Reengaging with community discussion

Re-engaging with Community Discussion

Reengaging with community discussionAll are invited to join us on Tuesday, July 27 at 6:30pm in fellowship hall for a discussion about re-engaging with the church and surrounding community as we begin to make the transition back to a more normal life from the Covid-19 pandemic. The last year and a half living through the pandemic has presented a wide array of challenges and opportunities for growth to us all. Currently, navigating how we return to normal life consists of a unique set of challenges of its own.
Join us for a conversation where we can share some of the struggles we have encountered as we re-engage with the community, discuss goals for the future, and look to find how the church can be a supportive presence through this journey of re-engaging with both the church and outside world. We will take time to talk through a list of prepared questions regarding how we have been interacting with the community. We welcome people to come with questions of their own. The meeting will last 45 minutes and the windows will be open. We request those who attend to be fully vaccinated.


What has your experience transitioning to a more normal life from covid been like?
What has been the most difficult part of that transition?
Do you feel any different now from before the pandemic, and if so how?
What do you do when you suddenly find yourself in a social situation and have forgotten what you are supposed to be doing?
What is something that helped guide you through the pandemic?
What is something that has helped guide you now? Is there a particular activity that has helped?
How has your faith helped you through the pandemic and helped you to re-engage with society now?
What are some future goals that you have?
How can the church support you both in the present and looking to the future?
What can the church and the church community do to be a positive presence in your life?
How different does your life feel now from before the pandemic?
What did you miss the most during the pandemic?
What is something in the future you are looking forward to?