PUMC 2020 Annual Report

Please enjoy our Annual Report for 2020

Annual Report 2020

Peterborough United Methodist Church
2020 Annual Report

43 Concord St
Peterborough NH 03458


Lay Leadership & Committees
Pastor’s Report
Wesleyan Covenant Prayer


Average Weekly Attendance
2013 39
2014 44
2015 49
2016 47
2017 34
2018 46
2019 53
2020 69

Sunday Attendance 2020

2015 2334
2016 2316
2017 1696
2018 2353
2109 2656
2020 3589

Largest gathering = April 12, 2020 Easter Sunrise Service at Cathedral of the Pines = 487 people!
19,246 = times someone has worshipped with us in the past 30 years (since 1990)


In the last 90 days 80 people searched Google for directions to our church!

YouTube channel views 6,323
YouTube 2020 watch time 57,120 min
(952 hours)

Most viewed
Easter Sunrise Service 4/20/20
As A Fire is Meant for Burning 10/4/15
Easter Sunday 4/12/20
Church Funny “I need a diaper”
Palm Sunday 4/5/20
Worship service 5/17/20 “In the Spirit of Truth”

63,242 views total since 2017
Views in 2020 = 2,932
Avg hits per day = 8
Top Posts & Pages
Home – 2,894 views
In the Sanctuary poem
Happy New Year image
Reverend Kathleene Card
Worship 12/8/19
Order of worship 1/5/20 with Jim Poplin and Monadnock Blend

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From Your Pastor at PUMC, Because of the Coronavirus I will be recording my sermon from an empty church and it will be posted on YouTube. A pastor in Maine has a wonderful idea to help pastors feel as if their congregation is present. If you do not mind sending me a picture of you or your family I will print them out and put them in the pews. I, in turn, will send you a note with a picture I take of the pictures I receive that I place in the pews. I have tried to attach a sample of how this worked in Maine. Blessings and Grace, Kathleene 4/11/20

PUMC presents… You’re invited to join our Online Worship http://bit.ly/pumcyoutube Watch online – currently streaming on YouTube Sunday at 10am with Reverend Kathleene Card Also try our online Fellowship Hour, Daily Devotional, Book Group, and Sunday School To Go Visit us online http://www.PeterboroughUMC.org/ 4/30/20

Tell us your Joys! What has made you happy this week? How did you help, or were you helped? 4/26/20

Send Rev Card your photo and she will fill the PUMC pews for Easter! 4/11/20

Submitted by Melissa French

Here is the report of giving for the challenging year of 2020. We had 67 total donors in 2020, down from 77 in 2019. However, the total amount given to the general operating fund for the church was up by over $11,000 in 2020. Much of this $11,000 can be accounted for by one-time donation of $2500 and donations from a new donor totaling $7600. Therefore, it seems our regular contributors have increased their donations so that the total money donated in 2020 is similar to what was received in 2019, even though we have fewer donors in 2020.

Category 2020 Amount
General Fund $103,303
Internship $1,500
Missions (local and Special Sun) $1,638
Wesley House Rental $10,800

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Constantine, Financial Secretary

2019 Budget
Income 104,896
Expenses 117,281
2020 Budget
Income 101,900
Expenses 116,664
2020 Budget
Income 10,740
Expenses 134,129


Lay Leader: Susan Lindquist

Staff-Pastor Relations Committee (SPRC): An effective committee builds a strong positive relationship between staff and congregation so that the congregation makes disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This committee will work with the lead pastor and other staff to fulfill legal and ethical responsibilities related to staff.
Chair: Ken Constantine
Lay Leader: Susan Lindquist
Cindy Faust (2021)
Carol Owen (2021)
Dr Phyllis Porter (2021)
Andrew Wallenstein (2021)

Board of Trustees: Effective trustees will function as Christian stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of the congregation and gifts made to the congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective and all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied.

Chair: Bruce Batten (2021)

Charlie Derby (2023)
Wendy Dunning (2021)
Russell Gaskamp (2023)
Pat Woodward (2021)
Ron Crowe (Honorary Trustee)

Finance Committee:
The finance committee annually compiles a budget for supporting the mission and vision of the local church and submits the budget to the church leadership team for review and adoption. During the year, the finance team recommends any changes to the approved annual budget to the church leadership team. This team is responsible for developing and carrying out plans to raise enough income to support the budget that has been approved.
Chair: Richard Clason Sr (2020)

Representative from SPRC:
Financial Secretary:
Laura Constantine
Treasurer: Greg Robidoux
Lay Leader: Susan Lindquist
Representative from Trustees: OPEN
Ad Council Chair:

Church/Administrative Council:
The church council is the administrative agency of the charge conference to envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the ministry of the congregation.
Chair: Heil Lindquist (2020)

Ad Co Secretary: Ken Constantine
SPRC Chair: Ken Constantine
Finance Chair: Richard Clason Sr
Missions Committee Chair:
Hiel Lindquist
Worship Committee Chair:
Jim Poplin
Membership Secretary: Justine Gaskamp
Sunday School Superintendent:
Linda Wallenstein
Lay Leader: Susan Lindquist
Trustee Chair: Bruce Batten
President of UMW: OPEN
Treasurer: Greg Robidoux
Small Group Coordinator: Andrew Wallenstein
Member at Large: Priscilla Crowe
Member at Large: [open]
Youth Representative: Michael Robidoux
Education Committee: Linda Wallenstein

Worship Committee: This committee knows the goals of the congregation in order to support and expand the ministry goals through worship. Coordinate with the Pastor and worship leaders. Support worship by identifying, training and supporting worship leaders such as acolytes, scripture leaders, ushers, greeters, artists and others. Encourage a team approach to worship planning led by the pastor.
Chair: Jim Poplin

Organist: Gene Brochu
Liturgist Coordinator: Susan Lindquist
Floral Coordinator: Amy Clason-Gilmet
Choir Director: Wendy Dunning
Usher Coordinator: Andrew Dunbar
Altar Coordinator: (Communion)
Gladys Bugler
Ken Constantine
Jenny Pierce

Worship “Teams” created as needed

Missions/Outreach Committee:

Chair: Hiel Lindquist

Laura Constantine
Kelly Keenan
Susan Lindquist
Jenny Pierce
Christine Robidoux
Andrew Wallenstein
Linda Wallenstein
Other members (open committee)

Small Group Coordinator:
This leader will work cooperatively with the education ministry team or nurture team, age-level coordinators, and pastor to coordinate the implementation of opportunities for people in your congregation to grow and develop as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Andrew Wallenstein

Christian Education:
The committee will develop and carry out plans to promote attendance and participation in the church program for nurture and growth such as church school, and Sunday school.

Education Committee Chair: Linda Wallenstein (2023)
Sunday School Superintendent: Linda Wallenstein
Youth Sunday School Coordinator: Jim Poplin
Children’s Ministries: Susan Campbell-Halley

Congregation Care Team:
Sue Poplin (Coordinator)
Richard Clason (Grief Coordinator)
Kelly Keenan (Food Tree)
Linda Wallenstein (Transportation)

Membership Secretary:
Justine Gaskamp

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor:
Melissa French


Chair: Pastor

Lay Leader: Susan Lindquist
Laura Constantine
Priscilla Crowe
Hiel Lindquist
Greg Robidoux

It was an unusual year—and PUMC happily continued worshipping and teaching online during the COVID pandemic.
Plans were begun to upgrade our ability to continue and improve our digital presence. All employees were paid, and all our mission shares were paid.
Through it all, our Sunday services are still going on at 10 a.m. by live steaming on YouTube. The address for that is http://bit.ly/pumcyoutube.
Facebook Live devotions continued daily at http://bit.ly/revcardfb.
The Regathering Committee monitored when to regather.
Linda Wallenstein continued calling all the Sunday School kids to check in with them. Melissa worked entirely from home, and Our Children’s Coordinator continued to send weekly lessons to the Sunday School kids.
We celebrated communion virtually with permission from our bishop the first Sunday of each month.
All our committees worked remotely.
Thank you for understanding during this unusual time. Thank you to everyone for helping.
Again 2020 was a challenge, so there is not much new to report—here’s to a better 2021.
Rev. Card

You are welcome to join our online worship while our building is closed
Online Worship Service Sunday 10 am
Fellowship Hour Zoom Sunday 1 pm
Children’s Sunday School To Go
Daily Devotional
Adult Bible Studies
Book Group
Missions Team

“I am no longer my own, but thine.
Put me to what thou wilt, rank me with whom thou wilt.
Put me to doing, put me to suffering.
Let me be employed by thee or laid aside for thee,
exalted for thee or brought low for thee.
Let me be full, let me be empty.
Let me have all things, let me have nothing.
I freely and heartily yield all things
to thy pleasure and disposal.
And now, O glorious and blessed God,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
thou art mine, and I am thine. So be it.
And the covenant which I have made on earth,
let it be ratified in heaven. Amen.”