Savior study notes

Bible Study: Savior – Session 0

Savior study notes

Session #0:

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  1. to get better acquainted as Christian Pilgrims or curious onlookers

  2. to begin thinking about some basic questions of Christian Faith and how they might be approached

  3. to have some background for reading/discussing deVega’s book


  • Why do we care about Christian Theology? Do you like studying theology or is a necessity akin to flossing your teeth?

  • How do Theology and Practice relate?

  • What understandings from Christian Theology inspire you the most? … spur you to action?

  • Who is God and… what is God like?


  1. Judge

  2. Liberator

  3. Teacher

  4. Healer

  5. Priest

  6. King

What issues from Christian Theology puzzle you the most?

  • How can/does your theology aid honest and informed conversation about faith issues with someone looking at Christianity from the “outside”?

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