the church leadership team for review and adoption. During the year, the finance team recommends any changes to the approved annual budget to the church leadership team. This team is responsible for developing and carrying out plans to raise enough income to support the budget that has been approved.
Chair: Richard Clason Sr 2020
Ad Council Chair: Hiel Lindquist
Financial Secretary: Laura Constantine 2019
Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Member of the SPRC: []
Member of Trustees: Mark Welty
Treasurer: Greg Robidoux 2019

Church/Administrative Council: The church council is the administrative agency of the charge conference to envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the ministry of the congregation.
Chair: Hiel Lindquist

Chair of Finance: Richard Clason Sr 2020
Chair of SPRC: Laura Nerz
Chair of Trustees: Bruce Batten
Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Member At Large: Matt Keenan
Member At Large: Priscilla Crowe
Membership Secretary: Karen Keenan 2019
Missions Cmte Chair: Laura Constantine 2019
President of UMW: Carol Owen
Small Groups Coordinator: Janet Hazel
Sunday School Superintendent: Andrew Dunbar 2019
Treasurer: Greg Robidoux 2019
Worship Cmte Chair: Susan Lindquist 2021
Youth Rep: Michael Robidoux

Worship Committee: This committee knows the goals of the congregation in order to support and expand the ministry goals through worship. Coordinate with the Pastor and worship leaders. Support worship by identifying, training and supporting worship leaders such as acolytes, scripture leaders, ushers, greeters, artists and others. Encourage a team approach to worship planning led by the pastor.
Chair: Susan Lindquist
Altar Coordinator: Laura Nerz (Communion)
Communion Steward: Lindquists & Nerz
Floral Coordinator: Amy Clason-Gilmet
Choir Director: Wendy Dunning
Liturgist Coordinator: Susan Lindquist
Organist: Gene Brochu
Usher Coordinator: Andrew Dunbar

Worship “Teams” created as needed

Missions/Outreach Committee:

Chair: Laura Constantine

Andrew Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein
Hiel Lindquist
Susan Lindquist
Christine Robidoux
Pam Welty
Priscilla Crowe
Other members (open committee)

Small Group Coordinator: This leader will work cooperatively with the education ministry team or nurture team, age-level coordinators, and pastor to coordinate the implementation of opportunities for people in your congregation to grow and develop as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Janet Hazel

Sunday School The committee will develop and carry out plans to promote attendance and participation in the church program for nurture and growth such as church school, and Sunday school.
Superintendent: Andrew Dunbar

Teacher: Laura Nerz
Teacher: Linda Wallenstein
Teacher: Susan Campbell-Haley
Teacher: []

Congregation Care Team:
Coordinator: Sue Norton-Poplin
Food Tree Organizer: Kelly Keenan
Transportation Organizer: Linda Wallenstein

Membership Secretary: Karen Keenan

Hospitality Coordinator: Kelly Keenan

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor: Melissa French

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YouTube 2018 watch time 4.8K minutes (80 hours)
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