PUMC Wreath Fundraiser 2021 (orders due Oct 31)

wreath fundraiser

*Get your 2022 Wreath Fundraiser form (PDF download)

2021 WREATH FUNDRAISER – due Oct 31

2021 Christmas Wreath Sale to benefit Peterborough United Methodist Church and its missions
This year wreaths and swags are being made for us by Cheshire Floral Farm in Marlborough, NH. Wreaths are single-sided and made from locally cut greens (Marlborough and Marlow locations). Shop local!
Use this form to take orders from your family and friends. Don’t forget yourself! Bring your order form to church no later than October 31st. We will copy your order form and return it to you immediately so that you can collect payment before picking up your wreath order.
Order form: https://www.peterboroughumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Wreath-order-form-2021-web.pdf
Note: If you do not attend church, you may call your order in. Print use your order form and call Susan Lindquist or let the church office know. They will fill in your order on a clean sheet for the wreath order data.

Wreaths will arrive at the church the weekend after Thanksgiving, for Christmas decoration and will be available for pick up that Sunday and into the following week (November 28-December 3, details to be announced). You will pick up your whole order and hand in payment at that time.
Thank you for being a part of this project for the church!

Balsam Wreath Pricing: 12″ frame/24″wreath – $14, 14″ frame/28″ wreath – $22, 18″ frame/34″ wreath – $32, 24″frame/36″ wreath – $40
Swag Pricing: Balsam Swag – $8, Mixed Greens Swag – $11
Bow Pricing: Bows are made with wire-edged red fabric textured ribbons that hold the shape of the bow nicely.
Small Bow (suitable for 12″ and 14″ framed wreaths) – $5, Large Bow (suitable for 18″ and 24″ framed wreaths) – $7

Taking Orders: Please fill in complete names/phone contact for your reminder and to help us if there are any complications with picking up your wreaths. Please print clearly in the order boxes the numbers of each wreath or bow ordered. Please check your totals for each customer. Thanks! Checks may be made out to: “Peterborough United Methodist Church” with the memo line “wreath sale.”

Wreath flyer