VBS Days of Creation song

Summer Spirit Camp at PUMC was a big hit!

We returned to running a Vacation Bible School program this year, and it was a wonderful week. We had many new faces in attendance, and all the children enjoyed themselves immensely.

Our theme for 2015 was “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” Our VBS program was fun and animal-friendly, teaching God’s love for and sovereignty over Creation (including us!) and our responsibility to be careful stewards of the Earth. We learned from people who have taken this role seriously, dedicating some portion of their life to personally nurture plant and/or animal life. We learned about the circle of care in which care for Creation improves all of our lives.

We went on several field trips, and supported local small businesses, while learning. The folks who assisted us included:

Rosaly’s Garden and Farmstand in Peterborough NH – Rosaly’s is the oldest and largest Certified Organic Farm in New Hampshire.

Silver Oak Farm in Ashby MA – (Our own Welty family) Silver Oak Farm raises high quality Huacaya alpacas and registered Angora goats, both for fiber and for breeding stock sales.

Honey Buns in Lyndeborough NH – (Our own Charlene and Ken Schultz) Bunnies & honey. Angora fiber and blended rovings, hand spun angora yarn, handcrafted angora fiber art. Creamed honey.

Heifer Farm in Rutland MA – Explore gardens, livestock areas and Global Village sites, and learn how Heifer is improving millions of lives around the world.

Jesus Love Me with the VBS kids

Some of the children attended our follow-up on Sunday with a Blessing of the Pets. They performed “Jesus Loves Me” with sign language for us. We are fortunate enough to have a video:

Days of Creation song

*Sung to the tune of The Twelve Day of Christmas

On the ___ Day of Creation the Lord Almighty Made:

  • A bright shining light
  • The sky above
  • Green grass and trees
  • Sun moon and stars
  • Swarms of fish and birds
  • Us in God’s image, beasts and all cattle, even creepy crawlers
  • The Lord Almighty rested

… and it was good!

If this looks like a grand old time you should come visit us in Peterborough NH and see what other fun things we are doing!