PUMC 2019 Annual Report

Please enjoy our Annual Report for 2019

PUMC 2019 Annual Report

Peterborough United Methodist Church
2019 Annual Report

43 Concord St
Peterborough NH 03458
(603) 924-4294

Attendance ……… 4
Book Group ……… 5
Communications ……… 7
Congregational Care ……… 9
Finance ……… 10
Lay Leader ……… 11
Lay Leadership & Committees ……… 15
Membership ……… 19
Member List ……… 20
Men’s Group ……… 21
Missions Team ……… 22
Most Wanted ……… 23
Pastor’s Report ……… 24
Programs ……… 26
Stone Soup Night ……… 27
Treasurer ……… 28
Trustees ……… 31
United Methodist Women ……… 33
Vacation Bible School ……… 34
Wesleyan Covenant Prayer ……… 36
Worship ……… 37


Average Weekly Attendance
2013 39
2014 44
2015 49
2016 47
2017 34
2018 46
2019 53

Largest gathering = Christmas Eve, December 24,2019 = 76 people!
15,657 = times someone has worshipped with us in the past 29 years (since 1990)

Group Members: Ann Hampson, Ellen Derby, Ken and Charlene Schultz,
Carol Owen, Kathleene Card, Laura and Ken Constantine, Lillian Ferreira, Cassandra Cross, Cindy Faust, Susan Lindquist.
What a rich year of reading and fellowship we’ve shared! PUMC Book Group is a small fellowship group that is completely open to church and community participation. The goal of the group is to share book titles that are fun fictional reads, informative non-fiction, important social justice topics, interesting spiritual explorations, and conversational grist! This is a group of readers of all stripes and tastes. Everyone has a chance to share titles they’d like to recommend and then the month’s reads are chosen by consensus.
This past year there was an eclectic list of book titles with a range of attendance numbers at book group sessions. What’s encouraging is that
the group’s numbers are increasing in overall participation. The group has been meeting at the home of Charlene and Ken Schultz for much of the year, but we’ve also met at Parker and Sons Coffee Shop and sometimes, we’ve met right at the church! It’s been a delight to sit around Ken and Charlene’s dining room table, sharing conversation and snacks, though. So relaxing!
There is a consistent car pool arrangement for those who like to save gasoline and relax during the drive to meetings. We meet at the church and take off to whatever location we’ve chosen for that particular month.
One of the highlights of the year was when Ann Pierce, the author of January’s title came to the book group meeting to share her writing experience and her insights on Florence Nightingale and her era of medicine and social/spiritual inspiration. The group would very much like to invite other authors in the future, if the opportunity presents itself!

January – The Words of Florence Nightingale – Ann Pierce – Attendance : 9 – Next meeting: Tuesday, February 26, @ 1 PM
February – put off due to book access issues, sickness, travel, and injuries. Rescheduled to
March 12th
March – Harry’s Trees- Jon Cohen – Attendance: 6 – Next Meeting: April 23rd
April – The Secret Chord – Geraldine Brooks – Attendance: 6 Next Meeting: May 28th
May – Jayber Crow – Wendell Berry – Attendance: 11 Next Meeting: June 18th
June – Broken For You- Stephanie Kallos – Attendance: 10 Next Meeting: August 27th
August – Pachinko – Min Jin Lee – Attendance: 9 Next Meeting: September 24th
September – Where the Crawdads Sing – Delia Owen – Attendance – 8 Next Meeting: Oct. 29th
October – Theophilus North – Thornton Wilder – Attendance: 9 Next Meeting: December 10th
November – put off because of Thanksgiving travel, general busy schedules of group members
December – How Hackleburg Became a 13-Pie Church – Chase – Attendance -10 Next Meeting: January 28th

In the last 90 days 19 people searched Google for directions to our church!

YouTube views 11,706
YouTube 2019 watch time 4,908‬ minutes
(81.8 hours)
Most viewed

As A Fire is Meant for Burning – 1,221 views
Somlandela – 769 views
Church Funny “I need a diaper” – 678 views
Funny Church Moment – Do we get to keep the money? – 436 views
Most viewed sermon
1/20/19 Worship Service Guest Speaker Michael Robidoux – 93 views


47,234 views total since 2017
Views in 2019 = 11,538
Avg hits per day = 32
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Home – 13,192 views
Church Bulletins – 952 views
In the Sanctuary – Original Poem – 890 views
Reverend Kathleene Card – 779 views
Community Events in the Monadnock Region of NH – 746 views

184 Page Likes
Most viewed Facebook posts
Don’t miss out! The Annual Yard Sale and Rummage at PUMC is coming up, June 8th 9-2! Please join us for our annual yard sale. We will have books, lawn and garden goods, clothing, toys, sundries, kitchen goods, etc. Saturday, June 8th – 9 am – 2 pm $1 bag sale starts at 1 pm Peterborough United Methodist Church 43 Concord St Peterborough NH 03458 – 260 views
We are gearing up for the VBS Kick Off tonight – 5-8! We’ve got ice cream! Come make your camp shirts. This Summer Spirit Camp is FREE – register tonight! Join PUMC and All Saints – 246 views
One does not simply sing Christmas carols in church without singing all the extra verses no one knows. – 194 views
Backpack Report The 13 backpacks, stuffed with lunch boxes and school supplies, were delivered to @matsnhorg and Shelter From the Storm this week. We as a church were able to raise $525 for this project! Thanks to your generous donations, our church was able to outfit these 13 children AND 3 more from a family that just arrived at SFTS this week. The three new backpacks and lunch boxes are in the way to this family and SFTS is very grateful. – 144 views
As this day begins I am filled with joy. We are having a wonderful Christmas Eve Service tonight at PUMC on Concord Street in NH at 7 pm. Come join us. Rev. David Pierce and his wife Jenny will read the Christmas Story and give us some insight on how it might have been for Mary and Joseph that night. We will sing the traditional Carols and have special music by one of our talented teens. There will be candles as we pledge to bring God’s light into the world. Come join us as we proclaim the mystery of Jesus incarnation assuring us that “God with us” is eternal–and that this life we all share is a gift and all are blessed and loved by God. We have a place for you at PUMC–always–everyone is welcome. – 122 views
“This is our time on the history line of God. This is it. What will we do with the one deep exhale of God on this earth? For we are but a vapor and we have to make it count. We’re on. Direct us, Lord, and get us on our feet.” –Beth Moore – 104 views
Submitted by Melissa French

Food/Meal Coordinator: Kelly Keenan Malloy
7 days of meals were delivered
Transportation Coordinator: Linda Wallenstein
Katie & Ella French 40 times to church
Carlee Flinkstrom & Ashlynn Merling 24 times to church
Lorie Melanson 4 times to church & 5 times for other activities
Joann Martin 8 times for church and 5 times for medical care
Transported Angela Malloy to 2 activities when Kelly was gone
Grief Coordinator: Richard Clason
5 Sets of Grief Books were sent out (20 individual books total) PLUS
Richard wrote a personal note to each recipient with all 20 books
Communication Coordinator: Sue Norton Poplin
9 telephone calls were made
31 sympathy, encouragement or get-well cards were sent out
4 floral or fruit gifts were delivered: 1 balloon bouquet: Bruce Batten
1 orchid: Joann Martin
1 fruit basket: David LeDeau
1 garden basket: Pastor Betty Davis
1 donation to Dana Farber Cancer Center was made
1 75th Birthday Reception with professional cake for Martha Simons
3 Christmas gifts were delivered: Bob Johnson, Joann Martin, & Gladys Bugler
4 personal visits were made
5 hours of babysitting by both Linda Wallenstein & Sue Poplin at the church for Kelly’s little ones while she moved

Jan 14, 2020
Below is a chart of the 2019 giving. There were 76 giving units for the year. The average donation was $1,550 and the median donation was $385. The amount pledged for 2019 and $57,605 and we received $57,990.95 from people who pledged.
General Fund $91,818.33
Wesley House Rental $10,800.00
Internship $15,606.78
Missions $1,551.59
Sanctuary Rental $100.00
Yard Sale $250.00
Holiday Fair $1,619.00
MATS $747.00
Special Sunday Offerings $1,201.00
Chair sales $390.00
Pastor Christmas Gift $595.00
Total Giving $124,084.55

Laura Constantine
Financial Secretary

This year I am proud to report that the Laity of the United Methodist Church (UMC) of Peterborough has made wonderful strides in many areas. The church is mission oriented and continues to serve our communities. Rev. Kathleene Card never ceases to challenge us as our spiritual leader and Pastor. This includes the growth of our Sunday school program from sporadic attendance to a solid ten to twelve children weekly. We are in the planning stages to add a youth class for teenagers.
The role of the part time Administrative Assistant was again expanded to provide additional support to the pastor in preparation of worship materials and communications to the church family. Melissa French continues to manage our newsletter and What’s Happening emails distributed to our membership. She has enhanced content of the church website and Facebook selections. The church’s nursery attendants, Mrs. Kerry McKeen and Ms. Roxanne Loudin, are outstanding additions to our nursery services which provides care for infants and toddlers during church services. Enabling parents to attend and enjoy services. Our Sextant, Mr. Andy Dunbar, is diligent in his efforts to clean and prepare church facilities for services each week.
Our Sunday school program has increased dramatically this year and families with children are once again attending services. We are fortunate to have several members who support Sunday School activities. Our Sunday School leaders are Mrs. Linda Wallenstein and Ms. Susan Campbell-Halley, who have continued to infuse the children with a yearning to learn about Christ. Under the leadership of Rev. Card and by partnering with our neighboring Episcopal church we provided a free one-week Vacation Bible School (VBS) to the community which was attended by 24 children. This would not have been possible without the assistance from our Summer Intern, Mr. Michael Rubidoux, and 22 volunteers who provided oversight and content during all phases of the VBS.
The Worship Committee is providing innovative ways to make our spiritual journey by supporting Advent topics during the Holiday season with Christmas service celebrations. Providing opportunities for members to participate in Lenten suppers, and special services during Holy Week, such as, the Tenebrae service on Maundy Thursday. The church choir is superior, and these devoted members provide an uplifting attribute that completes the service. Mrs. Wendy Dunning, our choir director, has the ability to draw the best from each member ensuring a fine performance time and again. Our organist and pianist, Mr. Eugene Brochu, delivers vital support to the choir and congregation and is a critical member of our service team.
Small groups studies continue to add substance to many congregants on their faith journey. The Covenant Discipleship Group recently joined the Spiritual Formation Life Groups to enhance their understanding of the traditions within the community of Christian disciples. Meetings are held weekly to concentrate on building disciplined approaches to our spiritual life. Rev. Card has continued to lead Bible studies groups completing Adam Hamilton’s series on the “Journey” for Advent and “24 Hours that Changed the World” at Easter. She is currently leading Rev. Hamilton’s series on “Simon Peter, Flawed but Faithful Disciple”. Adult Bible study has continued through the year with completion of Professor N.T. Wright’s 27-lesson series on “Paul’s Prison Letters” and his 24-lesson series on the “Acts of the Apostles” which should conclude by years end.
The Prayer Shawl group has again knitted and crocheted 12 prayer shawls this last year, Rev. Card blessed these shawls during services. These shawls are distributed to individuals in need of comfort and support during critical periods of their lives. Our Prayer Partners group continues to offer prayers for members alternating between individuals periodically. Sharing prayers throughout the year with those in the church body fosters trust and unity for all who participate.
As a mission-oriented church, Peterborough UMC’s focus is on providing service to others following the path set out for us by Jesus the Christ. The Missions Committee, led by Mrs. Laura Constantine, continues providing outreach to our neighbors by participating in community events with fixn activities for the children and displays and information about the church and our programs. The team is also involved in support of programs that reach beyond the local area such as UMCOR (The UMC’s rapid response disaster teams that provide practical items to those families affected by disasters), and raising funds to support the Native American Ministries, which helps those seeking to enter the ministry. The missions team supported our outreach programs within the community offering suppers to the homeless and donating food to local food banks for those lacking food in our communities. The church continues to provide free breakfasts twice a month for anyone who walks into the church fellowship hall.
One trip of significance to our youth was a mission to Boston to learn about troubles the homeless face, provide donated clothing and blankets, and serve them food over the weekend. Two teenagers from our church and two teenagers from the Episcopal church participated in the trip and were thrilled with the opportunity to serve.
The mission team has spent most of its efforts locally in supporting various programs affecting the lives of families who face financial hardship or abusive living situations. The church has witnessed its faith in supporting the missions of Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter and Shelter from the Storm. Both programs provide temporary housing for those families who are without a place to live. The church continued efforts to support the New Life Home in Manchester, NH which serves abused mothers with children who are homeless and need a safe place to live. Further, members continue their support of the homeless that utilize the 100 Nights Shelter in Keene NH.
The Church’s community outreach includes Open Mic Night providing a venue for members and the public to perform their creative gifts and bring joy to those attending. The program is attracting between 22 and 30 individuals per performance.
Also, the local chapter of Al-Anon finds a secure space to meet for those affected by loved ones suffering from alcohol addiction.
Members continue to support other church outreach programs in the community, such as the community Holiday Stroll. Members also supported the Rummage and Yard Sale which enabled the church to support several annual projects. The church continues to provide funds for a child in a Christian orphanage and school in India.
In addition, the church offers refreshments to attendees following services throughout the year and can point with pride at the selfless and tireless efforts of those volunteers who are committed to maintain the kitchen and fellowship hall.
The leadership and management of church affairs is conducted primarily through the activities of the Church Council, SPRC, and Finance committees who do the work necessary to keep the doors open, lights on, and building warm. Further, the trustees continue to look after the facility and the grounds by completing many projects themselves and utilizing funds from accounts they manage to pay for improvements from professional vendors without instituting fundraising projects. Members show their support by helping at the bi-annual church clean-up days. The church paid its mission shares for 2018 and is current for 2019 as well.
James F Poplin
Lay Leader of United Methodist Church of Peterborough


Lay Leader: Jim Poplin

Staff-Pastor Relations Committee (SPRC): An effective committee builds a strong positive relationship between staff and congregation so that the congregation makes disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This committee will work with the lead pastor and other staff to fulfill legal and ethical responsibilities related to staff.
Chair: Ken Constantine (2023)
Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Cindy Faust (2021)
Carol Owen (2020)
Dr Phyllis Porter (2020)
Andrew Wallenstein (2020)

Board of Trustees: Effective trustees will function as Christian stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of the congregation and gifts made to the congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective and all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied.

Chair: Bruce Batten (2021)

Charlie Derby (2023)
Wendy Dunning (2021)
Russell Gaskamp (2023)
Pat Woodward (2021)
Ron Crowe (Honorary Trustee)

Finance Committee: The finance committee annually compiles a budget for supporting the mission and vision of the local church and submits the budget to the church leadership team for review and adoption. During the year, the finance team recommends any changes to the approved annual budget to the church leadership team. This team is responsible for developing and carrying out plans to raise enough income to support the budget that has been approved.
Chair: Richard Clason Sr (2020)
Representative from SPRC:
Financial Secretary:
Laura Constantine
Treasurer: Greg Robidoux
Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Representative from Trustees: OPEN
Ad Council Chair: Heil Lindquist

Church/Administrative Council: The church council is the administrative agency of the charge conference to envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the ministry of the congregation.
Chair: Hiel Lindquist (2020)
Education Committee Chair: Linda Wallenstein
Finance Chair: Richard Clason Sr
Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Member at Large: Matt Keenan
Member at Large: Priscilla Crowe
Membership Secretary: OPEN
Missions Committee Chair: Andrew Wallenstein
President of UMW: OPEN
Small Group Coordinator: Andrew Wallenstein
SPRC Chair: Ken Constantine
Sunday School Superintendent: Andrew Dunbar
Treasurer: Greg Robidoux
Trustee Chair: Bruce Batten
Worship Committee Chair: Susan Lindquist
Youth Representative: Michael Robidoux

Worship Committee: This committee knows the goals of the congregation in order to support and expand the ministry goals through worship. Coordinate with the Pastor and worship leaders. Support worship by identifying, training and supporting worship leaders such as acolytes, scripture leaders, ushers, greeters, artists and others. Encourage a team approach to worship planning led by the pastor.
Chair: Susan Lindquist (2020)
Organist: Gene Brochu
Liturgist Coordinator: Susan Lindquist
Floral Coordinator: Amy Clason-Gilmet
Choir Director: Wendy Dunning
Usher Coordinator: Andrew Dunbar
Altar Coordinator: (Communion)
Gladys Bugler
Ken Constantine

Worship “Teams” created as needed

Missions/Outreach Committee:

Chair: Andrew Wallenstein
Laura Constantine
Kelly Keenan
Hiel Lindquist
Susan Lindquist
Christine Robidoux
Linda Wallenstein
Other members (open committee)

Small Group Coordinator:
This leader will work cooperatively with the education ministry team or nurture team, age-level coordinators, and pastor to coordinate the implementation of opportunities for people in your congregation to grow and develop as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Andrew Wallenstein (2023)

Christian Education: The committee will develop and carry out plans to promote attendance and participation in the church program for nurture and growth such as church school, and Sunday school.

Education Committee Chair: Linda Wallenstein (2023)
Sunday School Superintendent: Andrew Dunbar

Youth Sunday School Coordinator: Jim Poplin
Children’s Ministries: Susan Campbell-Halley

Congregation Care Team:
Coordinator: Sue Norton-Poplin
Richard Clason (Grief Coordinator)
Kelly Keenan (Food Tree)
Linda Wallenstein (Transportation)

Membership Secretary: OPEN

Hospitality Coordinator: OPEN

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor:
Melissa French


Chair: Pastor
Lay Leader: Jim Poplin
Laura Constantine
Priscilla Crowe
Hiel Lindquist
Greg Robidoux


Sadly, 2 members died this year: Eileene Descoteaux died January 7, 2019 and George Eastman, our oldest member at 101 years, died on February 18, 2019.
Through action at church conference, 8 members were removed from PUMC’s membership rolls: Dot Cass, Kim Flanders, Michelle Isabelle, Donna LeBlanc, Mandy Pahl, Krishni Pahl, Edward Pahl and Sherry Sullivan.
We are blessed to welcome four new members to PUMC: Joanne Martin, Jenny Pierce, and Russell and Justine Gaskamp.
As of December 31, 2019, our membership stands at 107 members.

Peterborough United Methodist Church, MEMBER LIST as of December 31, 2019

Nancy Baldvins
Vi Banks
Chris Bartlett
Julia Bartlett
Bruce Batten
Deb Batten
Nancy Belletete
David Bemis
John Bemis
Randy Bemis
Lucy Jane Benton
Dick Berg
Peggy Berg
Doug Breda
Sandra Buck Pratt
Gladys Bugler
Susan Campbell-Halley
Bethany Castagna
Richard Clason II
Richard Clason
Amy Clason-Gilmet
Jon Cole
Sandra Cole
Ken Constantine
Laura Constantine
Leslie Crossmon
Michael Crowe
Priscilla Crowe
Ron Crowe
Deane DeHotman
Tom Descoteaux
Martha Donachie
Jeff Donath
Andrew Dunbar
Shannon Dunning Morris
Courtney Dunning
Wendy Dunning
Patty Echavarria
Cynthia Faust
Justine Gaskamp
Russell Gaskamp
Kristel Gatcombe
Steve Gatcombe
Debra Gilpin
Steven Griggs
Ann Hampson
Ed Hernandez
Gail Hernandez
Carol Hill
Rosamond Hoffay
Ernie Hoffman
Gail Hoffman
Dwight Jarest
Arnie Johnson
Bob Johnson
Karen Keenan
Matt Keenan
Scott Keenan
Staci Keenan
Dottie Labar
David Ladeau
Ron LaRoche
Patricia Lawn
Hiel Lindquist
Susan Lindquist
Gloria Lodge
Lucinda Lowell
Tom Lowell
Nathan Luscombe
Janet Mack Lewis
Joanne Martin
Marcy McStravick
Charlie Munroe
Tammy Munroe
Laura Nerz
Sue Norton-Poplin
Billi-Jo Ogo
Eno Ogo
Carol Owen
James Poplin
Phyllis Porter
Daniel Price
Liz Price
Matt Rajaniemi
Karen Ravndal-Emery
Christine Robidoux
Greg Robidoux
Michael Robidoux
Ken Schultz
Hether Shulman
George Streeter
Doris Tolman
Patrick Troy
Bobby Venning
Steve Venning
Lynda Volante
Andrew Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein
George Walthour
Jean Walthour
Liz Welty
Mark Welty
Pam Welty
Jeff Woodward
John Woodward
Pat Woodward
Total 107 members

During 2019 the PUMC Men met on the last Saturday of the month on an irregular basis for breakfast and fellowship. The breakfasts begin with a prayer and devotional followed by light breakfast food such as bacon and eggs, fruit and pastries. Usual attendance at the breakfasts was around 8 – 10 men.

In April the men’s group worked with the UMW to host a combined breakfast for the church community. Andrew Card spoke during the breakfast about his time in Washington. Over 20 people attended.

During the coming year we will discuss expanding and/or altering the format to include more people. Ideas such as a “breakfast club” which will focus on young adults, will be discussed.

Peterborough United Methodist Church has faithfully and generously supported many ministries to our community and beyond for many years, and 2019 was no exception. Here are a few of those ministries that are organized by the Missions Committee:
In January, Heil Lindquist and Pastor Kathleene Card joined with the All Saints Episcopal Church to co-lead a group of teens from both churches and take part in City Reach, a ministry to the homeless in Boston. The teens gathered contributions of clothing and food to bring with them and gained valuable insight into the problem of homelessness. They reported back to the church about their trip.
In the spring, our church supplied Easter Baskets for 15 children in the families served by MATS and SFTS. Candy and plastic eggs were also donated to the New Life Home in Manchester.
We raised money for the support of Arun in India. The extra money that was raised went into a scholarship fund for Arun to pursue training and education after his graduation, which is approaching quickly!
With your generous help, we supplied backpacks and matching lunch boxes to 18 children from families served by MATS and SFTS. The backpacks were filled with school supplies for the children. They were graciously and thankfully received by the families.
We had a booth at Peak into Peterborough festival in October. Children could play games, get their picture taken as Daniel with a lion, make a craft, get their faces painted, and ride the quadra-cycle! We were blessed with great weather and we enjoyed meeting many children and their parents.
In December, we collected Christmas gifts for the children at New Life Home. Many other gifts of supplies were also donated to the home.
Over the course of the year, five opportunities to contribute to Special Offerings for ministries run by the United Methodist Church were offered. PUMC gave a total of $1201 to these Special Offerings.
The Missions Committee thanks everyone in the congregation for their gifts of time, talent, and treasure and for their support in these efforts to show Christ’s love to all in our community and beyond.
Laura Constantine, chair

Not sure who someone is?
Here are some people who would be happy to help you.
Reverend Kathleene Card
Melissa French

Susan Lindquist
Susan Campbell-Halley
Linda Wallenstein

Hiel Lindquist
Wendy Dunning
Gene Brochu

Andy Dunbar
Jim Poplin
Sue Norton-Poplin

In March of this year, we were seeing growth in attendance and an increase in Children and Youth involvement. Open Mic was strong; Bible studies were well attended; and we had a coach helping us to discern God’s specific call for PUMC; we were reaching out into the community to discover what needs we might help to address; and we had strong financial participation. Then the pandemic hit.
With the help of Hiel and Susan Lindquist, and Andy Card we pieced together quickly an online worship service that required buying all new equipment, increasing our internet speed, and adjusting how we presented our Easter and Tenebrae services.
Eventually Jeff Hipp joined our production team and helped us discern what kind of laptop we needed. I am thankful and pleased at the persistence everyone showed. Not to mention the health issues and family challenges that could have derailed us.
Bruce and the Trustees assure that the church is being deep-cleaned—something that should not have taken a pandemic to force. Together people moved hymnals, cushions and other items to prepare for the time when we can regather in the church. We are researching how to place a large screen in the sanctuary since we need that to return to worship in the church.
Through it all, our Sunday services are still going on at 10 a.m. by live-steaming on YouTube. The address for that is http://bit.ly/pumcyoutube.
Every morning since Easter Sunday I am broadcasting on Facebook Live http://bit.ly/revcardfb a short (less than 15 minute) devotion and a time for joys and concerns. Melissa has gotten this on our web page so others can watch it who do not use Facebook.
Laura Constantine conducted a wonderful class on CS Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe over Zoom. The Book Group has met twice using Zoom, and our virtual fellowship hour is being hosted over Zoom at 1 pm every Sunday (ID: 944-5939-8974, password: 516742). Ad Council is meeting with Zoom, too.
Linda W is calling all the Sunday School kids to check in with them. Melissa works entirely from home, and Our Children’s Coordinator is sending weekly lessons to the Sunday School kids. Our church is NOT CLOSED—we are just NOT using the building as a place to gather. However, I work from the church at times, and I check the mail and the building daily. The internet is good there, and it is helpful to have access to the printer. We are trying to be careful with resources. We celebrate communion with permission from our bishop the first Sunday of the month. We have prepackaged cups at church you can pick up to uses with us on the first Sunday or you are welcome to use your own elements. I can also deliver them to you.
We have had birthday parades, and graduation parades, and you all surprised me with two beautiful Japanese Maple trees for my birthday with a basket full of cards. Thank you so much. I will include a picture.
Donations have been consistent and generous, and your words of encouragement have been inspiring. Double thanks!
I attended the Annual Clergy Conference meeting by Zoom; and as I watched the newly ordained pastors taking their oaths and missing the sacred moment of being commissioned with the Bishop laying hands on them, my heart ached for them, as my ordination was extremely meaningful.
Church as we knew it in the past is changing. We will continue to live-stream even after we can gather so people who will not be ready to be with others can still take part. Others from across the country are now joining us in worship online. We have a committee formed to discern how to regather. We will not use bulletins and hymnals for the time being. We need to be flexible, adaptable, and well prepared. Thank you for being patient. Keep us in your prayers and keep in touch with us. Let us know your concerns and your joys.
The pandemic’s impact has been further complicated by the social unrest that is intensifying the things that divide us. Systemic racism is the presenting problem that people are identifying. It has been festering for generations. But one thing I have learned in 73 years of life is that the presenting problem is like an iceberg that has so much underneath it. We forget those things need to be seen, as well. There is no simple solution. So, as we discern how to respond—my caution is to respond, not to react with fear, anger, and hate. Jesus shows us how to face adversity, and now more than ever we need to return to the Great Commandment of Jesus to love God and our neighbor. We exclude no one. As we struggle to find ways forward, we need to listen deeply to each other. We need to care. Prayer is powerful, humbling, and healthy. Prayer before we act is always wise.
I am looking for a good summer class that we could do online, hopefully starting in mid-July. The class on the Trinity will start in September. Please let me know if you want to sign up so I can order the books. We can do it on Zoom.
Again, thank you.
Blessings and keep in touch,
Rev. Card

Sunday Service 10 am
Sunday School & Youth Group during service
Free Breakfast 2nd & 4th Sun
Men’s Breakfast Last Sat
Open Mic Night 3rd Fri
Prayer Shawl Ministry 2nd Tues
Adult Bible Studies
Book Group
Missions Team
United Methodist Women

On December 21, the longest night of the year, we again partnered with All Saints Church to assist MATS (Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter) in honoring those people of limited resources that passed away during 2018. Approximately 15 people walked from PUMC to the Peterborough Town Hall for the event. After the vigil, PUMC and All Saints Church served “Stone Soup” to approximately 20 people. Attendance was down significantly from last year, perhaps because this year’s event was on Saturday. We will discuss and evaluate how we want to participate in 2020.

2019 Treasurer’s Annual Report – 3/3/2020
Prepared By: Greg Robidoux – Treasurer

This is my sixth year serving as the treasurer for the church. In 2019 several new things were added to the budget which increased the overall expenses for the year. These new initiatives include increased Christian Education, adding a summer internship position and a Children’s Ministry position. Although our expenses exceeded the income for the year by about $12K, some of these new initiatives were covered by additional giving specified for these new endeavors. For the year all expenses were paid, along with setting aside $1500 for the pastor moving expense fund, $6000 for the Trustees Reserve Fund as well as paying the missions shares in full for 2019.

(spreadsheet in report)


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the maintenance of the church’s physical property and the administration of the invested funds of the church. The activities of the Board of Trustees provides for the physical space for the various programs for our Church to take place. The following is a list of what was accomplished by the Board of Trustees in 2019. These items were in addition to the everyday management performed.

• Church Safety Training by the Peterborough Police Department was held.
• A wet/dry vacuum was purchased.
• The roof on the Wesley House was replaced. No invested funds were used to pay for the roof.
• A new wireless lapel mic and handheld mic system was purchased for the sanctuary sound system.
• A new multi-channel mic mixer and Bluetooth interface were purchased for the sanctuary sound system.
• A new photocopier was leased for the church office.
• Frayed carpet in the choir loft was repaired.
• Insurance on the contents of the church was increased by $30,000.
• A new heating oil vendor was established to save on expenses.
• The Facility Rental Form was updated.
• The sanctuary organ was serviced. Failing speakers, batteries, the card reader, switches, and connectors were all serviced. The surge protector was replaced. A regular maintenance program has been established as the organ had not been serviced since 2008.
• A desk was purchased for the church office.
• An air conditioner was purchased for the church office.
• Two basement window covers were installed.
• A prayer box was installed on the front steps railing.
• A warning figure for children playing was set up at the parking lot entrance.
• Temperature and water monitoring sensors were installed in the church.
• A replacement projector screen was purchased.
• Twenty padded chairs were purchased for Fellowship Hall.
• A new audio/visual cart and DVD player were donated.
• A carbon monoxide detector was purchased and installed in the Wesley House.
• The lighted sign at the front of the church was repaired with a new timer and GFI outlet.
• A 43 inch LCD monitor was purchased and installed in the Fellowship Hall.
• A new sump pump was installed in the Fellowship Hall basement.

This past year the Trustees Reserve Fund was fully funded through the Church budget. It is through the faithful giving of Church members that the Trustees Reserve Fund was able to be fully funded. These funds have allowed much of the above to be accomplished, which in turn supports the various programs that our Church offers.

The chair would like to thank the members of the Board of Trustees for their work. This dedicated group has been tireless in their service to our church.

Respectfully submitted by,

Bruce Batten, Chair
Mark Welty, Treasurer
Pat Woodward, Secretary
Wendy Dunning
Ron Crowe, Honorary Member

The organized unit of the United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

The March meeting was an interesting and fun discussion of the favorite Bible women of the attendees.
The evening April meeting had the youth who attended the City Reach Awareness Program in Boston telling about their varied experiences.
The last Saturday in April the women joined the men for a breakfast and an informative talk by Andy Card who was chief of staff for President George W. Bush.
The annual June salad supper was held at Susan Lindquist’s home in Fitzwilliam. This is always an enjoyable evening of delicious food and a special time of fellowship.
In October, Christine Robidoux spoke about her affiliation with Friends Forever International, a non-profit that pairs teens from countries that have deep political tensions and brings them to the US for time together.
Unfortunately our December meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.

The mission project this year was making quick exit bags for the Monadnock Center for
Violence Prevention. Ten bags were made and filled with needed items for the women who must leave their homes quickly as a result of domestic violence. Susan Lindquist and Carol Owen delivered them. Hopefully this will be an ongoing project.
The UMW district pledge to missions of $75.00 was paid and the busy bags for children to use during church were replenished. Money was donated to missions in memory of church members/or family members that had passed.

Carol Owen- President
Susan Lindquist- Secretary
Laura Constantine- Treasurer


“I am no longer my own, but thine.
Put me to what thou wilt, rank me with whom thou wilt.
Put me to doing, put me to suffering.
Let me be employed by thee or laid aside for thee,
exalted for thee or brought low for thee.
Let me be full, let me be empty.
Let me have all things, let me have nothing.
I freely and heartily yield all things
to thy pleasure and disposal.
And now, O glorious and blessed God,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
thou art mine, and I am thine. So be it.
And the covenant which I have made on earth,
let it be ratified in heaven. Amen.”

The 2019 worship committee members were:
Reverend Kathleene Card
Wendy Dunning, Choir Director
Gene Brochu, Organist
Amy Clason-Gilmet
Andrew Wallenstein
Gladys Bugler
Susan Lindquist, Chair

2019 has been a busy year for the worship committee! Our choir grows under the leadership of Wendy Dunning. Wendy is welcoming and supportive to any and all who wish to sing with the group. Current choir members are: Phyllis Porter, Carol Owen, Martha Simmons, Pat Woodard, Laura Constantine, Cindy Faust, Jenny Pierce, Ken Constantine, Andrew Card, and Andrew Wallenstein.
The choir prepared special music and readings for our Christmas service on December 16th. Gene Brochu provided organ accompaniment and also piano accompaniment and pre-service piano interludes during the year. He continues to grow as a musician and branch out whenever asked to play new music or develop musical themes around the liturgical year.
The choir takes an annual summer break, so over the past two years, the worship committee has begun to try to build a ‘summer music series’. That involves inviting community musicians into our services to provide special musical offerings. This past summer saw music by Solar Sisters (social justice and folk themes), Andrew Wyndham (classical guitar), Vladimir Odinokikh (classical piano), and Judy Terwilliger and Richard Wharton (classical and folk violin with cello accompaniment).
During the worship year, our church services have also had special music. Martha Simmons gave an a cappella solo performance during our Lenten Tenebrae service. Rebekah Southwick gave a solo a cappella performance and Andrew Card played the trumpet at our Christmas Eve service. The Monadnock Blend, a men’s a cappella group came to perform for a special service of music and readings on December 29th. It has been a rich year for music! We are truly blessed!
A major goal of the worship committee has been to increase the number of congregants willing to become liturgists, ushers, time with the children facilitators, and readers at our worship services. It’s been so gratifying to see the numbers of folks stepping forward to bring the word to our church members! Matt Keenan ran an usher duty refresher/training class in the late spring. Jim Poplin, Mark Welty, Michael Robidoux, Rev. Arnie Johnson, and Rev. David Pierce have all helped to bring the message to our church when Reverend Card has needed to be away. Michael Robidoux, Dick Dunning, Arnie Johnson, David Pierce, and Susan Lindquist have engaged the kids during ‘Time With the Children’. Our church is building a longer list of folks willing to do readings and perform liturgist duties! We have enjoyed the help of Richard Clason, Matt and Karen Keenan, Kelly Keenan and Brian Molloy, Jenny Pierce, Arnie Johnson,
Jim and Sue Poplin, Eno Ogo, Hiel and Susan Lindquist, Daryl and Janet Hazel, Mark Welty, Ken and Laura Constantine, Priscilla Crowe, Greg, Christine and Michael Robidoux. There is room for more!
Our sanctuary continues to be a source of inspiration and beauty. There have been a couple new banners added to the collection of liturgical banners. Rev. Arnie Johnson has graciously shared the artwork of Mary, his beloved wife. The paintings that Mary created depict the ministry and passion of Jesus Christ and are a beautiful addition to the walls of the sanctuary. Our altar flowers have been beautiful throughout the year and have been graciously donated by Amy Clason-Gilmet, Priscilla and Ron Crowe, and Kathleene and Andrew Card. In addition, the congregation has participated in the annual Lenten and Advent purchase of poinsettias and Easter lilies and tulips and has brought bundles of lilacs for May’s Lilac Sunday. Our sanctuary is all the better for the care taken!
Maintenance of the piano and organ has also been a major task for the worship committee. The committee agreed to stagger the tuning and maintenance schedules of the pianos and organ, so 2019 was the ‘year of the organ’. The entire budget line for maintenance was taken up in cleaning, upgrading, and repair of the organ speakers. The committee approached the trustees committee to request help with the bill and was relieved to be supported by Bruce Batten and his committee. Many thanks!
Worship committee has also tried to provide other special worship offerings to our church – Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service, Lilac Sunday, Sizzling Sunday outdoor worship/picnic, special holiday services, Special Service of Testimony on Labor Day Weekend, Epiphany/Three Kings Children’s Pageant Sunday. As our church continues to grow and change, more activities are bound to develop. Ideas are always welcome!
In conclusion, the worship committee would like to invite new members to jump on board! Our church is stronger in faith when we grow in worship! Come be a part of the team!
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Lindquist
Worship Committee Chair