Hundred Nights

Tailgate Dinner for Hundred Nights shelter in Keene – volunteers wanted!

Hundred NightsLooking for a few volunteers to buy supplies or cook something and drop off at the church in Peterborough.
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The next Weekend Meal for guests at Hundred Nights Drop-In Center has been scheduled. Folks can review the menu below and sign on to provide cooked goods, paper supplies, or beverages. It all hinges on your schedule and how busy you are! Hopefully, many can make time to cook up a yummy casserole, make a green or fruit salad, or bake up some breads or rolls!

Donations can be dropped at the church on Sunday anytime until 3 PM. Then, the food gets packed up and delivered to the Drop-In Center in Keene for guests afternoon enjoyment. If you would like to donate an item please email the church to sign up at

This month’s weekend dinner menu will be: Stick to Your Ribs Casseroles

Cheese and Crackers – 2 large bricks & 2/3 big boxes of snack crackers
Casserole of your choice – serves 8-10 – Mac & Cheese, Hungarian Goulash, Tuna Casserole, other ideas?
Green Salad of your choice – serves 8-10
Fruit Salad – keep nuts on the side – serves 8-10
Hard-Boiled Eggs – 2 dozen
Bagged Clementines – 2 bags
Heavy-Duty Paper Plates ( at least 40)
Paper Napkins ( 100 count package)

Hundred Nights Tailgate Dinners


It’s hard to ignore hunger. Your stomach growls. You get a shaky feeling. Sometimes, a headache blooms. Being hungry stinks and knowing that there are hungry people in our region is so unsettling, particularly when I know I can do something about it without breaking my bank or feeling overwhelmed by some grand project.
Hundred Nights Inc, a shelter non-profit in Keene, has a well-established weekend dinner program. The program grew from a need to make sure homeless and low-income families might have a source of help when the Friendly Kitchen (a much larger food pantry and soup kitchen outfit) is closed. Friendly Kitchen provides meals on a Monday through Friday basis, but is closed on the weekends.
People are still hungry on the weekends, though. So… Hundred Nights provides the space for a meal to be served and relies on volunteers to provide the meals and servers.
We need a corps of folks to provide prepared recipes for 8 – 10 people, donate paper goods and plastic flatware, buy a bag of bread and butter, some jugs of milk or cases of bottled water etc…