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Dear Church Family and Friends,
Please join us Sunday for our worship service Faith & Dedication.
Worship with us on Sunday at 11 am ET in-person or on YouTube at http://bit.ly/joinpumcyoutube. The Sunday worship stream can be found here at 10:55am on Sunday https://youtu.be/h3nF5LgKxpc (direct link).
Our scripture will be Galatians 5:1,13-25.
The Sunday bulletin is available here: https://www.peterboroughumc.org/220626-pumc-order-worship/

Join us this Sunday as some of the PUMC church family share their witness with their testimony of faith, and we hold a dedication of the new sound system that makes our worship more accessible.


Join us next Sunday, July 3 to welcome Pastor Thom Demers!


Newsletter submissions are due Tuesday, June 28. All are welcome to contribute.


Members approve the ‘New England Declaration’
Learn more: https://www.neumc.org/news

rs–22–228 – Declaring Our Commitment to Love, Liberation, Freedom, and Full Inclusion (“The New England Declaration”)
The New England Annual Conference (NEAC), at its June 2022 session, declares itself to be an annual conference in The United Methodist Church that is rooted and structured in God’s unconditional love that leads to liberation, freedom, and full inclusion of all.
The 2022 session of the NEAC calls upon all entities, boards, councils, and agencies of the New England Conference … to act intentionally in ways that advance liberation and intersectional justice.
All conference entities are encouraged to examine equity in policies and actions, and to empower those who have been marginalized to advance the flourishing of all.

RS-22-229 — Renewing Vision as the New England Conference
The Conference adopted the following as its vision statement: “Local churches and individuals are valued, empowered, and equipped to connect strengths and assets to build God’s beloved community.”

RS–22–223 – Identifying and Opposing Apartheid in The Holy Land
The NEAC recognizes that the Israeli government has established a system of apartheid, affirms that apartheid is antithetical to the Gospel message, and opposes this injustice and oppression in whatever form it presents itself.
The Conference calls on the U.S. government to condition U.S.
funding to Israel upon Israel’s willingness to dismantle its apartheid system and implement all the rights due toPalestinians under international law.
The Conference urges all United Methodist clergy and laity:
1. to listen to the voices of Palestinians regarding their situation, by meeting with them in their homeland, by seeking opportunities to hear from them in person or at online events, and through the study of the Palestinian Christians’ landmark 2020 document entitled “Cry for Hope: A Call for Decisive Action;”
2. to join with and support all persons of good will who are seeking justice for all people in the Holy Land.

RS–22–225 – Regarding the History of Redlining, Race Covenants, and Sundown Towns in New England
New England towns and cities have a long, devastating history of said racist and segregationist practices supported by government housing policies, including but not limited to redlining, restrictive covenants based on race or religious identity, and sun downing.
In response, NEAC resolves to engage in personal and communal acts of repentance for knowingly or unknowingly participating in such practices and supporting such policies (inviting and engaging the larger community whenever possible) no later than Peace with Justice Sunday on June 4, 2023, and work to eradicate any remaining practices and existing racist and segregationist housing policies in our ministry area.
The Conference Commission on Religion and Race will be a resource, upon request, for local churches, etc. that need assistance with researching the congregation’s complicity in these sinful practices and policies and with conducting an act of repentance, and will act as a resource, upon request, for the NEAC to fashion a corporate act of repentance at a future session of Annual Conference.

RS–22–224 – Resolution to Prepare NEC for Strategic Services and Reinvestment
Endorses the concept of a not-for-profit, mission-focused community development corporation (CDC) to work with the NEAC, local churches and outside partners.
Many churches want to increase building use for innovative mission and to strengthen community engagement but don’t know how to proceed. Many churches also feel burdened by the maintenance needed for buildings. The CDC would come alongside churches with consulting services, property development expertise, sale and repurposing resources to enhance and expand mission.

RS-22-222 — Stewardship of Creation: Responding To Global Climate Crisis
The New England Annual Conference (NEAC) shall create a Creation Care Task Force that will implement, resource, educate, and monitor the implementation of climate justice measures and education.
And will hire a part-time climate coordinator responsible for offering resources and expertise to local congregations and other conference entities about how to respond to the climate crisis by adapting their properties and/or becoming effective advocates to combat climate change.

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