Shaking the Gates of Hell

PUMC Book Group March – Shaking the Gates of Hell

Shaking the Gates of Hell

Shaking the Gates of Hell- A Search for Family and Truth in the Wake of the Civil Rights Revolution by John Archibald

The next book up for discussion is John Archibald’s memoir of growing up during the turbulence of the civil rights revolution of the late 50’s and 60’s in Alabama. John, the son and grandson of Methodist pastors remembers his growing up years through the lens of a child protected from the harsh times of racism, protest, and death that ensued when American
blacks and civil rights advocates took their protests into the southern bastions of oppression.
At the same time, Archibald, the now adult, addresses his father’s role during that stressful time through close examination of his sermons and actions as a pastor of the various congregations that he served and through memories of a father who was a fun and loving influence. This is a poignant read that addresses questions of honesty, honor, moral integrity, and seeming silence in the face of great injustice. An important read – grist for great discussion.
Books can be downloaded, borrowed through interlibrary loan, purchased on-line or through our local booksellers. All are welcome to read and discuss this book, deemed ‘one of the best books of the year’ by NPR. Hit the link below for a more in depth look at this book.

All are welcome! If you would like to join the discussion, just let the church know at Leave an email address for contact info and then expect an email reminder of the book group meeting a week before. Books can be ordered through on-line bookstores such as on IndieBound, downloaded through the public library or the NH State library, accessed through Kindle downloads, or ordered through Toadstool Bookstores for curbside pickup at the store.
So, in this time of COVID craziness, keep calm and read on!

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