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PUMC Book Group Online: A Well-Behaved Woman

Book GroupThe next book discussion for the PUMC Book Group will be held on Tuesday, May 26th @ 1 PM. The group will be discussing A Well-Behaved Woman – A Novel of the Vanderbilts by Therese Anne Fowler. The story follows the marriage of Alva Smith to William K. Vanderbilt, Cornelius’ grandson and the older brother of George W. Vanderbilt II (of Biltmore House renown). Alva comes to the marriage from a bankrupted Southern family and must make her way in the rarefied air of high society. She does it in spades.

All are welcome! If you would like to join the discussion, just let the church know at Leave an email address for contact info and then expect an email reminder of the book group meeting a week before. Books can be ordered through on-line bookstores, downloaded through the public library or the NH State library, accessed through Kindle downloads, or ordered through Toadstool Bookstores for curbside pickup at the store.
So, in this time of COVID craziness, keep calm and read on!
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