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Serrv Gifts Fundraiser 2022

*The Serrv fundraiser ends Thursday, December 22!

Gifts to buy? Homes to spruce? Shop handmade from the web link below .
When you buy handmade gifts and home decor using the web link below, 20% of your purchase will be donated to PUMC Missions programs like Shelter from the Storm, MATS, New Life Home, Peterborough Food Bank, the River Center, and others.

The other 80% will support Serrv International, a nonprofit that employs global artisans living in poverty. That’s 100% good.

Use this link or the QR Code below:

Do a world of good and support our Serrv fundraiser today at:

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Always check for this orange banner at the top of the website before placing your order:
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Bring hope and opportunity to disadvantaged artisans and farmers

Thank you so much for your support!

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✔ Fair wages
✔ Sustainable income
✔ Safe working conditions
✔ Education
✔ Equality

20 percent of your online order will be donated to your fundraiser

Dedicated to fighting poverty through fair trade since 1949, Serrv International works with nearly 8,000 artisans and farmers in 24 countries to bring you the world’s most beautiful handcrafts.

Peterborough United Methodist Church is engaging in service locally and abroad with the assistance of diverse aid organizations.

Avenue A Teen and Community CenterLocated in Antrim, NH, the Avenue A Teen Center provides a safe, supervised place for teens to hang out, socialize, and learn new skills!
MATS (Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter) is a service, temporary shelter, and advocate for the homeless in our local community. MATS is prepared to assist any person at any time, works to educate the community about homelessness, and depends entirely on grants and donations to fund their work. PUMC has collected and budgeted donations to MATS since 2004.
Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention
Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention supports survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in the Monadnock Region.
New Life Home
Since 2003, PUMC has been financially supporting the New Life Home for Women. This is a small organization, a residential facility providing care for women striving to break cycles of abuse, drug addiction, and poverty. New Life Home is special because it assists these women without separating them from their families. Over the years, we have received Christmas cards and letters of thanks from these families, who are receiving the gifts of time, training, and the Gospel through the initiative of George and Grace Rosado.
The River Center
The River Center strengthens individuals and families of the Eastern Monadnock Region through parenting support, free tax preparation and money coaching, and community connections.
Shelter From the Storm
Shelter From the Storm is a local program providing transitional housing and support services for those who have become homeless due to a variety of circumstances. This shelter is in Jaffrey, NH.
Worlds Children
We are proud to sponsor Arun Hanmanthu from India through World’s Children International. This organization is dedicated to providing education, nourishment, and safety to children with HIV/AIDS, rescued from slavery, and otherwise without families. We have received a recent progress report and letter from Arun, and they are posted on the Fellowship Hall bulletin board. We have been sponsoring Arun for two years, and serving through WCI for six. Donations provide for the care and education Arun’s home provides. Arun was orphaned by AIDS.
Hundred Nights
Located in Keene, NH, Hundred Nights provides shelter and crisis related services to those at risk of or experiencing homelessness. They collaborate with and educate the community to see, hear and support those among us who are equally deserving of dignity but who currently lack the means to live independently.
Global Ministries
Global Ministries connects congregations, conferences, other organizations and individuals to extend their mission outreach by sending missionaries, supporting evangelism and church revitalization, providing humanitarian relief led by the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), and improving the health of communities and individuals around the world.