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PUMC Book Group Online: Saints For All Occasions

Saints for All OccasionsPUMC BOOK GROUP – Saints For All Occasions
Next Book ZOOM Chat on Tuesday, June 30th @ 1 PM
Book Chats have been pretty good of late! It’s nice to see everyone’s face and to wrap our brains around ideas, characters, author’s messages, social issues, and good plot line. If you’re looking to have a summertime reading experience, think about joining us. This next month’s read is Saints For All Occasions by J. Courtney Sullivan. This is a family story that revolves around the Flynn sisters, Nora and Theresa. Two more different personalities couldn’t be found, but sisters they are. Their lives unfold over the course of fifty years in Dorchester and surrounding Boston environs. Good Catholic girls make their way and the reader is tugged along for the bumpy family ride.
Published in 2017, this book should be an easy find through our local bookshops, alibis, Amazon, Kindle, Audible or through download from the state library digital collection. If you’re planning to read and join the discussion, send a note to the church at Leave an email contact that you regularly check in on, and you’ll get put in the book group loop! See you on ZOOM!

All are welcome! If you would like to join the discussion, just let the church know at Leave an email address for contact info and then expect an email reminder of the book group meeting a week before. Books can be ordered through on-line bookstores, downloaded through the public library or the NH State library, accessed through Kindle downloads, or ordered through Toadstool Bookstores for curbside pickup at the store.
So, in this time of COVID craziness, keep calm and read on!
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