March 22, 2015 – Serve God to See God – Worship Snippet Video

Do you have your action shoes on?

Don’t have time to watch the hour-long worship service video? Try this four minute video with excerpts from our service on 03/22/15, by Pastor Lourey Savick, titled Serve God to See God.

“…None of these things could happen if they were not in your hearts. If you were not ready to leap off of the starting block.
But I can tell you, no matter what, whether I am on the road 24 hours a day or I can magically expand the day so I am on the road 36 hours a day, these things will not come to fruit unless we are ready.
Unless we are ready to dive into these ministries. To dive into this life, and to live the life that God is calling us to.
To let go of our fear, or our nervousness about whether we’re going to be good enough or we have the training that we need to do these things.
Whether we have the time or the space in our lives for people who are still unkown to us.
Whether we have the courage to put our face and our name on stories that are difficult to tell…”

Worship Snippet

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