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Bible Study: Delighting in the Trinity – Session 5

study notesSession 5 Delighting in the Trinity: Who Among the Gods Is Like You, I Lord?

This is the last class on DELIGHTING IN THE TRINITY.
Session 5 is a morning class at 10 am on Tuesday October 20, or an
Evening class only on Wednesday October 21
The Classes are being recorded, so ask for Melissa for the link if you want to see a class you missed.

Questions to ponder from Chapter 5: All responses are welcomed.

1. How do you define these words

a. Atheism
b. Antitheist
c. Invigilation

2. Karl Barth says “the triunity of God is the secret of God’s beauty.” Agree/ Disagree?

3. From Pages 114-115, how do you understand God’s Holiness?

4. On Page 118, Reeves says, God is angry at evil because [God] loves.” Does that ring true?

5. On Pages 118-119, “Croatian theologian Miroslav Volf has described how it took the horrors of ethnic warfare happening around him to appreciate God’s Wrath.” Does this ring true?

6. On Page 212 Reeves talks about what it means to glorify God. He argues that since God is “already superabundant and overflowing with life” to glorify God is to “ascribe to God what is already God’s.” How would you describe the Glory of God?

7. On page 125, Reeves uses Hebrews 1.3 to describe how “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory.” Both Ezekiel and Jesus are witnesses of the radiance of God. Jesus embodies that radiance. Why do you think antitheists redefine God as an unloving monster?

8. What next? Where do we go with our faith?

9. Reeves asks, in his conclusion,
a. What is YOUR Christian life like?
b. What is the shape of YOUR gospel and YOUR faith?
c. What is the Christian life like?
d. Is Christian life about being brought back as Law-abiding citizens?
e. Or is it about nurturing a deep relationship with God, and actually enjoying God?
f. What is your personal definition of God?

10. Feedback on this class—suggestions on how to make Zoom classes it better.
These are just prompts for discussion—send any insights you have and any questions, too. The class will begin and end on time, discussion is welcomed. Melissa has sent the Zoom invite. Let me know if you have not received it sometime today.

Coming up Next:
In November we will do 30 Days with King David. The books are in and I have brought them to church for pick up, or I will deliver them to you or send to them you, if you want to participate. See for more info. I know and respect the author, and I thought a book on leadership is perfect during this time. We will examine both the positive and negative lessons we can learn from King David.
We will have 3 discussions on November 4, 11, 18. if there is interest, we can do the same time slots of 10 am and 7 pm.

The first Sunday of Advent is November 29, 2020. We will begin our Advent Study on the Incarnation by the Reverend Adam Hamilton. Those books are also in—please let me know if you need one or pick one up at the church.
Sessions will be December 2, 9, 16, and January 6 if there is interest.